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I had silicone implants 16 years ago, and for the...

I had silicone implants 16 years ago, and for the past 18 months or so they have become more and more uncomfortable and causing me physical pain on a daily basis. I visited my GP as the private clinic that I had the implants at had no records of me, and to be honest really did not want to talk to me. Once I had explained the situation to my GP and told him about the pain that I was in he agreed to refer me to a consultant for explant surgery.

Today I saw a consultant and he examined me, got me to lift my arms up in the sitting and laying postion and he examined my breasts and made me flinch in pain a few times! (he did apologise). He said that it looked as if I had capsular contracture and that he would need to run a few tests to check my breasts. I had a mammogram for the first time (it was no way near as bad as my mum made it sound, she complained like they had caught her nipple in a bulldog clip!)

Once my mammogram was done the consultant said that he would need to send me for an MRI scan to check that he was not missing anything and he would see me in 8 weeks for a follow up - he said that I need to see him as he is the most specialised with implants. So now I need to sit tight and wait for the MRI date to come through and then see him again in 8 weeks. I really hope he says that he will remove both the implant and the capsule, a part of me was hoping that today would have been a case of me telling him that they hurt and him saying "okay, lets make a date for their removal". I know that he needs to run tests, but part of me is really worried that he won't explant even though my GP had referred me for explant surgery.

It is just a waiting game for me now, but I seriously cannot wait to have my implants removed - I have spent 16 years being self consious and covering them up and the past year and a half in pain. I just want them gone.

I have been worrying a lot today. Thinking back to...

I have been worrying a lot today. Thinking back to the consultation, the surgeon was writing on my notes and had placed some crosses and wrote something against a picture of "my breasts". At the time I thought he may have been marking up areas that I said were painful, but now I think he may have identified some lumps. I keep feeling my breasts and I have convinced myself that I can feel lumps, and that must be the reason for the MRI. I really hope that my implants haven't ruptured. Having an explant is all I think about both day and night, so I hope that the next 8 weeks zooms by so I can see my consultant again.

Had my MRI scan today, it went fine but was a bit...

Had my MRI scan today, it went fine but was a bit uncomfortable laying face down for over 30 mins. I was put on a sliding table with cut out bits for my boobies and a bit of plastic was pushed against the sides. My face was in another cut out part of the table and my arms were stretched above my head, then I was slided into the machine. The scan is fairly loud but thankfully you do have ear plugs in and of course you have to lay very still. My results will be known when I see the consultant at the hospital again on the 27th July - I am one step closer to getting rid of these horrid implants.

My follow up appointment is with my consultant...

My follow up appointment is with my consultant this Friday 27 July and I am really scared that they will say that they will not remove the implants as the MRI results are negative. Looking at symptoms of ruptured implants I am fairly certain that mine have ruptured - I have CC and "tube/small grape" like lumps in both breasts. Both breasts ache all the time and I often get shooting pains from the nipple and on the outer edges. The wait to find out is driving me insane.

I have also been driving myself crazy researching online and one women said that the NHS gave a 9 to 12 month waiting time for the removal of her ruptured implant. I know that they have been in 16 years so another year is not the end of the world, but now I want them removed I want it NOW.

Just added some photos, they look huge in extreme...

Just added some photos, they look huge in extreme close up! I wear a 36c bra, judging by the red bra strap marks on me I am wearing the wrong size, lol.

Had my consultant appointment today. The MRI...

Had my consultant appointment today. The MRI showed the capsular contracture but no rupture, but as I have seen on this site some women are told they do not have a rupture on the MRI but when operated on they actually do - so I won't be shocked if they have in fact ruptured when I have my op.

The good news is that I have been added to a waiting list for my surgery, he has agreed to remove the implants. I was disappointed that he said that he would remove and replace more quickly if I went to him as a private patient. I told him that I did not want replacements and I would just have the removal. He then said stuff like, are you sure, you are young, i dont wish to put you off..... etc. I was firm that I wanted them removed only and that I did not care about big boobs anymore.

So I just need to wait for my date to come through now - he said it will be a couple of months as I am not going private..... I am super excited!

My impatience got the better of me today and I...

My impatience got the better of me today and I rang my consultant's secretary - despite promising myself to just sit it out and wait! I had great news that my pre-op is happening on the 16 August..... I have a few weeks to eat really healthy (I have been comfort eating the past few months so have a good 8 to 11 pounds to loose) and I will cut out weekend drinking too to help meet my target.

She said that I would have my explant by the middle of September at the latest - which is awesome!! but she also asked if once my pre-op is done whether I could come in at short notice if they have a cancellation ... Hell Yeah Baby! She has amended my details to show that I will come in at short notice (at least 24 hours will be given)... I told her if it wasnt for the general anaesthetic she could give me 1 hours notice! lol.

