37 y/o, Goodbye muffin top! 5'2', 186 lbs, Dr. Ladipo

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I've been to 5 or 6 consultations looking for a...

I've been to 5 or 6 consultations looking for a doctor to perform lipo on my upper/lower stomach, flanks, and bra roll. I finally narrowed it down to two local doctors, since I didn't want to drive too far for appts. There was one doctor in Stockbridge that I was interested in, but when I asked to see pictures of his work, no one could show me anything. His assistant said that he had performed lipo on her. I asked to see her pictures or at least let me see her stomach...and she told me to look on Facebook for some photos. The pictures on Facebook were photos that I had seen on other doctor's pages. I kept asking questions and she finally said to me, "continue doing your research and do not be persuaded by a "good" price." I took that as she was telling me to go somewhere else, since they were running a special. They had quoted me $2,977.
Fast forward---->>>>
I came across Dr. Alfonso Findley, located in Union City. As soon as I met him and his wife, I was like this is the doctor I want to perform my lipo procedure. I was able to see pictures of his work and I also met some of his patients that had lipo done. Dr. Findley answered every question that I could think of. I was really impressed that I got to speak to him in person, rather than speaking to his staff. His consultation is $25, but it was worth it to me. It's $500 to reserve a surgery date. The surgery prices are based on your weight and the procedures being done. I'm very excited about my upcoming procedure. I'll upload my current photos very soon.

Before lipo pictures

Here are some current pictures of me without holding my stomach in...oh my, I look pregnant again. My stomach looks ok to me when I do hold it in, but that hurts like crazy when you're full. There's nothing like holding in your stomach for a picture...thinking you're looking fab with everything sucked in & BAM that's not the case. Can't post that picture without cropping out the belly first...lol. When I loose weight, my upper stomach and bra roll refuses to go away. I'm not having any more kids, so I'm ready to get rid of those fat cells.

Lab work!

Lab results came in...blood work checked out ok.
I'll go in on Monday for my physical. I'm excited. I'm not nervous yet.

Sad news

I went for my physical today and was informed that Dr. Findley has been put on emergency leave due to heart issues. They issued my full refund. I don't know whether to be sad or be happy about not getting the procedure done. I can look elsewhere, but for now, I guess I'll wait.

Decided to move forward...4/21/16

I've been meaning to update this page, but I've been all over the place. I went to two more consultations. I was debating whether to fly to Florida or stay here in GA. I'm going to get my procedure done here. It's more feasible for me and I feel better knowing that I am only a few minutes from the doctor's office.

I'm scheduled for lipo this Thursday with Dr. Ladipo. I got to meet some of his patients and I have to say I'm impressed. My main concern right now is how much discomfort I might feel during the procedure. He said I can be administered general anesthesia, but he would prefer if I were awake. Decisions...decisions

Goodbye Muffin Top! 37 Y/o, I'm Finally Ready!

I started a review for liposuction that was scheduled for April 1st with another doctor. The surgery was cancelled a week before my procedure. I guess that was my April Fool's joke for myself...lol.

I decided to move forward with another doctor after seeing and speaking to some of his lipo patients.
My main concern right now is how much discomfort I might feel during the procedure, since I had a partial hysterectomy done a few months ago. My primary doctor said that I should be ok, but be prepared to go through all the swelling again. Swelling...not fun. I couldn't wear any of my clothing and my skin was sensitive to touch.
Dr. Ladipo is the doctor that I'm trusting to do my lipo procedure. He told me that I can be administered general anesthesia, if I'm concerned about any discomfort during the procedure, but he would prefer if I were awake. I'll make up my mind in the morning.

I have all of my supplies and vitamins. I just need to mentally prepare myself for wearing another compression garment. I really hate those things. I applaud the women who wear any type of compression garment. I tried to wear them a few times before I had the partial hysterectomy done, but it was a complete failure. I hate feeling restricted. I was able to wear compression garments after the surgery, only because it helped my body from hurting and swelling.

Today is the day...

I'm so nervous right now. My stomach is turning. I'm at the office right now being prep. My best friend is with me. She is making me laugh.

Procedure is done!

I'm happy to have that part of the process over with. I was very nervous before he started, due to all the reviews that I have read.
When I arrived, I signed some consent forms and took a pregnancy test. His assistant you me to the back to do a strawberry Lipo treatment to help break down the fat. Afterwards, Dr. Ladipo came in and did the body markings and said a prayer.
I was given a valium to help me relax and a antibiotic shot in my thigh...that shot stings.

