vaser liposuction has left me with uneven stomach and a lumpy look - United Kingdom

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I decided to have the vaser liposuction as i was...

i decided to have the vaser liposuction as i was very unhappy about my stomach. I would always struggle to cover up the bulgey layers that i would often get from wearing jeans and i would feel uncomfortable wearing short tops. therefore i decided to go ahead and have the liposuction on my UPPER AND LOWER ABDOMEN, MY LOVE HANDLES (FLANKS) AND MY BANANA FOLDS (THE FAT THAT HANGS UNDER THE BRA STRAP)

I was in theatre for around 5 to 6 hours and because I was sedated i was still concious and i could feel the pain while the surgery was being performed on me. was this normal? has anyone else ever had this happen to them? Its like the worst nightmare. All i could remember was sharp unbearable pain, i remember screaming... anyway moving on.. i had the surgery and was bandaged up, from what i could see whilst having the compressure garment on i was amaized by the results. straight away i noticed a huge difference. Then 2 weeks later i took the garment off and couldnt bare to look at it myself, i thought it was going to be horrific but surprisingly i was amaized again by the size of the incisions.

I did find it pretty painfull for the first week but the pain was controlled by painkillers which helped alot i was still sore a few months on bruising was not too bad. My stomach was still healing .I was told to have plentY of massages to get rid of the lumps that had occured from the lipo. there was 2 things that wre concerning me by this stage i realised my upper abdomen looked like it had not had liposuction performed on it. and no2 by the looks of it these lumps didnt seem to go down and they were makin my stomach look really deformed.. i was told final results could take months up to 6 7 months.. so i waited nearly a year on ....

the lumps are no longa solid but they still look like there still there. thre huge lumps but when i touch them they feel like fat. my belly is now completely uneven and out of shape. when i wear tops my upper abdomen looks fatter then my lower abdomen. my lower abdomen looks wrinkly and completly uneven and lumpy. i tried doing a big of research and it looks like liposuction fibrosis... is there any one else with this problem??? i am still the same weight that i am before i had the surgery and i have been strict on myself when it comes to diet, after all 5 grand is alot of money!!!!!!

i dont have any before pictures at the moment but please have a look at my pictures. i am embarssed! my stomach looked better before then it does now. i feel like a 50 year old woman! has anyone else had this problem? i honestly want my money back, i dont no how im going to fix this. i have emailed my clinic but they are asking for £150 just for a consultation. i dont even think iv got any money left after saving and spending that much on the procedure. i wouldnt advise it to any one, i mean the results i had while i had the garment on were good but the final results have left me emotional could any one advise me on what i can do? i no i cant leave it like this as i am 5 grand down and unhappier then i was before having the surgery? i want it fixed

London Dermatologist

for me the hole experience has been a big regret, had vaser lipo on stomach, I have uneven lumpiness and distorted abdomen. Dr Alex said there was nothing she could do about it. Even now I'm so unhappy, I hope I can find a good surgeon to sort out my unevenness. She didn't even offer touch up or try to resolve the situation

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