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Hello everyone!! I am new to this and have been...

Hello everyone!! I am new to this and have been reading everyones experiences for a month now. It is so nice to see how many people feel the same way I do about the procedure and just knowing how everyone is supporting each other. Thats so amazing. I am a mother of 3 and just turned 29. After my second and third child is when my body became all disportioned. I got these horrible love handles that just keep getting worse. Its like everything I eat goes to them and my stomach. My stomach/love handle area became even worse as of last summer when I quit smoking and gained almost 30 lbs in 2 and a half months. Just two months ago is when I became fed up! I had to do something so I went to my first consultation and thats when Dr. Carp told me tummy tuck and lipo to the flanks. I still wasn't sure and went back again with more questions and finally scheduled my surgery in July for August 13th. The countdown has finally began! 9 more days. So anxious, nervous, excited, and happy that it's finally going to happen!!!

4 more days until I finally get my new body!!!

Okay so I wanted to know if there was anyone out there who just started a new job? I started mine in April and I am a bank Teller. I am only going to be off for 10 day, whoopy. I honestly do not feel like this enough time. I just transferred to another bank that is literally behind my house on the next street so its way more convenient now. I don't feel comfortable enough right now to ask for more time. My new manager asked me what my surgery was for my very first day there and I responded to a little fib because I don't feel it is any of there business. I would like to know from those who have recently started jobs and those who have been at their jobs any amount of time, your experience going back after to work from your procedure, how long you took off, did you tell your co-workers, and how your pain was. I would love to hear from those who have stand up jobs like me too. Also I am only part-time so that helps me a lot but so worried since I will have only ten days off. thanks ladies.

3 more days to go

I cannot believe how unprepared I am. I have nothing for my surgery yet. Most importantly I have not even got my prescriptions filled. I will do that later today. I keep hearing how everyone has gotten a recliner. I do not have one and really do not want to spend the money to get one for a few weeks. Any suggestions? My mother in law has 5 huge, amazingly comfortable recliners in their movie theatre basement. I think my hubbys bonn ask her if we can borrow one, just not sure how we are going to get it here bc we do not have a truck. Oh boy. I have a little list of things to get like maybe 3 things. Any suggestions of must haves. Thank you so much!

48 hours to go!!!!

I cannot believe in less than 48 hours I will finally have my tummy tuck and lipo done. A new me!! I'm not gonna know what to do with my new flat tummy lol. I have been cleaning and doing laundry the past few days. I'm going to be cooking probably the whole night after I get off of work tomorrow. I am so mad that of all day I have to work a full shift the day before surgery. I am going to be exhausted. I picked up my prescriptions day along with a few other items. I can't believe this is really about to happen. I have been so anxious and nervous these past few days where I can hardly eat. Please pray for a great recovery and excellent results for me. Thank you all so much!

Post op two day

Hello everyone, I I had my surgery two days ago. I am going to be very honest. As soon as I woke up, I felt pain instantly. I wondered what the heck did I do to myself? I suffered worse that day until this morning. I was up every two hours since I've ben home to use the bathroom. The garment that I was given is not like anyone else's that Ive seen. My garment goes clear up to under my bra to close to my ankles. It's so miserably tight. I don't understand why I have this kind of garment because i didn't have lipo on thighs.

My first day home on Tuesday, the worst thing that could've happened to me did, I vomitted. I vomited 3 times yesterday as well. I couldn't believe the feeling. The worst pain imaginable. one to find out it was the vicodin causing me the nausea. Today is the first day I am not sick.

Besides the nausea, again, the pain in my stomach all over is the worse pain I have ever in life encountered and something I would not wish on my worst enemy lol. I had no idea it was going to be that bad. I wanted to cry many times but I didn't.

I finally got to see my belly today and my back. My back where I had liposuction is swollen worse than my stomach, which is still very flat, so when the swelling goes away its going to look even better.

I finally had an appetite today. I barely had one on tues and wednesday and the grapes and water I ate came back out anyways. Had an empty stomach for almost 3 days.

Today I ate two bowls of chicken noodle soup, chicken tenders, toast, and hot tea. Felt good to have something in my tummy.

Just wanted to mention one more thing bc I have not heard anyone talk about dry mouth after surgery. I had dry mouth, it was so disgusting. I tried to eat crackers and they became gum consistency. The roof of my mouth hurts, my tongue hurst so bad and my throat. I am in bad shape. LOl

Im allowed to take a shower today, so excited.

Broke down into tears today

Reality has struck and the nightmare that I didn't want to happen has happened. I am 5 day post op, I think, if my surgery was Tuesday? Well anyways, On day 2 PO, I removed the sorry looking bandages or the sorry piece of gauze(You will see the pics) and I couldn't believe my eyes. Lumpy, pinched looking incision line. I have never seen such a thing. My whole incision line is almost like this especially the ones on my hip.