On the procedure table, he made a few small incisions on my torso and back. The lipo part of the procedure didn't hurt, but the insertion of the tumescent fluid is uncomfortable at first. I only felt discomfort when he was close to my breast are. For some reason that area wouldn't stay numb...maybe because I have a lot of scar tissue from a breast reduction I had 13 yrs ago. I had some E cups that kept my back hurting.
My waist, flanks and stomach look great. I'll post pictures as soon as I can move. Time to take my meds now. Excuse any typos.

Day 1

I did a lot of leaking last night, but I was prepared for that. My bed is covered in bed pads. My son...I thank God for him. He's been so helpful. My best friend has been helpful also. She filmed my procedure. We're trying to figure out how to get it off the IPad, so I can share it. The file is too big to send.
I'm not in pain, just very sore on my shoulder blade area and lower back area. My flanks and abdomen area are tender to touch. I'm swollen, but I have to say that I feel great. I'm ready to take a shower to get out of this soiled garment. Here are two pictures that were taken yesterday when I got home. I had leaked a lot while lying in the back seat. Please remember to thoroughly drape your vehicle or you will have a big mess to clean up. Thanks to all the RS sisters that had that advice in their posts.
As soon as I get in the shower, I'll try to get some picts while my garment is drying.

No more sucking my stomach in for a photo!

Photos taken the day of the procedure

I just uploaded some pictures that were taken the day of my procedure. I didn't get any pictures of how my stomach looked after the strawberry lipo. It actually went down a lot. The strawberry laser lipo didn't hurt at all. It actually calmed my stomach while the warm pads were on my stomach.

The tumescent fluid that was injected before the actual lipo procedure blew my stomach back up like an inflated balloon. The insertion of the tumescent fluid is very uncomfortable in the beginning. I would clinch my foot every time I felt something uncomfortable. The vibration from the cannula didn't bother me, it actually "tickled" in certain areas.

1 week post op

This has been a busy week for me. Let me try to recap everything. I had my procedure on 4/21/16 at 7:30 am.
Day 1 p/o- I rolled out of the bed because sitting up was out of the equation. I ate some frozen pineapples and unsalted crackers. I took my meds and waited for my best friend to come over so that I could shower. She cooked me an omelet that was very delicious. I could only eat a small portion of it. She washed and dried my garment & changed my bandages. I walked around the house for a while, and then went back to bed.

Day 2 p/o- Slept great, even though I woke up every 3 hours to go pee. I kept myself hydrated. I remember waking up later that evening and my back felt very heavy. I tried to roll over and it was very uncomfortable. I called my son to help me up and I saw that my back had swollen up. He massaged my back with the rolling pin after I lied back down. I dozed off after whining from the discomfort, but felt great when I woke up. I massaged my stomach with Bio Oil and decided to apply some tape to my stomach area. I “HAD” a lot of loose skin in my abdomen area after the lipo. My skin is retracting very well. I’ll post picts later. I applied the tape to pull my skin back, so that my navel was showing. Well, the down side to that was when I went to take the tape off the next day, I pulled my skin up with it…OUCH…so now I have an ugly scar, but it is healing.

Day 3 p/o- Drove to church…What was I thinking!? When I got in the car, my back felt like someone was twisting it up and wouldn’t let go. I took a small pillow into church with me to sit behind my back & it really helped. I’m glad that I had my P EZ device. After church, everyone was hugging me and I was screaming within myself. Every time someone would touch me, I would hold my breath and cuss within. I know God was shaking his head at me…lol. Everyone was like, “girl you are losing weight and you look great”. I was just smiling. I still haven’t told anyone, but my best friend that I had lipo. Went to dinner with my dad, so I tried to eat a vegetable plate at this soul food restaurant. Food was great. Oh, I forgot to mention, I took a laxative the night before. That great food and that laxative didn’t mix well together. When I got home, I laid down because my stomach was having an Olympic match within me. An hour later, the volcano erupted & I felt great.

Day 4 p/o- Went to post op appt. Doctor Ladipo checked my body, said my swelling was normal. He gave me a binder to help with my back swelling. Also, I started using my ab board. It helps dramatically while driving and protects my stomach from unwanted touching.

