Dreams Do Come True soon to be Ms.Maserati!!!!

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Hello Lovelies Well I have made the 1st step… I...

Hello Lovelies
Well I have made the 1st step… I want to say Thanks to all of you that have provided previous post, they have all been extremely helpful. I have been thinking about getting this surgery (BBL) for years. I have a wonderful 12 year old and a brand new 5 month old, my babies bring me LIFE! But this FLAT behind is the worst. As of today I have had my consult with the dream Dr. Dr.J (Curves) my quote was $12,850 not bad as he encouraged me to add a few much needed areas. He also recommended a Tummy Tuck but I cannot say I am done with having kids so I will hold off on that procedure. I received my quote from Dr.Fisher and yes I have experienced the good and the not so good communication with Vanity but they are still high on my list. I have one more consult tomorrow in the Bay Area with Dr. Williams so I will have my final decision by Thursday. It’s so hard to make a final decision but one has to be made. As of today I am trying to lose my last 14lbs it’s a struggle but I am committed. I am hoping to have my surgery in April just waiting to make my final decision and make arrangements with my employer.

Vanity :-)

I have read so many mixed reviews about Vanity and felt it was only right that I share this experience. Yes I did experience the delay in response and requested information however, when I called to get my deposit refunded it was back in my account in less than an hour. Thank you Vanity for your no hassle return policy. The only down fall when getting your refund is you are no longer eligible for specials at Vanity. That did not bother me as I have decided to have my procedure locally.

New Dr

Well as I said in my 1st post, my final decision would not be made until I had my 3rd consult. My final consult was 2/11 with a Dr in my local area. Dr.Williams office and staff was extremely pleasant, he was very attentive asking me questions and provided straight forward answers. After a few days I decided to have my procedure performed in California. Yes Vanity prices are cheaper/reasonable and realistic but once I added up the total cost to have my procedure, travel, lodging, massages, etc. the total ended up being the same.
Having my procedure at home would leave me with peace of mind that if anything goes wrong I have someone to call directly without getting on a flight. Dr.Williams and Dr.Jimmerson suggested I have a tummy tuck, as my lovely babies have jacked up my muscle walls. After days of contemplating having my procedure based on $$$ or wanting best results I decided to have the tummy tuck procedure included. So that definitely jacked up the price. The one downfall with Vanity was they offered a quote, took my money but never asked for a photo of me….. Although I love Fisherdolls ?. Well my deposit is paid and I am officially 6 weeks away from a NEW ME and I am excited about it. Thank you Lord for blessing me!!! My Flap Jack(Flat Butt) will be officially evicted in 43 days!!!!


It’s really getting real, $7000 paid…. Surgery 39 days away time is winding down. Starting to feel a little anxious and nervous. Ready to say surgery just come on so we can be done and on the road to recovery

Vitamins and Anxiety

It's getting real, TODAY I started my pre-surgery vitamins! I hate pills it seemed as if I would never finish the dose and to think this is Day 1. I am 28 days away from Surgery and my anxiety is at a 10. My emotions are flying all over the place, 2nd guessing my decision, PS
, etc. I am so grateful for RS because just as I started doubting I ran across a post from a VET! Saying all that I was feeling and reassuring me it would come to past. As far as supplies I have everything I need and more "everything I read".... I have to tell myself daily enough is enough don't add nothing more to that list.

It's Getting Closer

Well as of today my countdown calendar say I have 11 days!!! I am truly on a countdown, the funny thing is I’m excited, nervous, anxious and ready to get this started and over with. I am scheduled for my Pre-Op on Wednesday 4/1, I meet with my Dr to ask questions, etc. I have also received my report to Surgery time… I’m like Awwwwww its getting closer. I have had the pleasure of meeting some Super friendly and supportive Sistas on this site. It’s so good to have someone to talk too because everybody around is not happy for you… It confuses the heck out of me because at the end of the day I am Doing this for ME, with MY money so negative suggestions and thoughts can go AWAY!... My fiancé is going with me to my pre-op, I do not know how to feel about this because we cannot agree on a bottle water if it is put in front of us. Yet, he is supportive so I have to let him go on this journey. Still buying supplies although I am POSITIVE I have bought too much stuff. I am waiting until I meet with my Dr to grab the last few items. The one must item I have on my list is a pool lounge chair so I can lay in other rooms of the house instead of the bedroom. I am really anxious about not going to a RH and not being able to care for my 7 month old, I sure hope I do not regret this RH decision in the end. I will update my profile after my Pre-Op! Good Luck all! Be Blessed! #Big Booty’s Are In Our Near Future

Pre-Op Appt TODAY

Well today was a BIG DAY! I had my pre-op with my Dr. I have so many mixed feelings. I am 100% certain that he will perform all 3 procedures (BBL, Lipo and TT) as safe as possible. However my concern comes when I think about my results. I want natural looking results; I want to look real…. But I do not want to desire a Round 2! I keep telling myself that I am going in without wish pics that way I am not disappointed however, even without the pic I want to make sure that I walk away with a size I am happy with. I know only time will tell but with all this money I am spending my goal is to be HAPPY! My biggest fear is having this surgery and feeling like it was a waste of money… 8 days and counting no turning back now!!!

It's Really Here! On my way in the Surgery Center

Pulling up to the Surgery Center!!! Praying for a successful surgery! Praying for all scheduled for today... Be blessed
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

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