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Hi All, It’s so encouraging and informative...

Hi All, It’s so encouraging and informative reading all your posts. Thank you so much to you all.

About a year after my second baby was born I stopped breastfeeding and I became very depressed when my breasts turned into empty flaps. My Dr suggested implants and so I had my BA. That was 1989 and they were brilliant – boosted my confidence immensely. In 2001 I had CC and had an explant and re-implant with silicone 370cc’s. Again they were brilliant and my surgeon was fantastic. Now, 11 years later a scan shows that both have ruptured and so I’ve booked an explant and lift. I have been feeling discomfort in them for about a year and suspected something wasn’t right. They look slightly distended now as implants often tend to after a while.

I have my pre-op next week and I’m very nervous about the actual op and outcome. I have every faith in my surgeon as it’s the same one who operated on me last time and I know it’s the best decision. I’m excited to be me again but I know I will miss them so much.

I really appreciate you posting your experiences as it’s helped me to get my head around it a lot. I will try to upload some photos as soon as I can too.

Had pre-op and it's all systems go! Thanks...

Had pre-op and it's all systems go! Thanks immensely to Lainylou and SweetP for their posts and advice - it really has helped me.
I didn't mention previously that I was given the option to explant only for free on the NHS or to go privately and pay with one of their recommended surgeons, who would also put in more implants. I didn't like either idea, and after a lot of consideration, researched my previous surgeon who is highly respected, and managed to book my consultation and operation. I am over the moon to have this opportunity and I would be more than happy to recommend my surgeon. It's like a wish come true to have the same wonderfully skilled surgeon, and I know it's expensive, but I'm hoping that this is the last time I'll need an operation of this type. It's only the potential risks that I am scared of. I'm also excited and buying new bed linen and have a 'nesting instinct" like I had when pregnant lol - similar feelings :)

Well I'm wolfing down Arnica as instructed by...

Well I'm wolfing down Arnica as instructed by surgery preparation notes - not sure what the different numbers mean (60c & 30c) as I've been told different things by sales assistants. I'm taking both! I've now ordered some 200c from Amazon too. I'm washing everything in sight and getting excited and nervous at the same time!!!! I'm looking at my breasts thinking how lucky I've been to have them, then I get a pain and I'm reminded that they have to be explanted. Such mixed emotions.

Thank you to everyone for posting about your explant journeys. This site is definitely the main source of encouragement and information I've had, and I don't think I'd have had the courage to not re-implant without your help. Thank you.

I can't upload my photos. I have the option to...

I can't upload my photos. I have the option to upload a video ( which I don't have) but no active link for photos. I'll try transferring them to a different pc....

Getting close now! Researching anything and...

Getting close now! Researching anything and everything to A) convince myself I've made the right decision and stop worrying and B) trying to find ANY tips on aiding recovery. I've heard that cool packs can help with swelling. I found one breast cool pack online with 1 bad review hmmm. I think I'll go the old fashioned way and put flannels in the freezer. My main concern is how to ensure good blood supply to the areola & nipples after the lift. Any advice would really be appreciated. I've been told not to have any asprin, ibuprofen, vitamin E or garlic for a week before and after the op. I assume it's because they can affect blood flow or coagulation.

I'm flapping so much inside I'm sure I could fly!!! I have my baggy nightshirts, arnica tablets, new pillows, jojoba & wheatgerm oil for when I can treat the scars later and a nice box of chocolates a friend has bought me for when I come out of hospital.

I'm so grateful to all you lovely ladies who have shared advice and experiences here. That's giving me the most confidence :)

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Getting geared up for my op...

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Getting geared up for my op tomorrow!

Still cleaning everything in sight! I want everything to be clinically clean (if possible) when I come out of hospital!

All my loved ones are wonderfully supportive too - I am very blessed :))

Thank you all for your help and advice - you have all made this SO much easier XXXX

Today's the day! Wish me luck :) xxx

Today's the day! Wish me luck :) xxx

I've had a peek and although I can't see them...

I've had a peek and although I can't see them properly for the dressings etc... I like what I see so far. Although I'm much smaller, I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I feel "right". I have pain in my right one and it's a bit swollen but I had more CC in that one.

My surgeon is AMAZING!!!!!! There aren't enough words to say how professional and caring she is.ni'm so lucky to have had her again! My anaesthetist was marvellous and we had a jolly good laugh prior to me going under :D All the nurses and hospital staff are lovely. I'm really enjoying my stay and will probably be discharged this afternoon.

I only hope that I heal ok. I was a bit nauseous but that seemed to pass ok. I'll post photos when I can.

I'm SO happy right now! Thank you for your support as it has helped me enormously.

Happy healing to us all * Gentle Group Hug* XXX

Hi lovely ladies! Well my op was Saturday and...

