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Hi all, I have had big boobs since i was 13/14...

Hi all,
I have had big boobs since i was 13/14 years of age.
I am 5 ft 7 inches, a size 12 (UK) hips and body but a size 20 around my boobs.
So i have an extra 10-12 inches around my chest (44-46 inches) whereas my body/ribs are 34 inches... I look big in tops which cover all my top half, and i am small as your eye moves down my body to my feet. People think i am big all over.
Men stare which i hate, and 'speak' to my chest which I hate even more!

I have carried them for decades and my wish was to have a BR. My ex was very unsupportive and said 'you don't need one' despite being a Dr, but since I got divorced 6 years ago, and having met my wonderful current partner of 4 years, my partner has supported my wish to have this done. Its a breath of fresh air!!
In summary i have wanted a BR since i was 20.
I am now 48, and if i can say so, i am not too bad for my age.
Its my boobs which 'spoil' any clothing i would like to wear so i don't look at dresses, colourful tops or anything with buttons or fitted. When I try in clothing, my sisters and friends all say the same thing; " you look great...except for your boobs, which spoil the dress" (or top or whatever I try on.).
So this year, In Jan, I made my new years resolutions. My 1st being to have a BR.
So i started my research and found out a woman at work (same department) was having it done on 6th Jan! So she has been a 'mentor' for me. She came into work after her BR at 2 weeks post op and she looked great. Gone was the pained expression from years of shoulder, neck and upper back pain, virtually gone were the ridges from her bra straps, but most of all gone were her big boobs and she can wear any tops she chooses!!
She was a HH and is now a small 'C'. That was it for me! So i went to the same PS in the same hospital and had my 1st consultation in March.

I had a full medical and my reasons for wanting the BR and what they would do etc.

I had a 2nd assessment in April where an in-depth discussion followed and I was told I would need a 'free nipple graft'. I was also told I would be approx a full 'C' / 'D' cup but as my PS doesn't like to say how I will end up (as cup sizes vary amongst bra manufacturers) he will see when he operates.
I have asked to be on the smaller side if he ever feels he 'needs to take more off' or even them up or whatever! I fully trust him as he is very experienced, kind and has a wonderful manner. I feel I am in very safe hands.
I have posted on RealSelf since March/April and I have had great support from other women in the same or a similar situation as me.
As I have had 2 C-sections in the past, I have read on here how the post op 'pain' from a BR is nothing like as bad which reassures me alot.

I am excited but scared, as I am the world's worst patient! (LOL!!) and I have a real fear of general anaesthesia, (GA) and pain.... but GA more than anything.
Since deciding to go ahead, and having paid the fee (I am a private patient), and I had my bloods taken and ECG (EKG in the US) done, I was ready to go for 30th June 2012.
My operation was postponed until end of July due to my PS having some issues (personal /illness issues) with his family.

So I am back in the 'pre-op club' again!!
I have my 'Kimmers list' items (thank you Kim!) all ready for my post op recovery, and magazines, 'V' pillows, support Bra's and vitamins etc, to hand.
I am finding my neck, shoulders and upper back are aching more than usual but it may be psychological in part as I am being impatient to be rid of my boobs.

I am now looking at dresses, nice small tops in bright colours, and clothing I would normally dismiss due to not being able to wear it. Part of me feels sad that I didn't look into this before now, so if you are contemplating a BR and you are younger than me, go for it and please don't waste any more life as I feel I have done, in respect to wearing nice things and small delicate bra's and being pain free.
I had a brochure for 'big boobed women' come through my door. I ripped it up!! I don't need it any more. From the end of July, I will recover and be looking at and buying nice things and for once I will be in proportion!
I know I will have no feeling to my nipples and my nipples will not protrude or move (as the nerves will be permanently severed) but they will be nice to look at and it is worth the lack of nipple sensation for being free of sore and painful muscles to my neck, back and shoulders.
I will lose the stinging and sore strap marks to my shoulders too.Life will be improved for me as I will never have heavy boobs to carry around in hot weather with all that brings and anyone reading this will know what I mean!!
I will continue posting the rest of my story, in the hope it will being comfort to anyone reading it who is contemplating a breast reduction. When I am post op, I will publish my photos before and after the procedure.

Hi all, getting nearer to a new date. Its booked...

