How to Disguise You Have Had an Explants (Breast Implant Removal) - United Kingdom

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I had PIP implants in 2004 when I went from a 34a...

I had PIP implants in 2004 when I went from a 34a to a 34c which somehow grew to 34DD within a year or two! In 2008 I had a rupture replaced.
As we were trying for a child I had a difficult decision, replace or remove!
Leave was not an option as you are advised not to breast feed with PIPS in.
After advise from a number of parties I decided to go with Explant, however I didn’t want the majority of people to know, as the children thing was not common knowledge.
So how to walk back through the door at work with no one knowing I no longer have a 34DD bust???!!!
My issue is you can’t wear under wire bra’s for 3 months and as I didn’t follow this rule (was not advised by surgeon) and lost sensitivity in one of my boob’s, I was taking no risks this time round!

My tip : Some silicone enhancers from a website called Fake boobie can be very round so I needed something that looked just the same which was style 10, here is the link and a mastectomy bra, to hold them securely in place (especially when bending down!) but also stop them from getting all sweaty and then smelly!!!! (I can post the name of the catalogue/manufacturer if you r interested).
When I can wear under wired bra’s again, I’ll use No 9 which look pretty good too, but I am not advanced enough in my recovery for that….

I took one week off to heal and one week off as I knew I would be emotional.
The reality of walking out in public with the figure you spent thousands of pounds to transform is emotionally really difficult and what is equally as hard is people just don’t get it.
Thankfully I found silicone sally and Jo who owns the business was amazing, giving me advise and sending my suggested options out super quick. She was very flexible and said I could send back any of the three items I didn’t want, however I am keeping two.
It is 4 weeks after my op now, I think my little boobies are quite sweet and in general I feel good, be interesting to see how I feel once my partner sees my boobies!/
Anyway, I thought this info could help some people, as all options I saw were not available in the UK or didn’t work for me so soon after my op.
Good luck ladies

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