Hi lovely ladies!

Well my op was Saturday and today is Wednesday and I'm feeling pretty good! I'm taking paracetamol and codeine and on the whole not having much pain. My bottom is uncomfortable from sleeping in a sitting position and the surgical stockings and bra are all tight but necessary. I've been very, very sleepy at times - in fact, very relaxed, which is a very nice change from my normal state of busy busy busy! My breathing is odd occasionally - very shallow and I have a little trouble breathing and swallowing but that's getting better. My kids say I look really good and my new figure makes me look fit lol!!! How fab!!!

I haven't taken any after photos yet as I have dressings and bra on and I'm not supposed to remove them so there's not much for you to see yet. I'll try to take a bra shot though.

So far I'm very happy :)

Well I had my "reveal" and I'm sooo happy! I know...

Well I had my "reveal" and I'm sooo happy! I know they are still bruised, a little uneven with swelling etc... But I know they will settle down nicely :) I've taken some photos but need to upload them to my PC before I can get them on here. I'll do that ASAP.

My right one is more swollen and sore due to the severity of my CC. considering all my breast tissue, glands, ducts etc...had to be removed in 2001 I'm really surprised I have enough tissue there to make any boobies at all! I'm amazed! The capsules were removed - I'm all me! I can now shower and sleep on my back. I still have to wear the surgical stockings to prevent DVT for another week.

I have to keep the tape on for 3 months and they've given me a spare roll of tape. Apparently it helps the scars to heal flatter. They are starting to itch now however that is helped by light stroking which also tells me I still have sensation in my breast skin yay!!!

Don't be alarmed by the photos. The black you see through the tape is permanent marker and I'm sure the unevenness will sort itself out. Ooh I am itchy though haha :D

I can't log in on my PC and I can't upload photos...

I can't log in on my PC and I can't upload photos from my phone or iPad. :(

Well day 12 today and I'm tired with my right one...

Well day 12 today and I'm tired with my right one hurting again. Back on the Paracetamol :( I think it may be more swollen and the bruising doesn't seem any better. I'm going to take it very easy today and use a cool compress for a while and see how that goes. I'll take more photos when there's a visual change.

I'm two week post op now and I'm SO glad to have...

I'm two week post op now and I'm SO glad to have those surgical stockings off!!! Everything's healing and settling down nicely although I have had some new pains. I asked the hospital about this at my apt and they said it's all normal as the tissues and nerves knit together. They told me to stay on the pain killers and to be honest, with these new pains, I need them.

I've taken some more photos just now and the bruising has gone down a lot. I'm looking forward to the day the tape can come off so I can see myself properly. Also, the marking pen which shows through the tape makes it look a lot worse. I'm not showing hubby yet as I want him to see them when they look better.

Photos are up now :)

Photos are up now :)

Well I got a better look today. I hope they heal...

Well I got a better look today. I hope they heal ok. There are still some parts of the stitches in there and the incisions are understandably uneven. I'm hopeful that this will improve wth time.

They look quite large here - odd really as in real life they aren't. My tummy, on the other hand, IS large! If anyone knows how I can tackle this while still healing from the uplift I'd be very grateful :)

Oh I am silly. What I thought was marker pen was,...

Oh I am silly. What I thought was marker pen was, of course, all my stitches! Most have come out now but there's a lot if thread embedded in the scars. I do hope they dissolve and disappear ok.

I did some sit ups this morning - I need to get my midriff sorted now. I've discovered that my moulded t shirt bras that I had before make me look like my old shape pretty much. I don't fill them (or anywhere near) but it's good to know that I can still wear them for that purpose. I fancy getting some new pretty underwear for my new shape though. May get measured at M&S soon as I like their new Rosie or Rose range. Might wait until they've settled some more as my op was 3 weeks today.

Well, I started having pain in my right breast on...

Well, I started having pain in my right breast on Wednesday and it's got proessively worse and started seeping pale greenish pus. I'm four weeks post op. Saw my Dr today and he's put me on Clarithromyin 500mg which he said are strong, so hopefully they'll sort me out. Back on the painkillers too.

Oh if only we could fast forward a few months and we could be healed and happy!

New photo up! My shape is getting nicer but I...

New photo up! My shape is getting nicer but I still have this painful infection. Going to the hospital later so they can see it. On strong antibiotics since Friday so I hope they'll work very soon.

Well it's just over 8 weeks now and I'm feeling...

