Botox Caused Eyebrow Droop, Bad Results!

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I had botox for the first time 9 days ago. I want...

I had botox for the first time 9 days ago. I want to tell you my experience.

I am 38 years old, and would say I look younger than my age but a few things were beginning to bug me, like nasolabial folds (lines really) and ender eye hollowness casting a bit of a shadow. I initially went to the clinic to discuss these concerns and ask about fillers to these areas, but the clinician said the real problem was not the (mild in their opinion) nasolabial folds or under eye hollowing. They said what was really ageing my face was the grooves across my forehead, which to be honest I had not even thought about because I have had them since my late teens. I am a very expressive person and use my forehead a lot I guess. I had stopped thinking about thm, but the clinician said I would look SO much younger and fresh with these treated so I decided to go with their judgement. Big mistake.

I have always had a VERY slight excess skin on my right eyelid (tiny tiny droop) but my left is fine. I have very very large green eyes that always attract compliments and very high arched eyebrows with a great deal of space to apply eyeliner and eyeshadow. I wear 50s style winged liner most days. The clinician said they would avoid the right temple area as injecting that would maybe drop the already slightly droopier lid, so they injected the left temple area and other forehead areas as well as above the brows. I didn’t know any better.
It looked normal until 3 days ago (day 6) when I woke up to drastically lowered eyebrows, and I mean drastic. The arch is gone. I now have a straight ‘shelf’ of skin sitting on top of each lid, no more space to apply liner and if I try it ends up disappearing back into the fold of skin now covering my eye. My eyes look like they have aged about 20 years, and my eyebrows make me look tired, sad and very angry, they are almost totally flat and have no arch at all.
It is so noticeable because I had such distinctive large eyes before and high arches to the brows. I guess I am one of those people that used their forehead muscles to unconsciously hold up their eyelids (hence the grooved across the head) and now I can’t do that so the forehead has dropped about 2 cm causing ‘crowding’ of the eyelid skin. I HATE the way it looks and am praying it goes back to normal. I have read it can resolve anywhere between 2 weeks and NEVER, so I am in a panic. I had to take the day off work yesterday because it was just so noticeable and I didn't wan't / couldn't face anyone asking me what was wrong with my eyes.

Let me reiterate that this is not an eyeLID droop that can be fixed with eyedrops - this is an eyeBROW droop, which drops do nothing for.

I have been googling madly to see if there is any way to fix this, and despite some people saying that MORE botox can help (no thanks!) it can also make the problem worse so I am praying that the droop corrects itseld before the botox wears off and that it evntually does go back to normal. I don't think I will ever be so glad to see my wrinkles (or SCARS as the clinician called them!) again!
I also read that if you try to exercise, as hard as you can, the paralysed muscles, that it can make the botox wear off more quicly, and that heat also helps so I have been having lots of hot baths and exercising what little control I have left over my brow.
The terrible thing about all this is that my forehead is as smooth as glass, but it is just not worth it to sacrifice your eyes. What do you look at when you talk to someone? Their eyes, not their forehead! It seems to me that botox (for me) is always going to be a trade-off between smooth forehead and hooded eyes with flat eyebrows. It's just not worth it.
And whats more it cost me £300 to look this way! I will be mortified to go into work next week and can't think of what to say. I feel vain, foolish and angry at myself for succumbing to what someone else thinks I should look like. I feel like an idiot.
I have been wearing my glasses instead of my contact lenses to try and disguise it a bit but I am wishing away the time this was supposed to be effective and the whole thing is just a total disaster.
In summary, if like me, you have large round eyes and high eyebrows and a tendency to use your brow to elevate your eyelids (however slight), do NOT get botox to your forehead. Even a tiny droop of a few millimetres is very noticeable, very ageing, and very unflattering. It IS possible to look older with botox, less lines does not necessarily mean looking younger, it means looking frozen, unhuman and dead behind the eyes.
I will try to update as the weeks go by if there is any improvement in the eyebrow ptosis. I will be devastated if this is permanent.


Updated 18/3/15 - I went back for my two week review and explained my problem, it was not really taken seriously and dismissed as 'natural ageing' (in 2 weeks?). Anyway, against my better judgement I had the extra injections, because at this point I couldn't see how much lower the brow could possibly get. The next three days it DID get even worse (constant hooding of the eyes) but I started on a vigorous exercise programme, concentrating all my effort looking in the mirror to 'twitch' and move the brow as mush as I could for 10 minute blocks. I am convinced this has done something, because the last two days I have woken up to some hooding of the eyes but it gradually pulls up to an acceptable level during the next few hours (not normal though) so as to be not so noticeable. The actual shape of the eyebrows themselves is still pretty flat, and I have noticed people looking at me a bit different (second glances at my face/forehead) so they know something is different but nobody has come out and said anything to me.
the slight 'winging' of the eyebrows has been corrected by the extra botox but the drooping, to me, is just not worth the price of a smooth head. My eyes were my best feature before this and now they look tired and sad.
The odd thing about the facial exercise is that, if you isolate and concentrate very very hard, you can still see some twitching of the muscle. You need to force it but after a few sessions of doing this I was able to raise my brow in very short bursts, it was almost as if it had a mind of its own and wasn't attached to me, but gradually it got easier over the days and I convinced this has helped give some muscle tone back to the brow, enabling me to unconsciously 'lift' the area again. I think botox might not last very long on me, and am hoping all goes back to normal through my exercise regime and hot baths etc. I know there is no 'clinical' evidence to support this but I have read many anecdotal accounts of botox not lasting in people who regularly have hot baths/saunas and exercise the paralysed muscles frequently, as well as general exercise which helps to metabolize the botox quicker. Who knows, but I seem to have made some positive progress to the point where my eyes (although not normal for me) don't look as freaky and saggy anymore. I will update in a few days again.
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