37 Years Old, 295cc Natrelle implants, 5ft 4ins, 120lbs Fixing my Body After 3 Big Babies Trashed It! - United Kingdom, GB

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Having had my last baby in 2013, I've aince had a...

Having had my last baby in 2013, I've aince had a hang up about the saggy mass of skin where my boobs and belly used to reside. Going down to my pre pregnancy weight of 8 1/2 stone (approx 120 lbs) the excess skin and lack of boo age became more evident.
Never imagining I would be able to ever get this procedure done due to the cost, last year I split with my husband. We sold our marital home and last October I came into some Monday.
In a moment of what if... I booked a consultation appointment with Mr Whitworth at the Nuffield hospital just outside Southampton, UK and haven't looked back.

Maybe this crazy idea could become reality......

Fast forward a few months and I'm all signed up for a tummy tuck and breast implants to take place on Monday 18th January 2016.... Eek

To be updated x

5 days post op...

Well 5 days post op and today is the first day I'm starting to feel normal. I've washed my hair, changed my support garments and managed to put on some normal clothes.

I'm managing the pain on paracetamol and ibuprofen. Sleeping on my back can be a little uncomfortable but I'm getting 6 or so hours a night broken sleep.

My boobs haven't really hurt. Bit of discomfort from my tummy but considering my op was only 5 days ago I'm pleased.

Tummy and boobs still quite swollen but happy with the first impressions : )

5 days post op more photos

I've only gone and done it!

Apologies this is in the wrong place as accidentally placed in the comments first!

Well the day of my surgery arrived and if felt very surreal. Arriving at hospital, wondering why I was here and not at work. Even when they had taken my blood, tagged and gowned me up it still hadn't really dawned on me!

I went down to surgery around 9:50am. As I said goodbye to my boyfriend and walked through the doors to the operating theatre tears started to flow. A mixture of nerves, anxiety and the realisation that something I had dreamt of for many years was happening.

Fast forward a few hours and I come round seeing the clock showing a time just passed 12pm. I doze in and out of consciousness, remembering asking for a cuddle from my boyfriend and also holding the surgeon's hand as he came to check on me.

The operation went well and I was in surgery just over 2 hours which was quicker than expected.

After around an hour I was transferred back to my room.

I was very dosed up on morphine and don't remember much of Monday. I was heavily bandaged up so can't see the results yet but did look down and spy a pair of rather large boobs where my flat chest previous resided. I know not to be alarmed at this as swelling is normal : )

Omg I've actually done it xxx

9 days in....

Hi everyone : ) it's now 9 days since my op and having a few wobbles at the weekend today has been a good day.

Nobody warned me how much the drugs and op would affect my bowels..... Omg I've never really suffered constipation in my life and hope I don't have it again as was in agony. Even sent my boyfriend to buy prune juice.... How the heck do people drink that stuff by choice... Yuk!

Today had my first shower and it felt amazing. Took a bit of psyching myself up but the warm water running on my naked skin was heaven after 9 days of washing at the sink. Felt weird as these boob things were in the way and a bit tricky to rub shampoo in my hair but did ok. Even gave my legs a cheeky shave and felt nice to remove the surgical stockings.

I've only taken one lot of painkillers since last night and not needed them.

I've had the dressings removed from my boobs at hospital on Monday and all looks good. Tummy I left dressings on for a few days.

Scar is big which I knew and made me a little squeamish but saying that I've had 3 c sections and it's healed perfectly. My boyfriend said stitching looks neat. A little swollen and bruised but that's part of the course.

Attached is a comparison photo. Long way to go but so pleased already : ) xx

2 weeks post op

Well bar a little blip at the weekend when I caught a sickness bug from the boys I'm doing well. Just finally plucked up the courage to take off my dressings, which made me feel all queasy, but pleased with the results.
Now nearly totally off the painkillers. I had to walk to the shops and back on Saturday which is around 2 miles and it nearly did me in but I did it. Still not driving albeit may try later this week. My mum staying with me this week to help with the kids so that's good.

Boobies still high but not causing any pain or discomfort. Part of me thinks i should have gone bigger but from googling see this is a common thought after surgery and hey compared to what I did have they look amazing.

My period is 3 days late so panicking a bit but read surgery can make your cycles funny.

Here's an updated photo of my war wounds ????

5 weeks in...

Well after 5 weeks off work (I had an extra week off due to having another medical procedure done) I returned to work this week. Found it ok going back but still get tired quite easily.

Scars are healing well. Tummy still a little sensitive to touch where my muscles were sewn up.

Had my new boobs measured yesterday as albeit my sports bra is fine I've had to wear black all week due to popping out nipples lol.

I was measured at a 32D ???????????? was fitted with some t-shirt non wired bras but they are fine to tide me over for a few weeks.

Boobs still quite high and far apart but definitely softening up and my boyfriend and I are loving them.

Still feels surreal I've had it done and scary how much confidence it's given me x

Surgery.....part 2 :(

I found out at my 5 month check in June that my implants had not settled right (well I had a feeling as I see them every day) but this was confirmed by the Consultant. Where I am petite, they were put under the muscle but this has caused them to not drop properly and my breasts had a sort of square look to them with nipples pointing downwards.

Feeling a little upset, but I had a good surgeon and it's just one of those things. Bit gutted I've got to have another operation, go through the recovery etc again but I'd rather be happy with my boobs.

Fast forward to 1st August when I've had my surgery. Just one op this time, so I was in and out of theatre in an hour. I only had to stay in for one night this time. He procedure went well but I am now on day 2 of being home and in a lot of pain. If I lie down I'm ok, but just very sore and feeling sorry for myself :(

Day 5 .... After 2nd op

Wow I'm so pleased already. Bar my baboon nips caused by breastfeeding 3 kids my boobs look so much better already. The gap is smaller, they look more natural and sit better :)

Am managing to slowly do things but stretching and lying in certain positions still uncomfortable. Only on paracetamol and ibuprofen now and only really twice a day :)

Here we go again

I feel jinxed with my boobs but having to take it all in my stride. I am 2 days post surgery having having a bilateral nipple move as due to my implants and pregnancy taking its toll on my body, I wasn't a happy bunny.

The surgeon was in agreeement and wouldn't have operated unnecessarily. The operation went well and I am pretty much pain free so look forward to seeing the results.
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