BBL, Lipo to Arms, Bra Rolls, Flanks & Abs - Union City, GA

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I'm 43 years old and I had lipo done over 15 years...

I'm 43 years old and I had lipo done over 15 years ago and it really was a big mistake. I exercise daily and for the most part eat right (I have my days and I believe one should never deny themselves because this is where most diets fail). I'm getting my arms redone because due to bad lipo they are misshapen and exermely large for my size/frame. My tummy just refuses to go away no matter what I do and as you can see I've developed bra rolls that are resistant to exercise. I'm excited and looking forward to my procedure.

I got date 10/20/15

I feel like I just won the lottery (the BBL lottery that is!) I asked to be put on the waiting list...just in case anyone cancelled and I went in yesterday to pay my balance inf full, someone just called in to cancel, so I was able to get their spot! I'm so excited because this give me the full winter to heal and its easier to wear the garment in the fall/winter compared to the spring/summer! Looking forward to the new and improved me!

Hoping for good hemoglobin levels!!!

I got my bloodwork and physical done yesterday and I'm hoping levels aren't too low! I've tested low (anemia) before and even though I've been taking iron pills...I think I started taking to late for it to increase my levels before my test date. Just praying everything comes back good.

Good to go!

Bloodwork on point now I'm ready to get this thang poppin! ????

Pre-op pics

Swollen and leaking...2 days post op

i don't have my strength to take pics yet but will soon...the hardest part is getting up and sitting down! But Dr. Findlay is awesome and really took his time explaining everything to me & followed up on me to see how I was doing.

Swollen but getting better

I'm so badly bruised that I not Giotto post pics just yet...I'm light and I bruise easily so it was to be expected. The massages are a must so make sure you get/do them. Walking is getting better but still can't get up well and sleeping is the worst I just can't get comfortable. I would recommend you get a body pillow if you don't have one. Will post pics & give updates soon. #snatched

A few post pics

These aren't that clear but trust me still swollen with a flat tummy & hourglass waist! Arms looking good and healing well! I didn't get the BBL got inner thighs done instead and it makes my shape even better!

Day 9 post-op

I just want to give a lil quick update for anyone who's following. Today is the 9th day and my drains are removed ( 1 fell out by itself) if that happens on or after day 5 it's okay don't freak out! That's your body's way healing itself. I'm in the healing stages now... Swelling is going down and bruises are beginning to fade. I'm still very tender to the touch and my abs are very sore and I really don't like the massages around my waist & tummy but they are a must ladies so suck it up & think long term goals! I'm so in love with my shape and it still hasn't really even taken it true form yet! I'm just very impressed by Dr. Findley's work! Even the massage therapist said he went to work and really sculptured your body! I will post more pics again soon. Till then #findleydoll

9th post pics

After my massage today

30 days post

I'm truly all T&A now ;) and I love it! Starting to walk better still kinda slow but I'm getting there my scars are healed and now I'm just working on trying to remove the marks. My waist & arms are still sore but with each day, they get more feeling and less tingley. I live in my garment. Its not easy to conceal it in most outfits and occasionally I cheat but the second I get home...I jump right back in it! I will post pics soon! #teamfindley #hourglassbody #luvmycurves

1 month post pics

Just playing dress up
Dr. Alfonso C. Findley

I chose Dr. Alfonso C. Findley because his results are great. He's local and his prices are reasonable, compared to the other "BBL" doc here in Atlanta...who produces similar results at super marked up prices. The doctor is informative and very friendly and the staff was very nice and knew their stuff.

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