Hi all, getting nearer to a new date.
Its booked for end of July as long as nothing else happens! I'll have to sort my periods out (in terms of time) as i have found out i'll have to have the Heparin and surgical stockings (uggh!) and floatron boots... as my PS follows strict anti-DVT criteria.
(A DVT means a deep vein thrombosis which as a blood clot which forms in the leg and can travel to the lungs causing a PE or pulmonary embolism in rare cases).
Anyone reading this please try not to get 'hung up' on this.
So he hospital I am in follows this practice but i am going to ask if I can not have the Heparin (an anticoagulant) as it stings and my blood clots on the 'slower side' of the normal range if that makes sense.
So I have approx 3 or 4 weeks to go and the countdown is on again.
I have my list of items which is called the 'Kimmers list' (see Kimmers post on the forum) of vital items needed for the BR op.
I've also bought magazines and books to read post op and i've organised time off work.
I'm still 'boob obsessed' (in a nice and non perverted way may I add!! LOL!!) as my life is on hold in terms of clothing, nice bras, strapless dresses.... anyone reading this with big boobs will totally understand where I am coming from.

Since having the cancellation, (or should I say postponement) my boobs have become something I really do not like carrying around with me! My shoulders really ache, and my neck is really sore and it's now hurting me like never before. I think in part it's that I now notice how these feel whereas before, I didn't think about them- in fact I know i didn't think about them.
Before deciding on a BR i lived my life just 'dismissing' clothing and now i can't read enough magazines or watch fashion programmes on TV! On the internet i am looking at dresses and i realise (sadly) how much life i have wasted having big boobs. They have robbed me of so much. But not for much longer!!!
So anyone reading who has their BR postponed for whatever reason it hurts as you have built up your mind to accept it, but you will be stronger for it and any fears (like mine about GA's) will dissolve because you will want it so much!!
So until i am nearer the actual date i'll use the forum for now.

Well here is part 2. Had my BR date posted to me-...

Well here is part 2.
Had my BR date posted to me- its on Wednesday 29th August 2012 and i have my pre-op on 20th August. I need bloods etc doing again as the last set of bloods is now obsolete! (I don't have any chronic conditions such as diabetes or anything its just policy for the hospital to do this).

So after feeling really low following the postponement, I am now rarin' to go!!! In fact, I have found since this happened I want it so much that my fears have (almost) gone and my wish to have normal boobs is a massive priority, in fact, I feel life is on hold ;in terms of clothing and wearing nice dresses for the events I go to and things I want to do in life like swim, run and dance...

So i am all set and once the pre-op is done next monday, that's it! I have some PJ's to buy (with buttons up the front!! whoo hoo!!) and cami tops for post op and loungewear in top sizes which are normal. I will buy a size 14 top just to try and the rest i can get on line when i am post op. But to even THINK of a size 14 top?? I am normally to fit these boobs a 20/22 when my hips are a 12 (uk sizes which i think are 18? top in US and a hips size 10?).

So is countdown time and when i am in the pre-op room i will take pictures and post them all on here. I can write for England so every detail will be on here of the whole experience!
Good luck to anyone reading this now or in the future- don't let your fears put you off a lifetime of health- free from pain and shoulder discomfort.
I will update again when i am in pre-op as i am taking the laptop to hospital with me! x x

POST OP!! 1st September 2012. What can I say? Is...

POST OP!! 1st September 2012.
What can I say? Is it worth having a BR? Answer YES YES YES!! Without a doubt YES!. Gone are my shoulder symptoms, gone are my upper back pain and neck pain, gone is all the muscular pain I had in my neck and shoulder muscles, and I feel lighter.
I can walk taller and straighter fact, I realise i am not bending backwards to help my back carry the 'weight of an newborn baby' (to quote one of the girls from our forum) on my chest. Nor am I bent over as the day goes on and my shoulders are not curved holding the weight. That was the instant part and noticeable immediately post op.

