Mommy Makeover! TT/lipo Breast Aug/lift

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Hello Realselfers. I am a mommy of 2 and 29yrs old...

Hello Realselfers. I am a mommy of 2 and 29yrs old. I've wanted a breast lift for years because I have major sagging from breast feeding. I'll be getting a breast lift/small implants for fullness but the part that I'm undecided is should I get a tummy tuck/lipo? I'm terrified of getting an infection/complications. IT also scares me thinking of being put under for so long and never waking up. I can't stand my stomach but not sure I can go through with it. Please post any advice you have for me. I am healthy and never smoked a cigarette in my life. I weight 157 lbs and I'm 5'5. Hoping to loose 10 lbs before surgery.

My surgery is next week!

Here is an update ladies. My surgery is all scheduled and guess what!? It's already next week! Man time flies. I decided to go with a BA/lift and full TT with a bit of lipo on my flanks. I will be getting an anchor lift. Im so excited and going through so many emotions. Everything from happy to nervous and terrified but Im just trying to focus on trusting my doctor. I'm also going through a lot of guilt from the whole cost:( but I am so excited to this. I did lots of research and the time has come. I'll be posting some before pics and keeping you all updated. Thank you so much for all the support!

Pre baby pics!

The dreaded before pics : /

My surgery is tomorrow!

I am absolutely existed. Hopefully I'm not coming down with anything. Tomorrow is my survey and I am beyond excited! I can't wait to do this. I'm also very nervous every but I know God will take care of me. Wish me luck! I will keep you updated.

Surgery was yesterday.

Hello really selfers. Yesterday was surgery and all I have to say is the last 24 hours have been very painful. I consider myself having a high pain tolerance and I cried like a little baby yesterday. The pain in my Breast I could live with but my TT incision hurts a lot. With that being said thank you lord for giving me the strength and getting me through surgery. My doctor was very kind and he made me feel at ease. My small complaint is he had to draw on me and I was freezing cold stading for about 15mins. Other than that he was wonderful. The staff in the surgery was professional and the center looked clean. When I wolk up I was so sick. I still can't believe I stopped my self from throwing. The nuasia medicine was not a big help. I'm barley feeling better now. All in all I'm so excited to see my self. Ill send you pics asap.

New pics of boobies. Sorry about the blood

Possible Breast infection/or allergic reaction

Hello all. I've been recovering nicely and my tummy tuck pain had faded away. I'm off pain meds. I'm still not completely standing straight I walk a little hunched and I'm bothered because I'll be going back to work next week and Im still exhausted walking around like this. Also some bad news, on Monday my Breast started to feel very itchy (have not scratched )and when my ps told me I could remove tape I have red all along the incisions, including my TT. My PS is not sure if I'm having an allergic reaction to the tape or if I'm having a breast infection. He is treating me as if it is infected to be sure. I got and IV of ani biotics for two days. I'm praying to God it's not an infection because going through surgery again would absolutely devastate me. I'm hopeful it's the tape and my old bra chafing because I got a tighter bra and I feel so much better. I'll keep you all updated!

Why does no one tell you how emotional this whole process is!?

Hello all. I just wanted to write a little about the emotional roller coaster I've been on since my surgery. I went from guilt and excitement before surgery to crying and regret 1 day post. I've never felt depression in my life but I have had a lot of anxiety and a little depression the first week and now I'm coming to happy and grateful things are moving along. I'm not completely healed but today's the first day I'm feeling like my self. I do go back to work Wenesday and looks like I well still have my drains, which stinks but I'm happy my Breast are going so much better. The redness is fading away. I know what I still have a lot of healing to do so whish me luck and hopefully this roller coaster stays up! I'm kind of scared of over doing it. My ps has reminded me that I can go to work but I must not do much. Here granny comes :)

Updated pics Tummy/boobies

Ok guys sorry I haven't posted any full Breast or tummy pics but I've been very distracted with the whole "skin irritation" situation. But here they are. Also today was my first day at work. It was ok. Not fun but not too bad. I just sat in a chair all day so I was basically useless. Good thing I have a great team to take care of business. I skipped my weekly board meeting because there was too much walking involved. Hopefully I'll be standing straight soon.

Still with the drains!!!

Here's a small update ladies. My drains are still in! Unfortunately I was still draining over 25 CC's on one side and I still had my drains in over three weeks. I was feeling a little under the weather Wenesday and and got a fever. I noticed my right drain that has been draining very little was having dark red/black lookimg drainage and looking a bit red. My surgen asked me to come in and remove one side. He also told me that it is uncommon to have my drains for so long and asked I'm walking to much. He tightened my binder and ordered me to take it easy so I can get the left side out Monday. Crossing my fingers. I'll update you all soon with pics when I get it removed :) ps I'm almost standing completely straight!!

One month Post Op

Hey guys. I will be 1 month post op I'm two days and I am feeling great. I started my weight pre op at 153lbs i am 5'5 and so far I have lost 8lbs after surgery. My stomach is still swollen especially the top portion. Good news is I got my last drain out Tuesday so I am feeling so much more mobile and comfortable. My PS was in surgery all day buteos kind enough to fit me in early morning to taking it out. He has still ordered me to take it easy and to where my binder for another three weeks to avoid Seroma. I my Breast are healing very nicely. They are still very itchy but I'm loving them. My TT scars looking good and I've started scar treatment last week. There is one area of concern for me. I have a yellow small opening on my TT but my doc says it's nothing to worry about. Here are some pics.

6 month update!

Hello ladies! I know it's been a while since I updated but here are some pics. I am feeling 99% recovered, my scar is healing well on my TT. I still have some issues with my skin around my nipples :( but I know I just have really sensitive skin and its not nearly as bad as it was. I am 100% happy with my results. I worked my butt off to loose some more weight and I will contue to eat healthy because I love the energy I got from my life style change. Here are the pics :)

Forgot one of my TT scar

Dr. B kalantarian

I can't say enough good about Dr K. I went to 6 differnt consultations and Dr K won me over with his experience and kindness. He is is very professional and made me feel extremely comfortable. I am an incredibly busy person and his staff has done everything possible to work with my schedule and fit me in appoitments. Jazmin also is very sweat and very helpful. Dr. K also gives you his cell phone so if you have concerns after hours he is there.

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