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I have wanted a curvier figure and bigger butt...

I have wanted a curvier figure and bigger butt since I can remember! After having butt envy of friends ect I have decided to get a bbl. This site has been really helpful for choosing a surgeon, I have been in contact with Dr salama clinic a couple tim over the last two years n watched his prices go up, however its just never been the right time for me.

I'm 21 single n have one child an two jobs so finding the time is hard! Also. None of my friend./ family are willing to support me they think I'm crazyyy.lol
So I'm looking to go b myself some time next yr and hire a nurse,
Anyone else in a similar situation and would like to buddy up to save on costs etc plz message me.
Again thanks to every one who has posted their expiriences! Makes this process so. much easier tc everyone x

I appologise for all my spelling/grammar errors! I...

I appologise for all my spelling/grammar errors! I am using a New phone x

Was just wondering if any one on here has or knows...

Was just wondering if any one on here has or knows anyone who got the bbl surgery and got good results at a lower weight, i was told by salamas office to put on 14-20lbs, howeved i suffer from stretch marks already covered dont want anymore! hoping i can get a nice shape at my weight!

bbl dr aslani tomorrow!

Have been thinking about having this procedure for a while now, unhappy with my squareish body shape..
Surgery is with Dr aslani in Spain tomorrow
Will update with results and before and after pictures after surgery on Thursday.
Sooo nervous!xx

Butts still flat, soooo depressed

I've also written another review as it wont let me update my dr location properly

I am from the UK and travelled to marbella for my bbl with Dr aslani

I've always been unhappy with my overall body shape, wishing my hips and butt were bigger and more curvy and waist more defined

After being on this site for a few years i finally decided on Dr Aslani.

Now the first thing I would say about the surgery as it was sooo painful, for me it was worst than labor pains, on a scale of 1 to 10 it was a 10! I was being sick for 2 days after and couldn't move/eat I was in that much pain

My butt did seem bigger in the first 2 weeks after surgery, although at the time I was more concerned with getting back to normal, its so challenging being in pain and not being able to sit or lay down normally.

Anyway fast forward i am now 5 weeks post op, and i am just so depressed, my but has completely gone. Its still square and flat as it was pre op

and to top it off i still have love handles, i'm confused why when the doctor said i was on the slim side but could get good results..why has he left so much fat!! I still have some back fat, tummy fat and love handles are still huge!

What upsets me more is I wanted to cancel surgery on the day as I just had a gut feeling something like this would happen, but the clinic told me i wouldnt get any of my money back! ( I would of been happy even for half of it back!)

I'm just so upset over the whole thing, I was really building myself up for this surgery, dreaming of my results and all the clothes i could wear, and i am 6000 down ( including flights and accommodation) and have absolutley nothing to show for it,

My waist is the same measurement as before and butt is less than one inch bigger
I've actually had to seek treatment from my GP from the depression this has caused

Anyway i Really hope any ladies thinking of Dr aslani do your research on him first, don't take the risk i did!

I'm still waiting to hear back from the clinic to see what can be done about this.

update bbl

Thought I'd add a quick update as maybe my review was a little over the top before, I was just upset I hadn't had the big transformation I hoped for

I do have some positive changes to my shape, like Less tummy fat and smaller love handles, and bum a bit bigger

I think it's just I had my hopes on a dramatic change or at least one people would notice

My liposuction areas have healed well I don't have any lumps or anything just a bit of fat left on the love handles which I wish was used for surgery

Jeanine was very kind and looked after me well after the surgery.

I'm Still awaiting a follow up Skype with Dr aslani to see whst he thinks.

feelin happier

I do have quite a positive change to my shape and looking at pics my new figure is 10 times better than before. I Still have some fat pouches on my love handles but will speak to Dr aslani about it in my Skype consult. Over all I think it was worth it

3 months post op

Not as big change I hoped for

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