29 Years Old, 2 Kids and Desperately in Need of a Breast Reduction Surgery!!! - United Kingdom, GB

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I have always had large breasts. By the time i was...

I have always had large breasts. By the time i was 16 I was a size UK 8 but because of my F cup breasts i wore size UK 12 tops. 10 years later after my first child i am at 36K and a UK size 14 top (for stretchy materials) and UK size 12 bottoms.
I have been diagnosed with a degenerative lumber spine disease. Which causes sciatica in my legs and waist pain. My spine is not straight which is due to the weight of my breasts. My breast are heavy.
My first consultation was with a very unfriendly plastic surgeon in the NHS. He asked me to loose 30kg before my surgery will be approved. I weigh 83kg. Aside from the sciatica i am other wise healthy. (i know some people consider a 5ft 3inch, size 14, 83kg woman morbidly obese and near death).

I have decided to go private to get my surgery as waiting to get it on the NHS is never going to happen. I cant do any exercises with the excruciating pain of sciatica. They don't make sports bras in my size so cardio is out of the question. I have back pains, shoulder pains. And i don't sleep on my stomach anymore as my "girls" wont allow it. When i wear my bras i have to fold a handkerchief under each breast to absorb the sweat and to reduce the skin on skin friction which give me painful rashes.
I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon next week. I am really praying everything goes well. As i am really fighting depression brought on by the pains, discomforts and insecurities i have because of these breasts.

Current Breast Situation.

This is currently what I am working with. Incredibly heavy. I wish for a C cup. Fingers crossed. Let's see what the PS says next week.
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