BBL,UPPER,LOWER ABS, FLANKS AN BRA ROLL LIPO...40 Yr Old Getting Redi to Get Snatched... - Union City, GA

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So I finally decided I'm goin to go to Dr Findley...

So I finally decided I'm goin to go to Dr Findley for my procedures, I'm scheduled for 8/4/2015...Hopefully ass goes well an I get the results I'm looking for considering he takes up to 4liters of fat out per procedure I should be good so I'm Praying for the best an I'll keep you guys posted as my date approaches....Toodles

So many Questions????

Ok so I'm scheduled in august to have lipo an bbl an now I'm wondering wull i need a tt for the results I want I'm Really trying to avoid getting cut on but then I think of how flat I want my stomach now I'm having second thoughts about the procedures (So Confused ) I just want a Flat stomach, guided hands successful results an a Fatt Ass! lol which way should I go???

Snatched & Fluffed!!!!

August 4th can't come quick enough I'm so redi to get this 4liters sucked out of me it's unreal, money paid,got all my post op supplies together just patiently waiting on my transformation to becoming a Findley Doll ????????????

NEW DATE 7/21/15????

So I had my consultation yesterday an Dr Findley is a very Gentle, Humble Soft spoken person he explained everything down to da T from start to finish an gave me a closer date 2weeks earlier because a patient canceled , So now I'm Extra Nervous about the procedure but this body is in much need of a Make Over, I showed Dr. Findley the surgical app pic of my body an he was like your outcome goin to be wayyy better than that minus the rolls I couldn't smooth out lol an I'm like are you sure It's my body here we tlkn bout an he said put it in God's hands Your Covered...Hunni that's all I had to hear So Ladies Be on the look out for this upcoming Findley Doll....She's Goin To Be Pretty Baddd Smoocheezzzz ????

7 Days Post Op

Hi Ladies, So today I'm 7 days post op an still tender an swollen but overall Absolutely Luvn my results, Dr Findley took 5500cc's out my body an placed 1000cc's in my buttock each cheek to give me the firm lift I wanted, my stomach has always been my problem area then I started gaining weight in my back an flank areas, I didn't understand it cause I'm not a heavy eater al i eat is cereal fat free or almond milk, fish, nuts, plenty veggies so you tell me An No I don't workout :/ never did but I'll try to be in the gym sense this access fat is Finally off my body :) well let me knw if you have any questions or concerns that I can help with ysll habe a Beautiful Blessed Day! Smoochezzzzz :)

3 weeks post op

Hello Ladies here's sime post op pics for you all, I Thank God for having a healthy, safe , an successful transition it wasn't easy but worth every bit of it an overall I'm definitely Loving my result :) its slow healing process so be prepared aftee 3weeks I'm still not 100% but slowly recovering an again thanks to all that sent prayers for my healing recovery I truly appreciate the love an Guess what I'm Officially a Findley Doll!!!!!!!
God Bless you all....Smoochezzzzz:)

7 Weeks Post Op....

Well hello lasies I know its been awhile, but it's a slow healing process for me I knw everybody heals differently but 7wks later I'm still not 100% just a little tingling an slight numbness in certain areas, but overall I'm feeling great an loving my curves, Dr. Findley gave me just wht I asked for an no I'm not perfect I don't feel my stomach is flat as I'd like it ro be but considering tge amount of fat I had in my midsection he dud a Spectacular jib on me an I'd definitely recommend him, I knw if this your first time having lipo or any type of cosmetic surgery your goin to be anxious an nervous or uncertain about who you choose so my advice would be Pray on it, do your research an it'll all fall in place ,well any further questions feel free to ask have a blessed day....Smoochezzzzz

11 weeks Post Op

What Waist...

She's Fine...

Dr. Alfonso Findley

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