I went to my post op appt yesterday(Friday) and I asked my PS what are these lumps and knots? His response is you just had surgery 3 days ago, it is supposed to look like this.

I just need everyone to know this. My PS is very unfriendly, I feel rushed every time I see him but I am always nice and pleasurable. The day of surgery he wasn't reassuring me, he is not warm and personable. He just drew on me for 20 seconds, never talked to me or my my husband, nothing. Never saw him after surgery. During post op apt, I asked him how much fat he took out, he gave me a short response like just enough. He NEVER ASKED HOW I WAS OR NOTHING!

The compression garment that I woke up in after surgery, was a pink garment that fit from under bra lawn to almost the bottom of my ankles. It was the most miserable thing. I wore it for 3 days straight and couldn't take it. I could barely breathe. I thought every night I might die in my sleep bc of how miserably tight it was. I told him that and he said nothing!!!

I feel so hopeless and do not know what to do bc I may go back on monday to have drains removed or maybe on tuesday. I feel its time to have a talk bc this is ridiculous.

I feel that this man did not care how he did me during surgery. I am devastated of the way the incision looks with the lumps and knots.

I went with him bc he was closer than any other surgeon and didn't have the time to go back and forth 2 hours. I saw his pics in his office and was satisfied with his other patients. Incision lines were nice. I said okay, never mind his dry personality, I will do it bc his work is good. But the ultimate happened to me,

I am satisfied, however with the stomach and back fat and love handles gone. Just so upset about incision.

13 Days post op

Hello everyone, I have not been on for awhile but would like to share some updates.

Last Tuesday when i was 7DPO, I had my drains removed. I was beyond ecstatic about it. OMG but the feeling of having them removed was so strange, but didn't really have that much pain. I felt like a new person with those removed!

I am so thrilled with the progress of healing. Only thing that seems to bother me is my lower pack pain because of lipo suction. I feel that that is the worst part. It is getting so much better now because My wonderful hubby gives me a 30 minute back massage everyday now. When I wake up in the morning I notice improvement everyday.

As of a couple days ago I am almost to the point where I can stand up straight, however, if I am sitting for a long period I tend to be really hunched over when I get up.

I returned to work this past Saturday. We are only open until 1 so I worked 5 hours. I was able to sit due to my doctors slip and I still wasn't comfortable. The burning and tiredness, weakness in my back was horrible. I felt like I was suffering. I know it was too soon for me to go back. I sit on this stool continually reaching over to customers to hand them money and count it. The straining is awful.

If you guys remember when i was a few days post op I posted some pics of my incision and how upset I was with it and now I cannot believe how it has flattened out and how thin the line is. My hubby says you won't even be able to see it. Now some areas on the incision line is obviously going to take more time but I am not upset anymore:-) YAYYYY!!!!

Well there is my update for now.

New Pics

Here are some pics that Ive taken the past few days. Today I am 17 day post op!!! Major improvement on scar. I can't believe it!!

2 1/2 months PO


Just to give everyone an update. A few weeks ago I weighed myself and I lost 12 lbs. I went from 165, down to 153. So exciting. Haven't really been watching the things I eat, more of how much I'm actually consuming in portions. I love the new me.

I wear micropore tape everyday to prevent the scar from rising. I am ecstatic about my incision line. I was freaking out in the beginning because of the puckering but it looks NOTHING like that. It is absolutely perfect, just can't say it enough. My prayers were answered.

Just wanted to let everyone out there know as well that for the past month, maybe a little longer, I have been sleeping on my tummy every night comfortably. I remember reading not too long ago people saying it took them a year to sleep comfortably on their stomachs. I guess it depends on the person but I am sure happy that my body allows for this.

I feel great, almost feel back to normal. Maybe 85% back. I have not worked out at all. I don't feel comfortable enough to do that. Maybe the first of year I will start.

6 1/2 post op

Hello Everyone. Haven't been on in awhile and wanted to give you all a little update. Since my surgery on August 13th, I have lost an extra 17 lbs. I was 165 at the time of surgery ad I'm 148 now. I have not done any special diets whatsoever or worked out. I know I should but I'm happy how I look without having to do anything. It's weird because since surgery, I feel that my stomach as shrunk or something because I just can't eat how I use to and I'm not complaining. I am happy with y weight as of now.


Never thought I'd wear anything like this. I love. New outfit!
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I give Doctor Carp 4 stars because of the great job he did with my tummy tuck and lipo. I am very pleased.

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2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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