Day 5 p/o- Woke up full of energy. Rolled out of bed, w/o any discomfort. I cooked dinner and cleaned my garage. Decided to go get my hair done, since I can’t bend over to wash my hair now. Also, got a pedicure and enjoyed the massage chair. Went home, took a shower and dozed off.

Day 6 p/o- Went back to work. Very busy work day. Finally, found a comfortable sitting position. Pillows in my lower back…yes! I noticed that I get tired a lot easier now. My drive home was hard. I was so sleepy. I had to roll the windows down and turn up the radio.

Day 7 p/o- Day 2 at work and I’m so sleepy & I’m glad that I can take a nap if I need to.
I went to bed early last night, but woke up itching. ITCHY ITCHY ITCHY..ugh. I rubbed some anti-itch cream on myself and wrapped back up. I have an appointment today for a lymphatic massage. I am so looking forward to it.

Week 1 photos

Here are some pictures from week 1. I love how my sagging skin is tightening up. I'm still not in any pain, unless I over work myself. I got a 1 hr lymphatic massage yesterday after spending 40 mins in the sauna. My body needed that. Skin was very tight and swollen in my back area and a little lumpy in my flanks and navel area.

Mild pinching with a burning sensation

I have mild pinching with a burning sensation that randomly occurs now. It started yesterday. My doctor says that's my muscles and nerves repairing itself. I’m starting to get normal feeling in my flank area and lower back. My abdomen is getting softer. My upper back is still tingly and tight. I bought a smaller compression garment to sleep in, which does wonders for my body. I place lipo foam (polyurethane foam) in the lower back area and flank areas, since that is where the garment seems to crease at. I do not wear my full body compression garment while I’m at work. I only wear my binder and ab board with a Spanx t-shirt. While I’m at home, I take everything off when my skin feels itchy. I’ve noticed that helps a lot. I’ll usually let my skin breathe for an hour before I put my compression garment and other items back on. I’m still happy with my results, despite the minor discomfort that comes and goes.

6 week post op (6/2/16)

Today makes 6 weeks since my lipo procedure was done. I am doing well, minus the discomfort. I’ve been meaning to update this post, but I‘ve been busy and by the time I get home; all I want to do is sleep. I still feel as if I can’t get enough rest.
Since my 4th week post op my body has been swelling like crazy. One day I’ll feel awesome and the next day I feel like day 3 of my procedure. My back and flanks are tender when touched. I’m still getting random sharp/stabbing /pinching pains in my back area. I’ve been getting weekly massages and they help, but the day after I’m so agitated that I’m starting to not look forward to getting massages any more. My masseuse gave me a hot rock massage and it helped loosen my back up. I wanted to do a praise dance, because I could bend/turn without any pain. Turned around and did an Epsom salt bath and that felt great also. Woke up the next morning and felt like someone beat me in my sleep. I was sore for two days.
Twice that I can recall… I have woken up in the middle of night in great discomfort. The only way I know how to describe it is it felt like a snake wrapping its body around me and I was about to burst. That compression garment kept getting tighter. I thought I was dreaming. I took everything off. My back and under arm area had swollen up and my body was hot.
My stomach still has some hard areas, but they are getting better. I can finally see my navel now. As the hardness goes away, I can see my actual shape and not the shape that appears from “molding” scar tissue. Now I see why the doctors tell you to wait 1 month to see your actual results. I still like my results, although I’m not as flat as I would like to be. I’m not disappointed, since the doctor explained that I would need a revision due to my stomach being large. My doctor wants to do a revision with a BBL. I’m considering the lipo revision, but not the BBL. I’m leaning more to not getting any of it done, because that would mean another hot, sticky, and uncomfortable summer month. All of my compression garments are too big, even with lipo foam. I need to get them altered. I know I can lose the remainder of this belly fat with exercise once I get back into the gym.

I’ll post some pictures soon. I’ll try to stay awake long enough once I get home. Ugh. I can feel my back swelling now! I wonder if sitting at this desk is part of the issue.

7 weeks post-op

Here are some photos of me with all my up and down swelling. This morning when I sat up in the bed & bent forward, my back felt as if someone was pulling the skin from my body. It was a weird/bad burning sensation. I'll be so happy when my body is completely healed.

Area above my navel ??

My wound has healed on the top, but there is a fold/indent where that was. I had a plastic surgeon look at it, who said it was necrosis. That area is now hard and it feels like something is under it. My primary doctor has scheduled me to get a X-ray & ultrasound for that area.
Dr. O. Ladipo

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