Well it's just over 8 weeks now and I'm feeling much better. After a couple of courses of strong antibiotics the infection has cleared up and I feel much better. All in all it's been a really positive experience and I look and feel SO much better. I've bought some new clothes and I'm convinced my new shape makes me look trimmer and healthier. It's given me a new enthusiasm for life in general! I think my surgeon is a miracle worker - I'm so pleased! Thanks to all the lovely girls on here for helping this process be so positive. Good luck to all of you on your journeys :)

Oh dear - can I delete a photo? I tried to upload...

Oh dear - can I delete a photo? I tried to upload a more decent cropped version but it's uploaded the original. Maybe I didn't save the edit. Sorry if anyone is offended I'll take it off if I can.

I've had my 3 month check up and I'm very happy. I can now wear normal bras! I'm hoping the scars will continue to improve and I'm moisturising them twice daily. I'm so amazed at the skill and creative expertise of my surgeon. I saw a similar operation on the TV and the precision taken to chase out capillaries and keep the blood supply and nerve endings is phenomenal!

Thanks to those who have asked for my surgeon's details - I'm sure you'll be as happy as I am.

Thank you too lovely ladies for your support through this experience! I couldn't have done it without you!


I've had several girls ask about the bra I was...

I've had several girls ask about the bra I was told to wear by my PS. It's a MaCom post surgery bra


They are so good and I'll continue to wear them as a sports bra - very comfy and effective.

Well, 6 months PO and all's well. I had a...

Well, 6 months PO and all's well. I had a mammogram last week - first one ever! Not my favourite pastime but it's done and I didn't burst! The scarring is doing really well and I think in a few months they'll hardly be visible at all. I have a slight dent in one but hey, I'm happy with the overall outcome.

To all you lovely girls having explant or explant and lift, good luck and be patient - time really is your friend :) XXX

Hi lovely girls! I have added to the review of my...

Hi lovely girls! I have added to the review of my surgeon. I'm so happy with the whole process and wanted to credit her with her work.

Whoever you choose as your surgeon, research thoroughly, write down your questions and go with you inner feelings. Don't feel pressured into an operation you don't want.

From my experience at Spire Little Aston all I can say is that they were all amazing! I was told that if I had any concerns then I could contact them and have an appointment straight away. This was definitely the case and for the couple of queries I had (which were perfectly normal and run of the mill concerns as it turns out) I was seen at the Monday evening clinic which was very convenient for me, Also they were happy to answer any questions, day or night. Great aftercare.

Thinking of all you strong ladies having to make these explant decisions and wishing you all the best on your personal journeys xxx

Added a couple more photos at 8 months. They are...

Added a couple more photos at 8 months. They are still changing a bit.

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Well it's one year since having my explant and I still know it was the best decision I ever made! There's not a great deal of change visually - scars are getting a bit more faint. I'll try to upload some current photos later. Thank you all for your support and encouragement throughout this experience. I can't tell you how much it helped as I don't know anyone personally who has had implants, so all your comments and advice helped to allay any of my fears.

Thank you again and all the best to all you lovely ladies on your journeys!

Remember, time is your friend and take it easy!

Lots of love, Loobeedoo XXX

New photos up

I'm probably a realistic example of a woman after having explant and lift - throughout the process and now one year on. I still have scars but they are getting better, I have my wrinkles lol but there you are :) I'm no spring chicken but I feel HEALTHIER THAN EVER and completely ME!!!! It's definitely been a new beginning for me and if these can help anyone in any way then that's amazing! Thank you to all the girls here I'll always remember the Summer of 2012 Explanters who shared this journey, with so much love and gratitude. THANK YOU!!!! :)

Two years later

Hi All,

Well it's two years now since my op and I'm still really happy. There are some little imperfections, some visible scars, a little tethering etc... but I'm over the moon! I'm still amazed by the results and would recommend my surgeon to anyone! It's given me a new lease of life! Good luck in all your explant surgeries and thank you for the "Thank Yous" too. If I've helped in anyway then that's brilliant. I know that I found this site incredibly reassuring when I was going through my experience - you'll make some good connections and have great support here. Thank you to everyone who helped me - especially my fellow 2012 explant friends :)
Love to you all, Loobedoo XXX
Will provide if requested

I had previous surgery with this surgeon in 2001 and I appreciated her holistic approach, attention to the best aesthetic outcome and attention to my concerns. She was then working for the NHS. When I decided to explant, the NHS offered free treatment (explant only) as I had always been in their care or alternatively, the consultant's recommendation was to pay him for explant and re-implant with larger ones.I decided that if I was to pay then I would want someone I had complete faith in. My gut reaction was to find my appointment cards from 2001 and deliberately search for that surgeon as I trusted her judgement. I did NOT want more implants!!! I told her my fear of having no tissue left and she put my mind at rest and assured me that although I'd be small, explant and uplift would be possible. At no time did she talk me into having more implants. It's the best decision I've ever made and I thoroughly recommend her and her team.

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