29 Yrs, Mum to 3 Including Twins. Extended Tummy Tuck Planned - United Kingdom, GB

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So I've had my first consultation and was informed...

So I've had my first consultation and was informed that I'd need an extended tummy tuck as the loose skin goes quite a way round my middle. I'm in the uk and based my budget on a standard tummy tuck at £6k and now it's looking more like £8k. It's definitely not something I can put off much longer. It's massively effecting my life :-(
Starting my story on here so I can document how I'm feeling and the journey I'm hopefully going to go on.

Got my loan :-)

Yesterday I got approved for my loan, so it's official! As of tomorrow I can book the date! Hoping for end of July, giving me about 15weeks left with this sack of skin! So excited!


Sorry about the messy room, I'm surrounded by laundry!

Date booked :-)

My surgery is officially booked! July 25th 2016 ????

2nd Consultation booked for 1st June 2016

I've booked a 2nd consultation now I know the surgery is definitely going ahead. The clinic said I could have this at the same time as my pre-op a few weeks before surgery, however I realised that I had some specific questions for my surgeon, that I didn't bother asking first time round as I wasn't sure whether I'd actually be able to get a loan for the procedure.
I'm going to ask things like whether lipo is included in the procedure? How many nights stay I'll require? I'm having an extended tummy tuck but the invoice says 1 night stay? Does that mean I'll get charged more if I need to stay any longer? Plus many more things I seem to have thought up to ask, lol!

Does anyone know any other questions that may be useful at this stage?

2nd Consultation

So I had my second consultation and was armed with loads of questions this time lol!
It should be a 1 night stay but may be 2 if I'm not ready to leave.
They don't use a spinal epidural anymore for pain relief which relieved me soooo much!!
Yes - lipo is usually used in small amounts if my surgeon feels it necessary at the time and no extra costs get added etc afterwards!
I'm probably going to be on the list to come in at 7.30am and for the op to be 12.30pm ish.
I asked about scar positioning again and he assured me it'll be really low. He then re-examined me and said it probably wouldn't go as far round my back as I originally thought, perhaps just round the back of my hips!
I then felt crazy asking but wanted to know whether my surgeon could take a picture of the skin he removes and weigh it haha! He didn't think this was a strange request at all and then offered to FILM the procedure!
Arghhh, I've seen online videos of the procedure and found them really useful to watch (I'm not squeamish at all), however perhaps seeing a vid of myself being sliced open might be a bit bizarre! Either way I said yes please, as I can choose whether to watch it or not afterwards, but the option will always be there! Who knows, I may have a girls night in with a bottle of wine and show my mates lol!!!!
We ended the consultation with my 'before' pics being taken!
It's all getting very real now! I just can't wait!
7 weeks and 3 days to go ????

3 weeks and 6 days to go!

Under a month to go! I've taken some more before photos! I have a feeling these last few weeks are gonna go super fast! Just waiting for the appointment to come through for my pre-op! It's all getting real now :-)

1 week 6 days to go!

Received all my paperwork and pre op appointment for this Friday! Emailed my clinic and explained I'm due on my period around my op date and asked if its a problem at all. They said surgery can still go ahead but it's not ideal! Unfortunately there's not much I can do about it so I'm just gonna have to wait and see!
So excited how close it is now! Only 2 more days this week, Friday off for pre op, then one more week of work/school left, and finally op day!
Oh and I saw someone selling a second hand electric recliner for £15 on a local selling site and have bought it lol! Even if I chuck it out after 6 weeks, it'll still be worth the money!
That's all for now.

Pre Op Appointment

So today I had my pre op. Had height and weight checked, and BMI calculated.
Went through my health questionnaire, had an ecg (which my surgeon insists all his patients do), did a urine sample, mrsa swabs, bp and pulse and then took measurements. Ankles were measured for stocking sizes and waist/hips measured for binder.
The nurse spoke a little bit more about procedure and what would happen on the day as well as given me a list of things I'd need such as dressing gown and slippers.
I then had to have blood taken, which proved tricky as my body really doesn't like letting people take any lol! I have to have another set done the morning of the op, something to do with getting blood in ready for me just in case something untoward happened.
Was in and out with an hour. Made it all sink in though! 10 sleeps left!

New purchase :-)

My new (second hand) recliner! £15! It's so comfy! I think it'll be my home for the 6 weeks after my op!

Finished work!

