TT, BA & Lipo for August 5th

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First of all, I'm loving this site. It's...

First of all, I'm loving this site. It's so great to hear "real" stories and I feel less nervous about my upcoming procedure! I'm 29 and a mum of 3 gorgeous girls (quite close together - had 3 under 3). Each were c-sections, apparently my pelvis is too small to give birth naturally (and bub number 1 was a good effort at 8lbs 11oz!). I've been having major problems with my periods since bub number 3 to the point where my ob/gyn has said the only thing that'll fix all the issues is a hysterectomy. I also have a fair bit of muscle separation too and the outside of my stomach is like pizza dough - I'm sure most of you know what I mean :) It's saggy and I have overhang, and I'm very self-conscious about what clothes I can wear without looking pregnant. At my consultation, my ob/gyn commented on how bad the outside of my stomach is and offered to sort it out by doing a TT when he does the hysterectomy - I'm ssssoooo happy/excited/nervous/terrified but can't wait!! (And of course, I will be posting before and after pictures later). I know it's still a while away but just wanted to share :) Also, has anyone had c-sections and a TT? How does the recovery compare? Thanks again to everyone else who's been sharing all their stories on this site - it's so good to be able to read everyone's experiences. Happy tummy-tucking/recovering everyone!

Had a consultation with a Plastic Surgeon two days...

Had a consultation with a Plastic Surgeon two days ago just to discuss exactly what's involved with a TT. Was told that in her professional opinion, having a hysterectomy and a TT at the same time is not the best decision. She explained that in order to get optimum results from a TT, I'd have to wait at least 3 months after the hysterectomy to let all the internal swelling go down as this could stop me from getting that nice flat result all us ladies are after!

I also discussed with her the possibility of "fixing" my boobs. Since breastfeeding 3 babies (the last one breastfed for 12 months) they have totally changed. One is nearly a whole cup size bigger than the other which makes finding a comfortable bra so difficult! I am either over-filling one side or gaping at the other. They are also very "deflated" looking. Again, my PS was lovely and said that she could easily fix this by giving me an augmentation with some small implants which would lift and also try to correct the sizing difference. She would do this at the same time as the TT.

On anther note, my periods have all settled down now so I'm hoping that it was just a case of needing some time to settle down after bub no.3 and that I can hold off on the hysterectomy for now. I have an appointment with my OB/GYN on Monday 11 July for a check up so I'm hoping he confirms my thoughts that everything has improved. If this is the case, then I will leave the hysterectomy and go ahead with the TT/BA (PS said she will do this on August 5th). If my OB/GYN recommends I still have the hysterectomy, then I will go ahead with that and put the TT/BA on hold until next year. I go back to my PS on July 18th to give her my decision. I'm very lucky that my husband is super supportive and has told me that as long as I make the best decision health-wise, he's fine with whatever operation I have. Also, my mum is flying in for 5 weeks to help me recover and help out with my 3 little girls (4, 2 & 18 months).

Just have to be patient and wait for the 11th now...

Well, I had my consult with my OB/GYN this morning...

Well, I had my consult with my OB/GYN this morning and he agrees that I've greatly improved so don't need to have the hysterectomy anymore at this point in time. He suggests waiting for 6 - 12 months to see how things go and if things start to get worse again, suggested I take the mini-pill or a get a marina inserted.

So, this means.......I CAN HAVE MY TUMMY TUCK AND BA!!! Have been provisionally booked in for August 5th and have my 2nd consult with my PS next Monday (18th) when I can confirm the surgeries with her. YAY!!

No more jelly belly and uneven boobs!! I'll get my hubby to take some photos and will upload the "before" pics soon. I have actually been too scared/embarrassed to even take any yet, let alone post them on-line but if everybody else can be brave and do it, so can I :)

Can't wait!!!!

Is it just me, or did anyone else get this feeling...

Is it just me, or did anyone else get this feeling of needing to sort things out around the home before going into hospital? I've spent this week sorting through all my daughters cupboards and toy boxes and having a big clear out for the rubbish and the second hand shops. I am tackling their wardrobes this afternoon...

I know this will make things easier for my hubby and my mum who will be the ones helping me out while I'm in hospital and once I'm home. Don't know whether this is just me or whether it's because I feel a bit of guilt in putting myself first for once, leaving my kids for a few nights, spending the money and having to rely on help after I get out of hospital. Did anybody else feel a sense of guilt at all?

Had my pre-op appointment yesterday and hubby came...

Had my pre-op appointment yesterday and hubby came with me (I think he was quite looking forward to being able to check out all the implants!). Was bit worried when I got there as I know they had to squeeze my appointment in and before we were even seen, the other Drs had gone home, and even the receptionist - after giving us instructions how to let ourselves out - had locked up and gone home for the night. I was concerned that my appointment would be rushed as it was obviously way past "home time". But when we got called in to see Dr L, she was brilliant! I didn't feel rushed at any point of the consult and she took the time to explain everything, asking me did I have any questions, answering them all and took her time helping me decide on implant size.

She explained everything involved with the tummy tuck which was great. She tells me I will be hospital for about 5 nights but she will remove my drains the day I go home which will be good :) I will also be getting some muscle repair done as I have quite a bit of separation, so Dr L is fixing that and she also suggested to get the best results, I should have some lipo done to my abdomen and flanks - fine with me, I'm all for the best results!!

