34 Yrs. Old, 2 Kids, Engaged, and Wanting to Do Something for Me!!!! - Union City, GA

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I have been following RS for about a month now. A...

I have been following RS for about a month now. A little about myself: I am 210lbs. and 5'11 in height. I have tried every diet and exercise and fasting. But I eventually found out through my OB/GYN that, because of my prior C-Sections I will never naturally lose my mid section and that I would need Lipo :( . This is something that has bothered me for so many years. I have tried all the girdles, and waist trainers and now I just want to be Naturally Snatched!! LOL! My fiancé finally told me that I he will pay for my BBL surgery because he knows that this will make me happy and he just wants to see me happy! I found Dr. Alfonso C. Findley doing research through RS and his own website (He cares Medical)..... He doesn't have many reviews just by searching but the results that I have seen are remarkable. I also saw a review on here from Mzladi and OMGGGGG, her results from getting the BBL with Dr. Findley looked Awesome! I was sold!! LOL! I will be traveling from Texas to Atlanta to get my Sx done in March 2016. And I can't wait! This is like a Christmas, Birthday, and Mother's Day gift wrapped up in one... I will keep you all posted on my journey to becoming a #FindleyDoll .................................

Wish Pics!

2 more months in Counting!!

I'm not excited yet I think once the date starts getting closer the excitement and nervousness will kick in. But I am so ready!! #FindleyDoll

8 WEEKS, It's Getting Closer!!!! :)

I am scheduled for March 8th, 2016 with Dr. Findley. I know the weeks will start going by pretty quick now that I'm down to exactly 8 weeks today! I am going to start purchasing items little by little that I will need for Before/After SX. I'm so excited! Are there anymore Ladies that will be Findley Dolls in March?

Plastic Surgery App!! Lol!

My preference body and hopefully what I will look like after!!

SX Buddy? 2016

Any Dr. Findley dolls getting bbl in March 2016??? Let me know .maybe we can just share experience and/or linkup out there in GA.

Plastic Surgery App

My Before Picture and "Hopefully After Post Op Picture!

43 Dayssssss! It's getting Real!

Wow time is flying...... I will start buying my post op supplies in another week or two!

Time is Winding Down! The Clock is Ticking!

These weeks are going by so fast. I am slowly get ready. Flight paid for, now I have to finish ordering my supplies. Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????

Sx Paid, Flight Paid, & Supplies are rolling in!

Less than 18 days away..... Supplies are coming in that I ordered from Amazon and Ebay.... My RS Sisters I thank you for supplying your lists, because I wouldn't have known what to get to help with a speedy recovery! I have an appointment to get blood work done on the 29th of Feb. I'm excited now!!

Supplies Ordered

BBL Pillow
Arnica Cream
Arnica Tablets
Maderma PM
Ab Board
Compression Socks
Gold Bond Itch Cream
Pre Natal Vitamins (Pre -Op)
Garment Faja Diane & Geordi 2397 Size XXXL/44
U-Shape Pregnancy Contour Body Pillow
House Slippers
2 x Lipo Foam
Scar Away (3 month supply box)
Large Maxi Pads
Surgical white tape & gauges

The rest I have such as gowns and sundresses.

If there is something that I'm missing RS Sisters please let me know! Thanks in Advance!

it's getting real! Ready for the upgrade

I'm excited but a little nervous. I know the Vets probably had the same feeling.. I'm eating my greens (vegetables). I'm fasting away from a few things at the moment. I'm just so ready for this upgrade addition of me!!

Supplied & Ready!!

I have all my supplies just a waiting game now!!

Brazilian Wax to go with my Brazilian Butt Lift

Hey RS Sisters, the time is almost here.. I have 7 more days. I decided to get me a Brazilian Wax because I don't like those razors that the doctors use. I went on this past Saturday a OMG let's just say I'm glad that's over with whewwww!!! I will be flying out this Thursday evening after work.

I have less than 24 hours left..........

It's almost time my RS Sisters.... I have less than 24 hours left before I become a Findley Doll. I go at 3 today to Dr. Findley's office to have my physical and pick up prescriptions. Is their anything that I need to do my RS Vet Sisters to prepare for it or what can I do to have a quicker recovery? All the "good" advice would be greatly appreciated!

Today is the day!