So I've finished work, have the summer hols off as I work term time! Op is on Monday! Haven't prepared or packed anything! Hoping this weekend will fly by as the waiting is becoming nerve wracking now! I just want it over with! Every time I let myself think about it I have to catch my breath! Lol!

This time tomorrow!

This time tomorrow I'll be in my private room waiting for my surgery!! Hoping this day goes quickly as the waiting around is more nerve wracking I think!
My bag is packed with some big knickers, loose tshirts and joggers for home time! Toiletries, laptop and magazines. Vaseline for my lips and feminine wipes lol!
Still haven't come on, but due any day so really hoping it stays away until I'm back home at least!
Will probably spend my last day cleaning and tidying my house and moving the electric recliner upstairs to my bedroom! Also going to be switching the virgin boxes round so I have TiVo and Netflix upstairs for the next few weeks lol!
Lastly I'm going to film my first ever video blog! I decided I'd like to record my journey, for my benefit when I'm having down days but also for anyone else who is looking into a tummy tuck! So if all goes well I should be doing an blog everyday, gory details included!

Flat side!

Sorry it's a late update, I couldn't get on the app to update! All went well. I'll do a full review in a day or so when I'm more with it! Really pleased with results even though I'm mega swollen!

Day 2 post op

So I've been vlogging on you tube and it's been helpful to talk through each day. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get on here very much as it doesn't work on the wifi I'm using? Really weird?
I stayed an extra night at the hospital and actually managed to sleep last night from 11pm-6am! However it meant I didn't take meds in that time so I'm feeling it this morning!
I'm massively struggling with trapped wind this morning! Just constant bubbles of pain. My shoulders and tops of arms are really sore and the nurse said that's the trapped wind as well! It's crazy!
Looking forward to getting home now but not the 1hr+ journey ahead of me in the car!
Plan is to put a pillow between me and seat belt, pillow under my legs, and my little girls footstep for the loo under my feet to keep my legs risen.
With regards to pain, it's defo not as bad as I was expecting. But there is a small patch about the size of a 50p piece on the top left of my pubic area that is sooooo sore! Literally agony to touch! It's quite red too. My PS saw it yesterday and said its probably a bruise. He said I'm quite swollen but nothing out of the ordinary.
I woke this morning a little less swollen. My pubic area was soft, however I've been awake an hour and it's already swelling back up lol!


Few pics of me going home

Day 3! Itchy itchy itchy

Aaah I spent the night in my recliner chair, fairly comfy and slept from about 10pm to 5.15am! However I've woke soooooo itchy this morning I can't take it! My entire back and sides. So not really the wound itself! Oh and my legs under the stockings! I don't think my body likes being under these compression type garments!
I've read that putting a cotton tshirt underneath the garment could help so I'm waiting for my other half to wake to help me out!
I'm waking at the crack of dawn and can't do much until he wakes up as I feel bad turning the telly on etc! So I've literally just sat in my chair, scratching my back waiting for a decent time to wake him up lol!

Day 3 photos

From the front I look fab, but I'm still really hunched over. From the side I look pregnant lol! But it's day 3 and I was expecting this, so I'm happy!

Day 4 - frustration

So it's 6.15am! I seem to be waking around 6am most mornings. I'm always stiff and sore from not taking painkillers overnight and generally not moving about like I do in the day. I drag myself out my chair and use the toilet then spend 5 mins rearranging pillows etc on my recliner once I'm back in. Now my other half heard me get up and come back in, but now it's been a few days at home he doesn't offer to help anymore. He does this when I'm ill, if I show the slightest bit of improvement he thinks his job is done.
So now I'm sat in pain in my chair, dying for a cup of tea, but can't get downstairs to make one by myself and just have to wait until he decides to wake up. I don't even want to put the telly on as he's sleeping, which leaves me just stuck staring at the wall!
I can't wait to be more mobile so I can do it myself!

Day 4 - Belly Button leakage and trip downstairs.

So I emailed my clinic this morning as I'd noticed a yellow discharge on my belly button dressing. I sent them a pic. I'm not that worried but thought I may as well show them just incase. They got back to me and said all looks fine, they think it's just fluid leaking out a bit from where I may have leant on my side etc. I'm not due to have my dressing changed til Tuesday and my week appointment. However they emailed shortly after and said to get a replacement dressing from the chemist and swap the dirty one for a clean one, she also said to take a pic of the belly button during the swap so she can take a better look at it. So I'm just waiting for other half to return home with new dressing - he's just taking all 3 girlies to the dentist lol!
In other news....I pooed this morning! Hallelujah! I also took another dose of laxative this morning so things will probably keep progressing I imagine! At least it will get me moving a bit more haha!
Lastly, I just ventured downstairs on my own! Everyone's out apart from my 7 month old lab and she's not seen me for a week. She's a real jumpy dog and I was worried but she backed right off and just followed me about quietly. I actually managed to make a tea, bent over and supporting myself on the worktops lol, and then climbed back up the stairs using my arms and legs like I was on a mountain, making sure I lifted the cup of tea one step further in front of me each time!
I'm not shattered and ready for a nap! Lol!

