Before Going to the DR! You Must See The King of Curves!!! The Best BBL Surgeon! - Union, NJ

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First off, I have experience with cosmetic surgery...

First off, I have experience with cosmetic surgery in Canada, and in the mid 90's in NYC. None of the Doctors gave me the time, attention, and first class service like Dr. Shahine. I was considering going to the Dominican Republic or Columbia to get liposculpture on my abdominal area, and butt area. My Fiance' is a NYC ER Trauma Doctor, and was advising me of not going to the Dominican Republic, due to the cases coming through the ER with infections that were not responding to antibiotics. With that being said. A close girlfriend of mine, brought Dr. Shahine to my attention. My Fiance' was impressed that Dr Shahine uses local anesthesia. The other fact that impressed me was seeing his results through a friend of mine. Whom results I am posting that got the same work, I am getting. I will be going for a laser procedure this upcoming week. I will post before & after pictures. What I like the most about Dr. Shahine is that he takes his time during the consultation to answer your questions, he spend more time with you, than any Doctor I have ever met has. Dr Shahine wants my hemoglobins higher before doing my procedure. So I am taking elemental blood building iron pills to raise my hemoglobins. Meanwhile, I am getting prepared with essentials that are needed after the surgery (girdle, vitamins, supplies) Dr Shahine refused to perform any procedure on me, until my labs made him comfortable. I had the same labs when I consulted with other surgeons, and none of them cared, they wanted the cash! I am excited, and completely trust Dr. Shahine, he is a true medical professional with integrity. I will not be going to the Dominican Republic, wherein I would have to pay airfare, taxi, 3 meals a day, a place with nurses for 2 weeks. Dr Shahine prices are just a few dollars more, and there is no travel abroad with the possibility of getting an antibiotic resistance infection. Please note Dr. Shahine prices vary depending on weight, etc. I find, it was better to consult with Dr Shahine directly, because his rate depends on how much work that needs to be done. What I also appreciate is Dr Shahine, and his staff are available if there is any complications, which my friend did not have. I am referring my friends, and family to Dr Shahine before he gets so busy, and start raising prices, due to popularity.
New York OB/GYN

Dr Ayman Shahine is the "King of Curves" this Doctor is phenomenal! I recommend Dr. Shahine to anyone considering cosmetic surgery! His cosmetic work is out of this world!!! Love, Love, Love, Dr. Shahine!

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