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Since the age of 14 I always knew I wanted a...

Since the age of 14 I always knew I wanted a rhinoplasty, I was always so uncomfortable with anyone sitting sideways of me, conscious of my large nose.

I am now twenty and decided its time to have a rhinoplasty, I know a lot about the procedure itself and what to expect of the final outcome as I work in a operating theatre.

My surgery is booked with Huw Williams in Spire Hospital on the 29th of July, he is a ENT surgeon who specialises in rhinoplasty. I am quite nervous as he has told me he would only take about 3mm off the very tip of my nose. I am concerned that wouldn't be enough. He is going to take the bump of my nose and turn up my nose slightly. I hope he is not too reserved, and I'm left with a big nose still after the surgery. I have quite big features anyway, and if my nose was too small it would not suit my face.

Any advise would be much appreciated! :)

8 Days to Go! :D

I've got my MRSA screening tomorrow and payment of the procedure. It hasn't really sunk in until this morning when actually it really is not that far away!
I've started my annual leave now so its really all about the count down!!

I haven't been told of anything I need to buy for my recovery, on some of these post they say to get sprays and q tips?? Both my surgeon or the information packs they have given has not mentioned anything!?

Maybe ill be given them after surgery!? Anyone else had the same?

I shall be posting pictures tomorrow! :)

3 days to go!!! :D

Right... I am going to finally put some pictures up now!

More Pictures

More Pictures Again

The right one is the most recent, from front view my nose looks okay! :) You Can't see on this picture but I have a line down the tip of my nose, which he is going to get rid of :)

Tomorrow!! :D

Can't believe its finally here!!! It does not feel real at all, like as if I am watching someone else have it done!

I am sure by tomorrow I should start to feel nervous! :)

I have spent today buying a dressing gown, slippers and onesy! :) Also Arnica crème for my eyes afterwards to help with the bruising and straws!! :)
I haven't bought hydrogen peroxide or saline sprays, or Q-tips (Not sure what they are, cotton buds?) Just because I think the hospital will give me them on discharge, which is what usually happens! :)

I haven't told anyone except my Partner and immediate family, and partners immediate family. My Partner is super, he has bought me plenty of magazines and a U-shaped pillow! :) My parents were very upset at first, of course because they do not see anything wrong, and because I am their daughter. But today they spoke about it, and are very supportive, they could make a few laughs and a joke! :) So very pleased! :)
I think it is hard for any parent to see firstly their child unhappy with their features and to have surgery, which comes with many risks! :) In the end they will always come around :)

So Hopefully now after my ramblings, will have a good nights sleep! Ready for the morning! :) I am just dreading something goes wrong, the time is wrong or anything in which they turn around and say they can't do it or it gets cancelled/postponed!! Fingers Crossed it all goes to plan and I have the surgery!!! :)


2 Days Post-Op!!!

Sorry it has been a but late to write a review!
I had my open rhinoplasty two days ago now, it was booked for 3 o'clock in the afternoon abs due to a delay I went in at 5 o'clock!:)
I was so scared they would cancell me!:)

It went all very well the team were lovely, and before I knew it I was asleep and awake!

hey used cocaine in my nose to constrict the blood vessels so when I came around nmy heart



When I came around ny heart rate and blood pressure was through the roof! I had no pain but felt like I could run a marathon then and their!:)

My parents and partner were waiting in ny room, and we're quite shocked to see ne so lively. I honestly felt the best I had in a long time! This was at 9oclock in the evening.

I couldnt sleep that night very well, as every time I drifted off I would wake myself through instant of breathing through ny nose and would make a loud sound! I had no pack in which I was so thankful for! :)

An hour after surgery I was eating bread and soup!:)

In the morning still no pain!:) I had a full welsh breakfast and orange juice! :) Amy son came and saw me and he was happy, he is going to take my cast of next week!:) it looks different to people's on this site, its plastic with a screw in the middle! My partner says I look like something out ofaa a movie!