Day 5!

So it's 6.48am! I've been up for half hour and yet again just sat hoping he'll wake soon so I can have a cup of tea lol! Yesterday was a good day I think. Had a bra and knickers on all day, plus binder and tshirt and pj bottoms. Days prior to this I'd only managed a half naked ensemble and looked horrific. Also - bit of a team effort, but washed my hair. I even managed to blow dry it but only because I have barely any hair and was propping my arm up on a cushion to do it as I didn't have the strength to hold it lol!
Also managed another trip downstairs. Made a cup of tea, and climbed back up the stairs like I was on the face of a cliff lol! But I did it right?!
Yesterday I emailed my clinic regarding some yellow discharge that had appeared on my belly button dressing. They thought it was fine but suggested getting a replacement dressing and taking a photo of the wound before redressing it and sending it over to them to check. They've said its probably serous fluid which is fine! So that's good news! Also yesterday I cut my codiene painkillers in half. So was taking 1 X 30mg every 4-6hrs instead of 2! That was fine for me.
Today I'm going to make sure I get 'dressed' again and I may even put some make up on my face. Will probably make another trip downstairs. I only have my other half here today and tomorrow. Then on Monday I'm left at home all day with 3 small children and a lively 7 month old lab! I feel like I need to practice doing more - but on the other hand make the most of the last two days rest? Maybe a combo of both is the best bet lol

Days 3 & 5 to compare my posture

I've defo straightened up a tad since day 3. I can see more of my torso which is great. Can't hold this position for more than a minute though lol!

A week on the flat side!

So today marks a week! Wow that's flown. My swelling has reduced a tiny bit, and I can stand almost upright now but not for huge amounts of time. I'm getting more mobile and can go up and down the stairs a few times a day too.
Today my other half went back to work so it's just me and the kids, but my girls have been picked up by a friend and taken to the farm for a day which has left me able to chill at home.
I have my 1 week appointment tomorrow. My friend is driving me! I'm actually quite excited to get out the house. I hate being stuck indoors!
Still haven't slept in my bed yet, don't feel safe enough - so the recliner has been my life saver. However it's causing a bad back so maybe I'll attempt the bed again tonight?
Finally emptied my bowels fully! That was an experience, if I had to do this all over again I would take laxatives from the very beginning! It was awful lol!

Ups and downs!

Yesterday I went to my week appointment. Had the bb dressing removed and the outer foam dressing over my incision, leaving just the brown tape.
The nurse said I was looking great, gave my bb a bit of a clean but said to leave it to gently scab off and not to mess with it, so it looks like a bit of a scabby mess! However it's lovely and small, not the huge hole I was worrying about lol!
I stood up after all the dressing were removed and was in shock! I looked so good and it's only a week on! I'm going to look amazing by 6 weeks! I just can't believe it!
The nurse said I can swap the binder for control pants now, the type you can by for £5 in Primark!
After this my friend drove to a pub for lunch, I had a light lunch then back in the car.
We then drove to primark, walked in and bought the pants then back out. By this point I was wrecked and just wanted to get home.
Once home I looked in the mirror and I was sooooo swollen! It was painful to touch. Literally either side of my incision was a good couple of inches of swelling. So I didn't swap to control pants. I put the binder back on, and didn't move all night!
When I woke this morning I was flatter and realised this isn't an easy recovery! I felt almost normal yesterday being in a restaurant and shop but my body couldn't hack it and I paid the price.
Today I took photos this morning as I'm at my flattest and I love love love how I look! I've added some pics! If this is how I look 9 days post op, imagine how I'll look at 6 weeks!!! Can't wait!