So my explant will be any time between 17 August and 21 September, I am so super excited that I am one step closer to getting my warm flat chested boobies back. No more cold, hard implant boobies with permanently erect nipples, no more pain, no more wearing a dress size 2 times larger on my top half than on my bottom half. I can't wait, and do not care if I am left with two empty flaps for boobs, I will be free at last x

Great news! I have received my date for my...

Great news! I have received my date for my explant, I need to get to the hospital for 7am this Sunday 9 September. Words cannot express how much I am ready for this operation, you ladies have been a real inspiration to me.

I admit that I am a bit worried about the general anesthetic, but other than that I am calm and ready for my new small boobies.

Hello all, I am all done. I have been moved from...

Hello all, I am all done. I have been moved from recovery to a ward and should be home tomorrow. I will update properly tomorrow but wanted to let you know that all is well and I could not be happier xx

Thank you all for your messages, I appreciate it...

Thank you all for your messages, I appreciate it and I am so glad that the explant is finally over.

I had to get to the hospital early on Sunday morning and was feeling suprisingly calm whilst I waited to be call in for the pre op paperwork. After I had been measured up for support stockings and changed into my gown I was walked to the anaesthetist who was lovely - he chatted away to me as he prepared the canula before injecting in the anaesthetic and then within a few seconds I was "drunk" then a few deep breaths from a mask and I was gone. The next thing I knew I was in the recovery area (op took 1 and a half hours) - I had been dreaming and the anaesthetist joked that he was a dream weaver. My surgeon popped over to say that he had performed a partial capulectomy on each side and scored the remaining capsule and cut 'islands' in it. I queried why he had not taken it all and he said that there was no need. After a drink of water and then a cup of tea I was taken up onto the ward...... I felt great, Morphine is a thing of beauty!! Sadly I was not allowed it for long and was moved onto diplofenic and paracetamol (boo).

I managed to eat some dinner and drank loads of water as my throat was dry and croaky - a downside to all that drinking was carting the drip and drains with me every time i need a wee. I had a poor night sleep as the hospital was fairly noisy at night, but the pain was manageble with just paracetamol and it was only the noise keeping me awake.

I have had the drains and canula out today and was discharged. Getting the drains out did not hurt at all - she 'depressured' them for about an hour then took swabs, pulled them out and cleaned and redressed the wound. The nurse said not to wear a bra, but I felt uncomfortable on the journey home and after a shower I managed to put on a sports bra (the waist band is below the incisions so I don't think I am doing any harm) - i feel better not feeling every single jiggle.

My right nipple is a bit collapsed and both insisions are sore (i am also due on my period so my boobs are uncomfy due to that as well! lol). However. I am on the road to recovery now, onwards and upwards. I have posted pics of 24 hours after explant.

Big love to you ladies xx

7 days post explant now, and still feeling pretty...

7 days post explant now, and still feeling pretty good. My dressings are still on so I have no idea what my scars look like yet - I have an appointment for the 5th October to have the dressings taken off which seems like a long time to have dressings on and not changed in my opinion. Maybe I should buy some dressings and change them myself, I am not sure if I should mess around with them though - something to think about.

I am finding it very difficult sleeping on my back, I can't wait until I am allowed to sleep on my side again. I did try laying on my side and it was far too uncomfortable so went straight onto my back again. I also need to remember that I am not supposed to reach out or stretch to pick things up, my boobs give me a sharp reminder if I over stretch.

As for actual changes, my boobs seem to be getting smaller this week (I suppose that the swelling is going down so they appear smaller). My right nipple is still caved in and my left one is starting to go that way too when I am sitting down, I am guessing that is because of scar tissue forming and pulling them in a bit. When I am allowed to massage them I will certainly give that a go. I do look a lot better in my clothes than I did with the implants, tops fall better and that makes me look slimmer which is a bonus!

I have added a few pics taken this morning xx

Added some photos of the incisions after I have...

Added some photos of the incisions after I have taken off the dressing. I have used cotton wool and a saline solution on the scar and surrounding area and re-dressed them using gauze and several metres of micro porous tape. Next time I change the dressing I will use less tape, I think I got a bit carried away covering every bit of the gauze.

Hello all Sorry I have not posted for a while,...

Hello all

Sorry I have not posted for a while, I have been reading others posts every day but taking a back seat.

I am now 8 weeks post explant and they are looking fine but a visit from the fluff fairy would be appreciated. I overstretched a bit yesterday and I now have a pain in my left boob, I need to remember that although I feel fine I am still healing.

I have put up some new photos for you to see.

Big hugs xx
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