I got discharged with still no pain!:) went home and immediately slept! I had a pressure sore on the heel of one foot, so I had to try and stop putting pressure on it!:)

That afternoon I started to feel some discomfort, like a ache. And swelling started.

It's now the next morning, so two days pre op, and I had a rough night, was in discomfort. It's like a throbbing, aching feeling around ny nose and eyes and jaw.

O that's a point my two front teeth are sensitive and are told it may be sone time before they are normal again! As they play around with some of the nerves that connect to the teeth!:)

I have now got swelling between my eyes and I think under ny eyes. It's not very attractive, I hope it goes down soon as its not very comfortable.


This was me the morning after surgery!:)

Catch Up!

I am sorry I haven't updated anything for a while, the first week was uncomfortable and irritable, I wasn't allowed to clean my nose with anything so had crusts of blood blocking my nostrils, however it was so wet in side I sometimes had to let air get to it, as I was worried I would get an infection.

I ended up going to hospital 4 days post-op as I had yellow junk coming out of my nostril, in which they gave me antibiotics if it continued, they didn't think it was an infection just remaining tissue, (Called something but I can't remember). Luckily I didn't need the antibiotics! :)

I never bruised throughout except a yellow tinge between my eyebrows, but I did swell tremendously! I looked like various things throughout the week, which was also why i never posted on here as it was uncomfortable to look a screen.


It all started to go so well the swelling went down I was getting my cast of Wednesday (two days ago, 10 days post op)
Early hours of Tuesday morning I was half asleep swallowing a warm substance, i continuously swallowed until i started the choke. Sat up and though maybe i was imagining it, until it quickly continued. I hit my partner who is camped beside the bed and ran out of the room, where i tip my head down to have my hands covered in blood.
I lost a lot of blood that night, turning up in a&e brought straight through, they took blood and was seen my a team of specialists. two and a half hours later and im still bleeding, a clot the size of 2 grapes covered my nose, which wasn't sustainable, so was pulled out. Where i had to be suctioned, and adrenalin was put up there to try and stop the bleeding. They tried to get a merocel pack in my nose, (which can i tell you they are the most painful things ever, if you have them inserted awake, i also found out a couple of days after she shouldn't have wet them before sticking them i my nostril).

It was so nearly in but it got to a point which was excruciating, my teeth were also I agony, so it came out. Tried the adrenalin again for a long time, which lowed the bleeding until eventually stopped.

I was sick on the way into a&e a large amount of blood which I had swallowed as I was just waking up. I also had to be given anti-sickness drugs quickly, as I was nearly sick after the bleeding was controlled. Obviously if I was sick it would have caused the bleeding again.

I was in hospital for two days. Luckily with no more bleeding.
I met with my surgeon Huw Williams after at another hospital, who checked it took my cast off and stitched. It looks AMAZING!!! He was glad the merocel pack never went in because it would have damaged the nose and would have caused a not so good outcome.

Unfortunately as he told me it can happen to 1 in a 1000 people who have a rhinoplasty. Most people if they bleed have it the day of surgery or day after. I was just unlucky.

I shall now start to post my pictures up!!
I am still swollen on the nose, especially between the nostrils, sides of nose and tip! :)

Traumatic Experiance

I also wanted to continue on to say that, it is very rare so I hope people don't get put off from reading my story, If I could do it all over again I would. I think that's when you really know how much i wanted this procedure. Obviously i would try and cut out that bit of my story.
I put my family and partner through a lot, my mum refused to leave the hospital and spent the night in the chair next to me. They were all so stressed as I was so close to having a blood transfusion and being told if they can't stop it is fatal.

Now I have to take it easy for a while, just in case. I had no pain or discomfort in my nose. It is very numb to touch, wondering how long that takes to come back?


Photo update!

Just gone back to work, feeling great with my new nose! Scars really healing now :)
Huw Williams

This surgeon is amazing, I would recommend him to anyone. Throughout he was amazing! Could't ask for anyone better and he knew his stuff!!! Big Recommendations!!! :)

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