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I will be having a fleur de lis tummy tuck on...

I will be having a fleur de lis tummy tuck on Thursday, I had my pre-op and all seems well.
I go in at 12.30pm so it will be an afternoon slot and my surgeon said around 3-4 hrs.
I have never had a surgery before so I'm going to be terrified Thursday morning.
I'm excited about having this done and know if I listen to the recovery and do as I'm told I'll be better off. I will be in for 2 nights, so this time next week if all goes well I'll be on my way home! How crazy is that. My surgeon said I could have a normal TT but I have upper fat and I would be left with a crease and a sac of skin either side so fleur de lis will get both the upper and lower fat. I have researched this and have seen the crease and I definitely wouldn't be happy with that. I'm not after a bikini body, I want to be able to exercise without feeling a jelly belly and wear clothes that are long enough to hide the tyre around my middle.
I lost 6 stone in weight which is around 75lb in U.S. language and carry most of my bulk around my belly, I like my legs apart from the wobbly upper inner thigh and I have flabby upper arms that I will live with, I am also ok with my butt it's the stomach that gets me and after 18 months of exercise and working at it the only way it's going anywhere is if it's cut off.
My surgeon has been really honest he says I may be left with slightly loose skin that will only notice if I lean forward as I'm 42 and my skin elasticity is going to give a little even though he is going to go as tight as he can. He also said that he cuts along the body's natural creases as he has learned that by making it as straight as he can the body heals back to its normal place and he's original straight cuts are no longer. So if my natural creases are not naturally symmetrical then the end result will not be. I'm glad he has been completely honest with me and not telling me what I want to hear he is saying what is possible and I know a model body will not be possible. It's the price you pay for stuffing your face!
I lost the weight through diet and exercise and only wish I did it years ago.
My husband and 14 year old son will be my carers and I loved the fact I was told at my pre op NO HOOVERING for 6 WEEKS.
Sorry for the long post!

2 days post op fleur de lis

Came home this morning with 2 drains as only one was low enough to take away. Pain control is ibruprofen, paracetamol and codeine. I have a binder on and it's causing trapped wind which is the most painful part for me it's bubbly and causing back ache and cramps. I've sent the hubby out for peppermint tea and windeze to try and get rid of the build up. I slept better last night and am eating little amounts as the binder is tight so your restricted. The pain of the surgery is uncomfortable and the feeling tight is annoying but all in all not too bad. My tummy looks good and I should have the other 2 drains removed Monday then after a week in this binder I can go into Spanx. So a week to get thru is doable.

4 days post op

I'm now sleeping better, still very uncomfortable with the binder and trapped wind. I'm hoping my drains will be down enough to remove they were 70 and 60 yesterday and need to be 40. I've stopped codeine as that was making stomach worse. I can't wait to wash my hair it's still got hibiscrub that I washed in before surgery. Any tips on best way to wash hair??
I'm walking about ok and not too stooped. It really is just the squashed feeling with the trapped wind pain. My binder is up to my breasts as I had a vertical cut which is why I'm feeling so tight.

6 days post op fleur de lis

Dressed today! Had a clean up of myself and made myself look a little more healthy. Drains are now 30 and 60 so one can come out. The extreme tightness is liveable during the day but when it kicks in around 4am it's so uncomfortable and feel like you are going to pop, still lots of gurgling and bubbling as if it's a struggIe for everything to work I nearly loosened the binder but managed to get thru it and somehow go back to sleep. I have a wound check in the morning so will see what's going on and that will be week one over with. :0)

9 days post op fleur de lis

Not such a bad night, I tried my side but not quite ready for that yet. I think the only reason it's more sore is the vertical cut comes up to my breast bone and the binder pushes on the inciscion in certain positions. It's good to know that I can drive after tomorrow if safe to stop :0) not that I have anywhere I want to go with these socks on! The hospital staff have all said ideally 4 weeks but 3 weeks if you're active enough is ok. I'm keeping them on as much as they mess up any outfit!
I'm hoping I'm over the worst, the swelling is uncomfortable but normal.
I have an appointment on tues for a wound check. I'm still taking vitamin C, zinc and arnica, my nails have never looked so healthy!

12 days post op fleur de lis

I went to have the dressings changed today and it's healing well. I have a couple of wet bits but on the whole it's pretty dry and closed. I'm up and about more and sleeping lower which has eased my back ache and tightness at night. I'm taking it easy and not pushing myself as I really don't want to delay my healing.

19 days post op

All going well, I had my dressings changed today. A couple of wide bits on both hips which need to close, they have iodine and are dressed. The nurse replaced all the other dressings with micropore tape and tidied up my belly button. I can change the tape in a few days and wear Spanx now during the day and my binder at night. I have a slight bulge right at the top of the vertical cut which is very tender. This is hopefully swelling and will all settle down. I'm feeling ok, it's uncomfortable when first getting up and late in the day but moving around is definitely easier.

20 days post op

I have a bulge/swelling right at the top of incision between boobs that will hopefully settle down. It's quite sore and the binder digs at the top that's probably not helping. I'm going to try my high waisted control pants today with the binder over if needed.

4 weeks post op fleur de Lis

Been to the nurse today, she picked off a few scabs, my sutures have all dissolved she cleaned everything up and was amazed how neat the scars are and how well they're healing. She applied micropore tape on all the incisions and said to get palmers cocoa butter with vitamin E to rub in as the incisions as they need moisturising now they're all dry. No more visits now. My next appointment is 24/9 with my surgeon. I need to mention to him about the bulge between my boobs that swells at night but is still a pocket of skin first thing in the morning, it isn't visible as my bra hides it. The nurse said my surgeon will use local anaesthetic and remove the pocket and suture it. I am so pleased with my result. I go back to work in 2 weeks and will have to come clean with what I've been up to during the summer break. I don't think I'll get away with a hernia!!

Pic of 4 weeks post op

5 wks post op fleur de lis tummy tuck

Feeling good, walking the dog, doing nearly everything except lifting and hoovering. Healing well moisturising with cocoa butter and vitamin E oil. Feel tight in the evenings still wearing my binder I have tried other shape wear and hate the hassle when needing the loo! I prefer the binder as I can tighten it.

8 months post op and feeling great

Had an appointment last Thursday and all good. Recovered well with no problems. Best thing I have ever done and I'm really happy with my results.
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