The night before my op, I couldn't sleep. I had a couple of hours and then just packed things for my bag, had a long shower and hair wash, ex foliated , face mask you name it I did it! At 0630, I drove to the hospital and the nurse made me welcome and admitted me etc. Changed into my gown and PS came in to draw all over me and take pictures. I was so nervous i was shaking.
Then it was 'see you in theatre' (OR) and then my anaesthetist came in to see me. He listened to my fears and reassured me i would have good pain relief using a PCA (patient controlled analgesia) post op with morphine. This was due to a chronic condition i have had since 1995, and as I also had to stop my chronic pain meds for a time, the morphine covered both the post op and the chronic pain symptoms.
So at 0800 (UK time) I walked to theatre, and felt like one of those new born lambs, whose legs shake so much whilst they learn to walk! That was me!! I lay on the table and my wonderful anaesthetist, instead of standing over me and pushing in the meds IV, he and the nurse were speaking to me about life in general and he put the IV anaesthetic in whilst we were all talking and he was behind me doing whatever!! Clever or what? So all i remember is talking and taking deep breaths looking at the ceiling and then waking up!
I had some pain which felt like severe sunburn, cutting pain and as if someone had kicked me hard in both boobs, a bruising pain i would describe it as. BUT! all the symptoms we have as girls with big boobs HAD GONE, GONE!! The immediate relief was just unbelievable and it is hard to get that over. I think when you are pre-op (and although i was told this many times on RS) you can't understand fully, the sense of the sheer relief you feel.
I was taken to my room and i slept for a while. I had 2 drains in situ which i could feel, but they were OK and not too troublesome.
By 9pm at night, I was walking to the loo. I looked in the mirror and i didn't recognise myself!! Gone were those big ugly boobs, gone were the shoulder grooves and redness. Gone was the pain and my neck felt so loose and wasn't clunking like it usually does!! Wonderful!! Went back to bed and slept. Had tea and toast at 3am and went back to sleep again. Up and washed the next day and drains had minimal amounts in. I made sure i was walking about to help my circulation and my morphine was used less than the day before. I couldn't get over feeling so light!! Slept and watched TV. The QVC ads about bras were on and it was lovely to watch! At last I could wear those bras! At last i could choose nice tops and bras which were pretty! Rested and slept and the next day (Friday 31st Aug) my PS came to review and said the drains could come out. No problems there except for the dressings being so stuck on with layers of thick elastic bandage that hurt more than the drains!! The staff were wonderful and everyone involved in my care from the housekeepers, catering staff, porters, nurses, doctors and receptionists were nothing but kind, caring and professional. Not just because they 'had to be' because its their job, it was sincere care because they have high standards for their patients and wanted them to feel valued.
Fell asleep again and had my last injection of morphine before i was placed on oral medication. My boobs were now having sharp shock type pains in through them. I visualised a 'comet' when it happened as they came fast, passed through my boobs and went just as quickly. Then I had some bubble sensations almost like I could feel bubbles bursting under my skin. Then nothing and then tightness and sunburn sensation which indicated i needed my painkillers.
I feel better than i have in a long time in fact since having boobs because since I've had them for years and having had children, he pain i have had has increased over time. When you are in your 20's and 30's its easier to cope with and i think you block out the discomfort and learn to live with it which looking back I find sad. I should have done it sooner but as we can't live with regret, I am gald i have done it now.
To anyone reading this now and in the future, I would say if you are thinking of having it done, I'd suggest asking yourself some questions.
What symptoms of pain or discomfort are you 'playing down' in your mind?
What lifestyle activities are you not wanting to do because your boobs are too big?
What clothing choices are you making as a result of having big boobs? Compare what you wear versus what you would LIKE to wear.
How much of your confidence is eroded by having big boobs? Does it cause you to have low self esteem? Has it influenced career and other significant choices?
How much of your life is 'dictated' to by having big boobs? Add up the answers given above and put a percentage to how much of your life is really affected by your 'macromastia' or big boobs.
Then consider whether you feel you would like a BR. For me it was all of the above which i began to realise i was missing out on so much that i needed to get to dome and i would have to be brave and face my fears head on.
Being on RealSelf and meeting such wonderful ladies helped me enormously.
I am now 4 days post op and have a way to go before i am fully healed. I will update my review because I want to help other women who were like me making the decision to have this done. Best wishes and yes its so worth doing!

Hi All, Day 10 post op 9/9/12. Feeling much...

Hi All,
Day 10 post op 9/9/12.
Feeling much better and pain meds lower than last week. Have had family and friends coming to see me and see the new TaTa's!!!
People have said its taken 10 years off me! (-great i look 38!!lol)
One friend said i look 5 years younger than my age AND i look another 10 years younger than that so that makes me in her eyes... 33?? Cool!! :)...i have to admit she was drunk at the time!!
Overall i feel as light as a feather. My shoulders neck and upper back are still feeling great!

I had my PS appointment on friday 7th sept to have my dressings done and suture removal from my nipple graft. The Proflavin cream and the dressings sutured on my nipples were removed (no pain) and my nipples look perfused but dark in the centre.
He is pleased and said that will sort over time. I have my appt next friday for further nipple suture removal and those on my boobs but the great news is the sutures UNDER my boobs are dissolvable!!! I am so pleased as i was dreading having those taken out.
The shape is already changing and they look good. Clean, dry and no itching or infection.. just wonderful.
I tried on a top i have had for a year and is baggy! I bought a size 14 (uk size) and it fits and looks great!
My sister wants a BR done and she is a UK size 40 H is pleased and amazed at how well i look. So i said i know as good PS...!!
I am tired as i am walking about and a bit bored but i have to remind myself to rest and take it easy.
Apart from that i am healing nicely and very, very happy with the result!!

