Who's Better Worth It Than YOU!!! My New Motto Findley Doll Bound!!!! - Union City, GA

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Well I had originally found this sight back in...

Well I had originally found this sight back in 2009 who knew. I wanted to do something for me for my birthday. So I was online one night doing a little research I knew that a Tummy tuck was not an option I am a bit vain (don't judge me) Light skin is not cute when it is scarred. (I said don't judge me) :) I'm just being honest. So after months of stalking because I did not realize that I was even a community member until a few months back...smh I thought well here I am multiple kids later I am 37 as of Nov and I have two kids I am putting through college by myself and a few more to go. I decided now it is time for me to do something for me. I am currently in school myself and graduating next year with my Master's working full time and the kids are growing and its time for me to get back to who she/I used to be. After careful consideration and a lot of prayer and overtime we have arrived at our newest Findley Doll ! I am having my upper and lower abdomen and flanks done. My consultation with Dr. Findley was great I made him laugh and really come out of Dr. mode he was very detailed thorough and even better a praying man!! Love it... I booked my appointment that day as I told him that I needed him to perfect would GOD had already created. (Yes created a little time and effort I would like to think) lol I originally was scheduled for December 15 because the date I wanted which was Dec 22 was already taken there were a few October dates and November dates but not the ones that I really wanted or needed. I requested a later December date but nothing was available until.... two weeks ago after I put in my time request from work drum roll the 22nd becomes available. Annette called and laughed and said no one ever wants a later date so your day has always stood out in my head (Luv her) so when it was available I jumped on it snatched my time request back and told my boss change of plans.. The girls on my team said you got it they are just as excited if not more excited than I am... What's the purpose of having a coke bottle silhouette with a muffin top in front of it? exactly. None
I am 5'5 1/2 a size 12 in clothing and depending on how my body feels for the day. I am around 208-218lbs. I can't believe I actually posted that. Wow Ladies its really real. Can't wait to continue sharing my journey with everyone. Findley Dolls check in ! Love to see everyone. Congrats everyone on taking initiative to Love you !!!

Physical done!

So I went in for my physical on Monday all is well 13 days and counting will update with before photos by the weekend. I so can't wait. The funny thing is the girls at work are more excited than me. (Hehe) They are just as silly as I am.They are waiting on me so they can set up their own appointments.

Long awaited pre op pics

Many people have asked me to post pictures, I apologize for the delay. The pics below are before pictures. I will post post pictures tomorrow.

Surgery complete!

On Dec 22. I had Lipo of the upper and lower abdomen along with flanks. I went in on Wednesday to get my dressings changed and Jesus...everything hurt he took out a total of 9 pounds. I see a huge difference thank God for small things like my mom and the fact that she is a nurse makes it so much better. I was unfair during the initial massage and my mom who never gets out of the car and has the patience of Jobe walked in and took over. Praise God literally she changed my bandages in the office and helped me to expel the liquid. I love this lady to pieces. Day two went back in for a second massage this time Dr. Findley himself did it and it wasn't bad at all The lady (my mommy) and Dr. Findley changed my dressings together after long she took over again. I have Alot if built up fluid under the breast and I have lost three out of four tubes and I am still full. He told me he wish he had me everyday to help release the fluids. But I can already see a change thankful for that. I can only imagine how hot I will be when it's all out. Pain level day 1 a 12 day 2 pain level a 4. Good night for now dolls I will update pics tomorrow when I get my dressings changed.

Post op of abdomen

So here are some post on pics. I only had my abdominal area done because there was so much fat in this one area that everything else was secondary. I am still completely swollen in my back and lower stomach region. My drains fell out by the second day but by it being a Holiday I was unable to have them put back in. Dr. Findley did my massage on yesterday and told me he wish that it had not been a Holiday he would have got them back in all area are healed but one. Overall the process is not bad it's the pain and swelling that got me. I however don't think it would have been as bad had my body not released the drains as fast. I will have to go in for a revision I'm thinking the end of February early March.


One thing that I don't see posted which is a lesson learned is when you go in for your massages no matter where you go take your pain pills before you go. If you go to Dr. Findley for post care on day one take your meds you will need them. For those of you that mentioned it thanks I just don't remember seeing it posted off hand.

Updated photos (swollen without binder)

I should have posted pics weeks ago. Sorry! Well I went out today without my binder completely swollen. So the pics posted today are of a swollen me. : ( I am scheduled for a revision on Wednesday February 3. I will redo my stomach and have my bra roll done.

Round 2. Set for 2/3/16

Super excited for round 2. Can't wait to get this back snatched and the last of this kangaroo belly. I will take pics before I go in on tomorrow . Tomorrow is the day! I will be a complete doll ! Funny thing is I have more anxiety now than i did the first time.

Updated pics

Ladies I have been slacking and I owe you some pictures. I haven't taken msny but I did give you a few nude ones. I am still swollen I changed cell phones and my camera quality sucks. Sorry! Pleade ignore the mess on the counter I promise it will be cleaned shortly. (Who can stay home with a body like thid lol) However my stomach still has a littke discolorations especially at the bottom but lets be honest I wish you could see I am C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-L-Y flat. Read the last two words one more time Literally. Ok enough talk picture time.

More pics

So here are a few more with the outfit that I had worn in previous pics. I can no longer fit any of my belts or clothes they all fit the same. To big...awesome I will locate the one I had on previously its in one of my give away piles.

More updates

Had to clean the mirtors. Yuck darn kids.


A few ladies have asked about where I am getting my lymphatic massages. I go to Rest Relax and Rewind the contact number is 770-806-9048. Her name is Stephanie I swear by this lady. I mentioned earlier in a post that my stomach completely hardened like a rock with plenty of swelling it was huge. She used an epidemiology machine which is pain free and more consistent than the hand massages. I now can identify when people say they have a lymphatic massage that feels good. The massage is great and it fixes you right up it untightens what is tight and gives you more mobility.

More pics just because.

Here are just a few more pics. No garment no binders all me. Shhhh I know gonna put it back on just need five more minutes. I am enjoying the new me.
Dr Alfonso Findley

Very soft spoken. Caring and gentle very thorough and detailed ask questions as needed he will answer them accordingly.

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