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So....I am told I look pretty good for my age but...

So....I am told I look pretty good for my age but I am absolutely paranoid about getting old and to make things worse have a much younger partner (looking at his gorgeous young skin and face makes my ageing seem so much more amplified!). These things combined made me want to get ahead of the game and try to keep on top of the horrible ageing process. I have taken some photos but they are so unflattering I am pretty horrified about posting them - I will though! I have had earlier this year co2re laser which was amazing for my skin and I also have botox to prevent crows feet (which I don't have yet) and the forehead frown lines between my eyes (which I do have).
The treatment was sore - but not so sore that I wouldn't do it again. I did take some pretty hardcore pain relief but even with that it was uncomfortable. I didn't get a full face treatment as the doctor said that was not necessary - instead I had some lifting applied at the sides of my eyes and along my jaw line. I also had some at the sides of my face (lower cheeks). Today (one day after) some parts of my face are numb - the doctor did say this would happen. I did initially note a very slight difference and some lifting but unsure if that was just being in a bit of shock and some initial swelling. Anyway - its all ok and I was very impressed with the doctors consultation and care during the treatment. I do not wish to give details of the doctor for personal reasons but she was fantastic and is one of the leading practitioners of Ultherapy in the UK. I researched this treatment extensively before committing even though this treatment is available in my city I travelled outwith to see this doctor. I had a few concerns (nerve damage, fat atrophy etc) and the doctor walked me through these concerns and I felt very confident that I need not worry about these in her care.
I now await the results and am told that i will see good results in 90 days and this will continue for six months. The doctor told me at the time that she thought I was going to get a good result from this treatment so I really really hope so (I really need this to make me look younger!) Ill post more as this journey continues!

4 days later

So...4 days later and have numb bits all over my face and a weird tingling when I touch some parts. It feels fine though and i was warned by the doctor that this would be the case. I think I thought I saw some initial improvements but dont feel that it was anything really apart from swelling. I am hopefully though that it will improve my skin and give me a younger overall look.

Nearly a week after ultherapy to jaw and side of brows

So its still pretty numb and tender but no swelling or any other adverse affects. I did research this therapy thoroughly before committing especially in terms of choosing the best and most experienced doctor that could do this. I must admit I am now becoming a little worried due to reading up on all the fat loss and small eyes chat on this page and have started to become anxious that this will happen to me. I asked the doctor specifically about fat loss and have been absolutely assured this will not happen. Looking at the technology it seems that if the therapy has been focused on the correct depth then this should not be an issue. Im still worried though as there seem to be people on this thread going absolutely nuts about this procedure ruining their entire face.

Three weeks out

Still have numbness in my left temple and slight tenderness around jawline. I feel hat I am noticing a reduction in jowls but I have also lost around 10Ilbs in the last 3 weeks which could be helping. I am still terrified about this volume loss thing and really wish the Ultherpy company would just state clearly if it is a side affect or not so we could stop debating it on this site. Sometimes i think that people that get this procedure and other interventions are obviously paranoid about their looks (l definitely am!) and it makes them see things that haven't happened. On the other hand there do seem to be a lot of negative reviews. Anyway - putting that our of my mind and seeing some improvements I think to jaw line. Have not seen improvement to eyes yet.

5 weeks out - pictures included

OK so these pics are rubbish and they are so unflattering I can hardly bare to look at them (Im sure I dont look this bad in the mirror!). Anyway 5 weeks out and I have managed to stop panicking about the fat loss and just have to think that this won't happen (it better not!). I can see in myself a very subtle difference although the real test is the line that goes from my lower cheek past my mouth and this has not changed. I am going to try to take doe better pics in better lighting at this stage and use a spirit level to make sure all the angles stay constant. The angle in the before pic here I think looks worse and therefore is not a good representation. The doctor took proper photos from all angles and i will post these as well - I am seeing her at 3 months in and then again at 6 months in so hopefully I can show a better difference at these stages with better photos. I still have numbness in left temple area and i also do think i see a slight lift in the eye area - I also had filler to eye area though so my eyes look a significantly better shape at the moment. I will keep posting if only just to reassure those out there that this won't cause massive face nightmares - I hope that I am able to do that!

over 6 months post

OK so results are not dramatic but overall I am much happier with the way I look. My jaw seems more defined although i would have liked more reduction n the slight jowl look. I feel that I look younger than I did and really thats as much as i can hope for. I was terrified about fat loss but dont feel that has happened. At the sides of my eyes I have slight hollows but I had these before the ultherapy and I dont think (?) they have got worse. Im going to do this again on my lower face to strengthen the results. I am annoyed i spent the first two months absolutely terrified that my face would melt off but with the right application of this treatment I now cannot see how that could happen. Anyway - Im pretty pleased.
Face and Body Clinic, Edinburgh

I dont want to give. I have not reviewed all items yet as I have only just had the treatment.

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