Removal of the Bingo Wings!

Like many others on here I am beginning the...

Like many others on here I am beginning the journey of removing excess skin that has been the baine of my life for the last 5 years. I feel like it is a constant reminder of the person I used to be and I can't wait to get rid of it.

At my heaviest I was almost 24 stone and had a gastric band fitted to on my weight loss journey. I managed to lose 10 stone with the band and unfortunately the tube became disconnected from the port and I needed a reversal op. With a small weight increase, I was determined to get back on track and joined slimming world to remove the last stubborn pounds. Today I weight 11 stone with approximately a stone of excess skin, so the way I see it without it I would be my ideal weight.

My surgery plans are to remove my arms excess skin first, I meads this decision for two reasons. Firstly I wish to have children so a tummy tuck was out of the question for now and secondly because I want to swim and play tennis and the excess skin is painful when it hits the water. Next on my skin removal will be my tummy and at this time I will have breast implants before then having an uplift to remove skin- my surgeon wants to do it this way so the implants have had a year to settle as he refuses to operate on multiple areas and with less than a year recovery. Finally will be my thigh lift and all being well I will have a nice contoured body all be it a bit covered in scars.

So it's the day before my operation and I am feeling extremely nervous but excited at the same time. I've read so many mixed reviews on arm lifts and although I know what to expect I don't think anything prepares you for it.
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