Day 13

It's been an odd couple of days. On one hand my stomach looks really flat, especially when laying down, it's crazy flat! But I'm also really struggling with swelling! I keep overanalysing myself and feel like I've got a fatty roll around my ribs.
So 2 days ago I decided to try a pair of jeans on........omg! Can't get them past my thighs!!! This has never happened to me! My legs are usually my OK part! It was so sad, and also made me realise that once I can get out and about I'll have nothing to wear! I was really sad that night and had my first proper cry. I just felt fat and frumpy!
Now I'm trying to use logic and not emotions and tell myself it's swelling! And that it'll reduce! But it looks like fat lol! So it's hard!!!
Anyhow I cheered myself up by ordering 2 Maxi dresses, 3 skirts and a pair of harem style trousers! All online obviously as I can't shop yet, so I'm hoping a few items fit at least!
I still feel like I'm getting better eAch day and my tummy is flatter everyday, I just need to be patient. Plus I figure if there is something that's left really bad, my surgeon does free revisions! I'm sure it won't come to that, but I can keep that in mind.
I'm alone most of the weekend and my other half has arranged some stuff for the kids, so I'm just going to relax, hopefully try my new clothes on when they arrive and I may well go for a little stroll in the sun!

New clothes!

So it's never been about crop tops or bikinis (although I'm not ruling those out now lol), it's simple things like buying a couple of Maxi dresses and trying them on and loving what I see in the mirror!
No fear of the wind blowing and them hugging my saggy fat belly!
They cover my swollen hips and thighs really well and I feel pretty in them!
Going to go for a little stroll to the local shop later wearing one! ????
P.s - yes they are different lol! Ones black with a racer back, and the other slightly looser fit is navy.

The scar!

Today I got to see my incision and I was pleasantly surprised! Really low and thin! It's covered back up in brown tape again now and will be changed every few days by myself for the next 4 weeks until I see my surgeon.

My jeans fit!

Yay! The thighs must have gone down swelling wise as I can easily get the skinny jeans on! Can't believe it! Can't keep them on as they wouldn't be comfy but they look great!

Pic updates

Hips still quite swollen, and tummy really swollen by the evening. So I like to take pics in clothes in the morning to see how good I can look. Bought some high waisted compression pants which are quite comfy and tighter than my garment I came home in. However it's underwear so needs changing daily and only bought one lol! I'm gonna grab a couple more pairs I think. Feel like I'm doing a lot more in the day now and getting out and about, but massively swelling by late afternoon :-(
The swelling is the only thing getting me down really!
I'm starting to sleep on my left side a lot more, and can now lay for 10-15 mins on my right side! So that's a positive!

Day 26

I discovered a small opening on Wednesday. Was advised by my surgical team to cover with an Inadine dressing and then brown tape. Leave for 3 days and re-check! Fingers crossed all is ok in a few days. Other than that small area, the scar is looking great!
In general I'm liking what I see in the mirror, but still not happy when I sit down! I look like Humpty Dumpty, really hoping its swelling!
My other concern is the slight crease I'm getting on the top of my abdomen? Waiting to see how that plays out.

4 weeks PO! Swell hell!!!

I can't take this swelling! It's driving me insane! At points I feel fatter than pre op! Had a rough night and was a bit tearful! But then woke this morning flat again! As you can see from the two pictures, the difference is unreal! Just gotta keep on and wait for the swelling to sort itself!

6 weeks! Hurrah!

Sorry haven't updated in a while! Been super busy! Feel like normal life has resumed!
My swelling continued to be horrendous, one of my photos shows how bad it is at times, however it has finally started to settle down I think! I've learnt to accept I am no longer a 12 and need to wear 14's lol! Now I'm wearing looser fit clothes I've found I'm swelling less and feel much comfier!
I've started on the 5:2 diet this week to shift some weight off my thighs and bum which have NEVER been this big lol! I can't really exercise properly yet so the diet will do for now!
Had a reaction to my brown tape I'd been using and it literally ripped my skin! I was left with bleeding cracked skin so I'm banned from using it anymore! Was a bit weird at first to have my scar out but I'm used to it now.
I'm still wearing my hospital binder, I see my surgeon next week so will see what he says on the matter!
That's all for now :-)

9 weeks PO

I've added a few photos from 6-9 weeks PO! I have days where I'm really happy and days when I'm really sad and disappointed! Finding in the last few days especially that I've got big rolls of skin/fat when sat, and when I bend over on all fours it seems like there's still quite a lot of loose skin?? It's really difficult to get my head round. Then I look at some of these pics and think I look fine! My surgeon signed me off to exercise at 7 weeks, a few days ago I went for a little jog/walk interval session using the couch to 5k program and then the next day was swollen all day! Stopped wearing my binder at 7 weeks as advised by my surgeon. Also been massaging my scar 1-2 times a day with bio oil!
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