Hi All, week 2 and i am 16 days post op. I had...

Hi All,
week 2 and i am 16 days post op. I had my nipple sutures removed (ouch!) as it felt like someone had tweezers and was plucking me hard!! I had all the steri stripes pulled off by my PS (ouch again) and he swabbed the area with cetrimide (surgical fluid) which stung like hell !! So i have after burn feelings on my new boobs but i can live with it (just)! They are looking good and no infection. They are boxy but will settle down.
I felt so light and i called into work to say Hi to everyone. They all said how good I look and really different! I look 'bottom heavy' which is great as i am a small hip size (size 12 jeans UK) and it was my boobs which made me look massive. I had heels on for the 1st time in a month and i had NO backache!! I was walking tall and i felt great.
The BR was so worth it. Should have done it years ago.
Please don't hesitate... it is really life-changing stuff!!
I am resting now and off to bed as its late (23:47 here in the UK).Slowly I am getting there and i can really say i am after 2 weeks beginning to see the results of the BR. Yes I was scared and yes i had some pain, but its behind me now and it was really worth the wait, the worry and the fear. The benefits of BR have outweighed the negative symptoms of having big boobs.

I am keen to do more but i know it will impact on my recovery so i have to be patient!!
To all reading this, stay positive and plan your post op care carefully. It takes it out of you having a BR but the results are worth it.

Hi All, I am now 9 weeks post op from my BR. I...

Hi All,
I am now 9 weeks post op from my BR. I went from a 34GG/H to a wonderful 34 C .
My scars are only just visible and I am so happy with my new boobs it is truly life-changing. I don't have men staring at my chest anymore and people don't make a point of looking at my chest. In fact my chest doesn't come into conversation anymore!

I am wearing nice dresses, lovely (non wired) bras, and I feel and look great. Life is good and it's been life-changing and life enhancing.

I was so scared of the op and GA (anaesthetic) but that time of fear was the worst part as the post op recovery was easy!
If you keep your hands clean before you touch or change your dressings and keep dressings dry, change them (without touching the main part) if they become dirty, and let the air get to your wound areas and be aware of resting. If you follow this - you will do well. I also took daily multi-vitamins and plenty of fresh orange juice.
I did nothing for 6 weeks and I mean nothing. My partner made me meals and helped me with all household chores,childcare etc.
All I did was walk around the house and garden, wash and 'bird bath' shower (avoiding my chest area), wash my hair and sleep, rest, change my dressings, visit the hospital and watch TV. It paid off as my recovery has been smooth.

I am still a little bit sore at times but nothing like the years (decades) of shoulder pain, neck pain and upper back pain and shoulder dents, heaviness, sweating and the all 'round discomfort of big boobs. I can honestly say having a BR is the best decision you will ever make. I have a FNG or Free Nipple Graft and again worth it.

My grafts have taken really well and my boobs look great. Don't hesitate in making this decision- its much, much worse having and carrying big breasts than it is to have a BR. I never believed I would say this but I wish I had done this sooner!!!


18th November 2012. I am now 3 months post op....

18th November 2012.

I am now 3 months post op. All is healing well but I still get some soreness esp around PMT time.

I am so glad I did this. I still feel light and I have better posture, no upper back pain etc.
The Genie Bras are still being worn day and night, although I did try one night without one! Bliss... no having to move boobs from under my arm anymore and when lying on my back there are no heavy boobs resting on my arm!!

I bought some clothes last weekend and to wear tops which fit and in any colour....and i bought a dress... a fitted dress! Plus a boob tube. Nothing tacky! Its in jacquard and looks nice under a sheer top or bolero. I have never worn a boob tube in my life until now... and it felt and looked fantastic!!! How wonderful is that? All for a few hours of fear pre-op and a bit of discomfort post op. Well worth the surgical journey!
Here's to a fab Christmas wearing nice things esp for our hospital xmas party!
Happy holidays to all reading this and if anyone reading is contemplating a BR next year, my advice is JUST DO IT!!!
x x
Mr John Daly-Nuffield Hosp

A work colleague had Mr Daly as her PS, and I was impressed by his work and reputation. Once I had my first assessment with him, his manner and professionalism put me at ease at once, that I knew I was in the hands of a truly caring and professional surgeon. First rate. If anyone from the UK wants a PS to do their BR and you want further details, please PM me. I am an R.N and even on the 'Nurses grapevine' he is cited as the best for plastic surgery in general but breast work and BR's in particular. An excellent caring Doctor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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