I will be heading back in a few minutes. I will have God by my side every step of the way... See you ladies on the other side.

I made it to the other side ladies!.......

I made it through the other side lades. I'm so happy because my God was telling me one thing and the Devils whispers wS tell me another. But I'm glady God help ma through this. Dr. Findley and his staff said I did great. I'm so happy, I will update with photos soon.

Day 1 Post Op!

Sorry about the missed spelled words in the previous post I was still sedated. My surgery experience was wonderful. I went in about 8 a.m. yesterday March 8th, Dr Findley took pictures, then his nurse whom I call Lil Red she is such a sweet girl washed me off. Then I layed on the table and that's when Dr. Findley got my IV started as well as my catheter. After that He said a lovely prayer over me. I really don't remember much after that. I don't even remember them putting my garment on, getting in the car, nor coming in the house getting in the bed. I have not had any pain, just very sore like I had an intense workout . I went today to get my massage which felt great and I will be going back tomorrow and Friday morning before I fly out back to Houston. My Fiance has been helping me hand and foot. He is so awesone. I can tell a small difference but I know it will get better with time. I will continue to keep you ladies updated because my journey is not over yet! Happy Healing to me and anyone else that has recently gotten surgery or your date coming up soon. God Bless all my RS Sisters

Time to go Home!

Today is the day I'm finally going home. I will take some updated pics tonight. This has really been a experience. It has it's ups and downs. I'm thankful I haven't been in any pain. But not sitting is a Beast..

Binder Blues!!!!!! Vets Hellllpppppp...

Will any of my RS Sister Vets care to share some advice on how to get the maximum results with wearing the binder. I have been wearing it constantly and it seems to work for my back, flanks, and upper abdomen but not for the lower part of my abdomen. Should I go ahead and start wearing my ab board? Or should I go ahead and start wearing my corset over my garment? Helllppppp Please! Lol! I'm stressing over here... I don't want to feel like I'm healing with a "fupa". Lol! I want to continue to heal with great results! Advice and suggestions are needed! :-(

1 Week Post Op Today.....

Sorry my RS Dolls, it has been a rocky road of not be able to sit on my butt and not being able to sleep like I want to sleep... But as the say Beauty is Pain! Luckily I still haven't experienced any pain, just still sore like I've worked out non stop. I appreciate my RS Sister BCurvacious for giving me the advice to go ahead and start wearing my ab board because I see a huge difference as well as improvement on the shaping and healing of my abdomen. I'm still taking my antibiotics. And for my scars and bruises I have only been using Neosporin, Maderma, and Arnica Gel. Which all 3 are helping me heal nicely. I also still take my 15 Arnica tablets a day. I wear my Garment, Binder, and Front/Back Ab Board almost all day accept when I shower or rewashing my garment. My Fiance is still giving me my daily massages which hurts like Hell but really works. I will try to keep you ladies updated once a week. My next week pics will be with cloths on...... Lol!


Hey Boo's, I'm deciding to post a pic I took this morning with my stretch jeans on.... I myself don't see the purpose in taking a pic every single day but I will most definitely try to post my results or changes once a week. Still healing and I do swell like many others if I keep the garment off too long... So keep those garments on as long as possible ladies!

2 weeks Post Op Today Ladies!

Shake It... Don't Break It! Lol!

Explicit - Click to view

I'm officially 2 weeks today. This has really been some work.... The surgery alone was easy but the Post Op is the hard part. For me it's the not sleeping on my back (my favorite ) and the not sitting. I have to confess that I have been sitting but not for long periods and when I do I'm actually sitting in a squatting position where I'm not actually on my butt but more of the bottom of it and thighs. My scars are healing nicely with the Maderma. For the itching..... What works for me? I pack on the Cortizone where it leaves a white film and then tightly put my binder & garment back on. . OMG! Works wonderfully! My Butt has softened and I have no more brusing! I still give myself Self Massages at work, at home in bed, in the shower, etc. Its still a struggle to bend over but the soreness has worn down a lot. And I make sure I drink lots of water and not to much juice or soda... Fear of blowing back up, Lol! So overall I'm healing nicely and still satisfied with my results. I've been hearing about Dr. Findley & I'm praying that he will get better soon especially for the ladies that have upcoming surgeries. That man has really been working his butt off. So I do hope he gets better. Last time I heard from him was last week when he called to check on me and asked would I mind sending pictures to use to show other potential clients. So I really hate to hear this news and will keep him and you other ladies in prayer. I've posted my 2 weeks pics and a video to show how my butt has softened. Enjoy and please feel free to continue to ask any questions you may have I definitely don't mind answering them for you. God Bless!

