Consultation review: Need a Much Needed Makeover for Graduation! - Seguin, TX

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I went to He Cares Medical Clinic based off a few...

I went to He Cares Medical Clinic based off a few reviews and prices that were advertised on the website. I visited the website(s) (2 of them mobile and web version) and found different pricing for lipo procedures (850.00 - 900.00) I was very disappointed when I got a total for 6500.00 for 4 areas since advertisement didn't state any additional fees. I also used there walk in hours and stated their free consultation was 25.00, but I was willing to see what they offered. I spent 5 minutes with the dr and I left the facility. The doctor and staff were friendly, but I will be going elsewhere. For the prices quoted I can receive treatment from a board certified plastic surgeon.

Found a new Dr. and my date is set for Sept 6, 2016

After being discouraged for a while I got back on my horse and started to research new Dr.'s so I can continue with my with obtaining a body image that I will be comfortable with. So I am going to see Dr. Melaine Carreon in Seguin Tx to have my procedure done.

A little late and long .... but here is the update

8/23/2016 I made the call to schedule my surgery! I spoke with the receptionist and told her what areas of the body that I wanted done (originally Upper and lower abd, and love handles). She emailed me some paperwork and asked me to send in photos at various angles since I would be coming in from out of town. Which was great because it was a 6 hour drive to her office.

8/24/2016 I got a call from the office and the MA told me that the Dr had reviewed the photos and suggested that I have my waist, upper and lower abd and bra roll don instead. She stated that this would give me a much better shape. We talked about it and I agreed with the suggestion. So once that was confirmed the MA told me she would call me back with final pricing. Like promised she called my back and gave me my total, which I felt was an amazing price (luckily I called when they were running a special). Since I wanted to have my surgery as soon as possible I had to immedatley stop taking all my vitamins, ibuprofen, probiotics, If I wanted to have my surgery in two weeks. It wasn't a problem, but I didn't want to get off the probiotics because they were helping me defeat my sugar addiction.

9/3/2016 I got a follow up call from the Dr office to make sure that I got all of my materials off the list for when I get home and day of. It was finally getting real, I have been against getting this procedure done because I kinda felt like I failed at losing weight and inches on my own and I had really mixed feelings on that day, but it was too late to turn back.

9/6/2016 and everything went well. Ok so lets get to the good stuff. One the day of my procedure I walked into the office and signed paperwork that had been sent to me in advance. It was 30 pages long but I had enough time to review everything because all the information was emailed to me 2 weeks ago. I walked into the back kissed my wife goodbye and they brought me into the preop room. Once in the back the MA took my vitals and conducted an EKG. She went to confirm that everything was good and came back in to the room and gave me a paper bra and paper thong (which barely covered anything) and took before pictures and measurements (which I will post below). About 30 mins later the Dr came in and we did some markings to show where the liposuction would be done and they gave me the calming medication (which really put me to sleep), and when I woke up I was back home with this really hot lady telling me that I need to get in bed. I remember nothing which I guess is a good or bad thing, but it was over.

9/7/2016 So I am so glad that I prepped the bed and the car with trash bags, shower curtains ect, because I leaked everywhere. I had to wash all my garments and change my bed linens. I felt really sore but nothing that a little medications couldn't take care of. I found out that the surgery had gone well and that I was suppose to sleep the car ride since I didn't get much sleep the night before. As expected I woke up super swollen and sore, but I had on my compression garment and my abd binder. I still have to call to get all the details, but so far I am happy with my results. I did get on the scale today just to see if my body fat went down , and I found that it was the same, but I have magically lost 7.4 lbs...... lol..... I know its mostly fluid, but it was nice to see. I also walked around my neighborhood and it was really pleasant, no pain from walking so I was happy about that. I hope to be back in the gym on Monday.

9/9/2016 My only complaint to day is wearing my abd binder. it is the most uncomfortable thing to wear. I had tried cutting it into a different shape, found an old one that was stiff.... nothing has made me happy, i want to comply with the Dr.'s orders but I don't know how to make this work.

Pre open photos and some measurements

Nexy week will ne my 1 week mark so i wanted to post some before shots taken right before my procedure.

9/9/16 I removed my remaining sutures. I am still aore in places, but not all over. Still difficult to sleep on my side. I questioned if the procedure worked because i was more swollen this week than before the procedure. The compressions garments were super tight this week and was extremely uncomfortable to wear, but I dealt with it so I can get the optimal results as quick as audits closed except for 1 and I think it was because the stitch fell out while sleep and I started my cycle which probably didn't help either. I also got a call from the office to make sure everything was ok, and I found out they were able to pull close to 6 liters off. Also I didn't experience any bruising, discoloration, itching, or fever but I had moods swings but that was it, so I was happy about that.

This week I have been experiencing burning and pins and needle sensation under my skin, which is a good sign because I know my nerves endings are growing back. They aren't painful more annoying than anything. I also been able to stop all meds which I really didn't take unless I was super uncomfortable from the swelling. The areas that were treated began to get hard, but they instructed on how to lymphatic massage on the areas and that helped with the luminescent and hard parts. All my Adit holes have closed and scabbed over, and I can barley tell where they went in on some. Next week I will post my 1 month photos so stay tuned.

Waist 42 inches
Hips 52 inches

Preop photos

Dr. Melanie Carreon

Friendly, soft spoken

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