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I have always wanted a BA as my boobs have never...

I have always wanted a BA as my boobs have never grown haha I barely fit an Acup :( I've had 3 babies and breastfed 2 :) I am a size 6/8 uk! So don't have many curves at all to be honest and have always envied curvy women ! I am booked into transform on the 29th sept for BA I'm going with 525cc high profile unders some might think I'm crazy for my size etc but I personally like the fake look ;-) I am paying for them afterall I don't want people to think I was naturally blessed with them haha ! So 1 week to surgery I am rather calm lol just so excited to finally have some boobs :) have been reading this site none stop and its fab you americans have beautiful boobies ;-) xoxox

Not long now :o eeek!! New boobs and New nose ;-)

Wow can't believe how soon my surgery is :o after waiting for so long it is now scarily soon lol I'm not really scared about the surgery more scared about getting everything ready lol I'm so focused on my boobs I totally forgot to mention I'm also having a rhinoplasty !! My nose was broke when I was 12 leaving me with a big bump and wonky nose :( I'm not sure about anyone elses experiance but from about one week pre-op I've been more annoyed about my boobs and nose lol my nose always annoyed me as basically it wasn't the nose I was born with but this past week has been worse ! I took a pic of my hair as I just got it done and all I could see was my nose :( to be honest I actually freaked a wee bit and said to my hubbie 'omg look at this pic my nose looks like a penis lol' I actually asked him has it always looked like this lol I've also found even though I haven't been doing anything different my back and arms feel really sore this week and I think its maybe in my head lol thinking to much about what it will be like after surgery lol!! Have been taking my arnica and vitimin c :) have my sports bra's at the ready lol and medical gel ice packs already in the freezer lol any ladies about to go through surgery or just been there? :) xoxox

most people pray for jesus on a sunday I pray for big tata's and a straight nose lol 20hrs to go ;-)

Cannot believe this time tomorrow I will no longer be a member of the itty bitty titty commitiee ;-) I was also no longer have a rhino horn LOL not scared one bit (yet) lol bags all packed for my overnight stay in what I've heard is like a 5star hotel lol tbh I don't think it has sunk in that its actually happening hence why I'm not nervous :/ think I have everything ready lol I know a lot of people have done lists already but here's mine anyway :)
:Bag lol, gel ice packs *4, new pj's button front, jog pants and zip up hoodie for coming home, baseball cap and sunglasses (for nose) so neighbours don't think my hubbie done it llf , arnica tablets, vitimin C, bath robe for after surgery incase I'm cold lol , new books to read, lip balm and moisturiser ( I hear your skin can be quite dry after) , dry shampoo, plenty off bottled water, easy foods like soup etc, all contact numbers to hand and I think that's about it for me anyway :) well I've rambled on enough here lol not much to say yet just that I'm buzzing and totally ready for this lol I'm sure after tomorrow I'll have plenty to say lol have I any boob day buddies out there?? If so wahhheeyyy good luck ;-) xoxoxox

so busy enjoying the new me :D #boobs#nose

Well thought it was about time I came on here for an update!! I've been so busy enjoying my new boobs and new nose!! I couldn't be any happier ;-) I feel flipping fabulous!! I don't know where to start as the past 2 weeks has been crazy so many changes!! The day of surgery still no nerves-right until I went to the OR omg I thought I might poop myself on the table lol they assured me I wouldn't ;-) I was in the OR not even 5mins and I was out for the count so nerves didn't have a chance!! Woke up very groggy but not sore or nauseous! All I wanted was to see my hubbie asap lol stayed in overnight didn't have any pain just very uncomfortable and felt cold! Due to my nose I couldn't even manage to eat toast and struggled to drink so that annoyed me as I love my food amd get very thirsty! Going to the loo was hard I could feel every muscle in my body getting out of bed lol I was also abit light on my feet due to general anesthetic :( it seemed to stay in my body forever!! All I did was sleep lol also I'm a smoker! I smoked right up until my surgery as my surgeon said it didn't make much difference as I didn't smoke much! But anyways didn't have any smokes after as I just couldn't be bothered moving lol again after coming home still no pain just discomfort :) to be honest I'm delighted I had a double surgery and 2 weeks on I've had no pain, no infections and progress has went amazing hardly any bruising and what I did have went away quick, hardly any swelling and 2weeks pos op boobs are soft, moving about and most importantly HOT ;-) I'm in love :') lol will post more when I get a chance :) some pics now :) xoxox

sorry got so excited lol more info ;-)

So got to excited and forgot to update on sizes etc for anyone interested :) my previous sizes were dress size uk 6, bra I wore (was still to big) uk 32aa turns out my back size is and always has been 30 so I've been wearing the wrong size my whole life lol I'm 5ft 3" height! My new bra size after 525cc's is uk 30E ;-) I'm delighted with that though I will say to everyone the same thing everyone else says always go with the bigger size!! My boobs are amazing I love them and would never have another BA unless for medical reasons but I'd happily be bigger :) I went with the biggest size my surgeon was happy with and physically couldn't have gone any bigger but another thing is don't fret over the cc's there isn't much difference!! I went with pretty big implants but my boobs don't look humungus lol they just look perfect I think if I had of went smaller I wouldn't be happy!! I see loads of women going with like 240cc's and think what is the point? If your guna do it do it right ;-) and here in the uk the price is the same no matter what so I wanted to get my moneys worth ;-) and again with clothes on my boobs don't look huge at all!! Just 'normal' !! Any questions please please ask :) love to you beautiful ladies ;-) xoxox

#happy #selfie #new ;-)

Well hello cleavage ;-)

Just when I think I can't be any more delighted with my new babies they surprise me even more LOL I've loved them from day one but today I have thee most amazing cleavage lol my boobs look and feel amazing!! I am honestly in love haha they have settled so amazingly I find it hard to believe!! Will post a new pic tomorrow (bed time here) ! Each day that goes past is just another reminder of this being the best investment of my life! And only digs deeper into how much I hated my natural boobs :( also this is a wee note to people who worry about their BA thinking will the pain ever go away? Will they settle? Or omg what have I done lol like most things in life you can't rush perfection!! So don't panic obviously your not guna have perfect boobies on day 1 lol well unless your very lucky lol 'keep calm and enjoy the ride' ;-) xoxox

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