Heyyyyyy RS Ladies - 3 Week Update

Good Morning RS Ladies of the world! I still making it. Every week seems better than the last. I'm at my 3rd week and this body is getting smaller and smaller (I love it )! I call myself eating a big lunch yesterday ladies and let me tell you that was not a good thing to do. My stomach swelled a little and it was hurting bad. So back to small meals for me! I have started to wear my waist trainer under my garment and as far as my butt goes I think it has taken its final shape because it feels soft all over. I finally had some good loving last night Lol! I know it's TMI! But I took some pics this morning for my 3 Week Update check them out and Enjoy..... I know I am! Happy Healing to all the ladies that are in Post Op and Good luck to the ladies that are waiting to get Snatched! Best decision ever!

Night Out!

Hello RS Sisters, I stepped out last night with the Hubs... I was so happy to see something different than home and work. I did step out with my garment and let's just say by the end of the night I was ready to get back home and suit up (binder, garment, and ab board). Lol! I was feeling so swollen and uncomfortable. But I did look cute! Still have a little swelling but I'm shaping nicely! All smiles over here!

1 Month Post Op Update! Hey Ladies ?!

Hey Ladies, I hope everyone that is in Post Op is healing nicely and For my Pre-Op Ladies, let's keep the count down going. Your day is going to be here before you know it. We all have to stay positive and keep GOD on our side through the entire journey. I'm a few days past a month and I'm still doing great. I still have my swelling moments when I go somewhere on the weekend without my garment and waist trainer on and I feel horrible so I make sure I get it back on immediately after I get home. My booty I feel like has taken its final shape so thats it for me.. lol! I've started my light exercises such as walking, little arm exercises with my dumbells, and squats. I sometimes feel like I can get some more taken out my abdomen and flanks then I think well maybe I'm still in the healing stage and if I can still keep this stuff (garment & waist trainer) on 23/7 then I will be good. So starting last night it's back to being on lock down 23/7. I have to be right for the summer Baby..... I don't know about you!! Lol! I will update you all my RS Sisters again in a few weeks! God Bless! Smooches!

2 Month Update

Hello Ladies,
I hope all is well. I hope the Mom's in the group had an awesome Mother's Day! I have been ok. I still hurt in my lower back if my garment is off to long or getting some nookie! But anyways I still wear my garment everyday and night. But for me I feel like Dr. Findley could have been a little more aggressive with my Lipo of my abdomen and flanks. I started out at a 38 waist and I'm at a 32 waist as of today. I really want to be between a 27 -29 waist. My butt and hips still holding at a 49. I've currently been in the gym for the past 2 weeks and I'm going to see if I can get the waist and stomach that I desire through exercise and diet. If not, then I will be getting Smart Lipo or a Mini TT to get the rest off. I will give you ladies another update of my progress in the gym at my 3 month mark. Have a Blessed Day! And to the Ladies with upcoming surgeries I will keep you in my prayers, and to the ladies that are in Post Op... Happy Healing to you! (Kisses)

BBL Pillow FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Dolls,
I hope everyone that's in Post Op are healing nicely and for those in pre-op Get ready because you will be "Snatched" soon praying you have a successful surgery and healing journey! Well dolls I have been so busy with life that I really haven't been on here to keep up with updating you all on my journey as well as keeping up with yours... Don't charge it to my heart charge it to my mind! LOL! But anyways I have a BBL Pillow for sale for anyone needing one during their post op! I never got to use it because I stayed laying down most of the time and when I did decide to finally sit on my butt I used a very sturdy pillow that I felt was better for me. Original price was $100 but I will let it go for $50 SIO! Inbox me if you want.... Until next time dolls! (Muah)
Dr. Alfonso C. Findley

Very Gentle and soft spoken. Answered all my questions and prayed for me before my surgery and on the last day before I left to go home. He's wonderful and I would recommend him to anyone.

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