For my breasts, I've decided on 300cc round, textured, silicone gel implants. I did try the 320cc but felt they would be too big and heavy for my frame. My goal is that hopefully the implant will be enough to just lift them slightly and give them a bit more fullness in the upper half, not to be the "biggest on the block" so I feel I have made the right choice. Plus I do not want it to look overly obvious that I've had a boob job. She will place them over the muscle and probably through the breast crease. She says on the day if she can fit the implant through the nipple, she will go that way, but I told her that was fine, just to go with whatever she feels appropriate as I am not too opinionated either way.

She will book the hospital today and reception will call me today to give me details of what time I have to be at the hospital and fasting details etc. She gave me a half hug at the end of the consult and told me if I have any questions at anytime between now and the 5th, just to leave a message with reception and she will call me back. I feel I have definitely chosen the right Dr and am very happy and "at peace" with all my decisions :)

Just waiting for the phone call and the 5th now...

Having second thoughts now on implant size,...

Having second thoughts now on implant size, whether I should stick with the 300cc or change to the 320cc? Does anyone know if there's a big difference in 20cc's? Decisions, decisions... I just want to make the right one... I don't want to look like it's obvious I've had a boob job but I don't want to end up wishing I'd gone for the bigger size. HELP!?!? :)

Also got all my hospital paperwork in the mail...

Also got all my hospital paperwork in the mail today to fill out and return. Feels a bit more real now. I have to be at the hospital 7.30am on the morning of the 5th. Not sure what exact time my surgery is but I know it's morning as I have to fast from midnight the night before (if it's afternoon surgery, you're allowed a light breakfast). Not long to go now...

After a bit of deliberating, I've decided to go...

After a bit of deliberating, I've decided to go with the 320cc implants.

I left a message at my PS's yesterday for her to call me regarding this and a couple of other things, but the receptionist told me she's on holidays now until August 1st. They said she was stopping by briefly to drop something off, and they'd try to pass the message on, but officially she's "out of the office". Was a bit disappointed, and was just thinking "oh well, never mind" but then at 7pm that night she called me from the airport! I got to ask her everything I needed to and she was great. She assured me that the 320cc's will still suit my height and frame and that 20cc's is not a significant difference. I am reassured again that I have chosen the right Dr, and that she views her patients as "individual people" and not just her "pay cheque". Only 2 weeks to go now... :)

Have posted a pic of myself and one of my bubs - I...

Have posted a pic of myself and one of my bubs - I prefer it when there's a face to go with the name - and am getting hubby to take my before pics tomorrow so will post them this weekend :)

I had my pre-op appointment this morning with the...

I had my pre-op appointment this morning with the anaesthetist who will be with me during my surgery. We went over everything and he answered all my questions and was really lovely - I feel so much more relaxed about it now :) He said he will give me a pain pump for at least the first 24 hours and then he said I will probably just be on oral pain killers after that but he wants me to have it immediately post-op to help get me through my first night as comfortably as possible - lovely man! He told me that if I was really uncomfortable, then I could have it for longer.

He also recommended I start taking some stool softener a couple of days prior to surgery to help "move things along' and also, the morning of surgery, he said if I was feeling really anxious, he would give me a valium-type pill to help me relax before they wheel me off - sounds good! All in all, feeling more excited than nervous now - hopefully that continues!

Well, what an adventure! I'm home from hospital...

Well, what an adventure! I'm home from hospital now (thank goodness - was going stir crazy in there!). I was lucky though, I spent 5 nights in there and the nurses are just angels!

I was nervous as they were wheeling me off to the operating room but as soon as I woke up I just felt relief that it was all over. I had a TT, MR, Lipo on flanks and abdomen and a BA (325ccs textured silicone gel). The surgery took just under 5 hours.

The first night was rough, I just couldn't sleep as the nurses were in to check my blood pressure/pain level/heart rate every hour so didn't sleep much but after the first 24 hours, I felt like I was improving.

I am so happy though. It's been stiff and sore but nothing I can't handle and have left the hospital just with my course of antibiotics that they put me on straight after surgery and panadiene forte which is enough. I think I'm struggling more with the back ache from not being able to stretch properly or lie flat and a bit of constipation from all the drugs!! The pain all seems to change though, sometimes my tummy seems to hurt more than my boobs, and then other times I'm feeling more discomfort in my boobs - I'm sure that's normal though, and I have to remember, I'm only 5 days post op.

My breast drains came out after 48 hours and my left tummy drain was only draining 10cc's by PO Day 3 so they removed that, and 24 hours later my right tummy drain was less than 20cc's so I got rid of that too - such a relief!!

There is a huge difference in my tummy already (although lots of swelling) but I can tell in 3/4 months time I am going to be happy an no regrets!

I absolutely love my new boobs. I am very fortunate, hardly any swelling, they are not sitting too high and you can't even tell I've had a boob job - they are so natural. They are a bit tender but nothing that the drugs can't handle. I can already move my arms around a lot easier and there is only a slight burning feeling from the internal stitches in the left breast so I just have to make sure I go easy. I have a follow up appointment with my PS in one week.

My first shower was bliss but couldn't believe how tired I felt afterwards!!

I feel like I'm definitely past the hardest part and I know that every day is going to get that little bit easier, and of course, I'm so happy to be back at home with hubby and the girls. I'm sure i'll have a few blue days but will try to take it one day at a time. My mum arrives in 6 days and she's here for 5 weeks so that'll be great - can't wait. My hubby even commented that I look thinner round the middle and hip region even with all the swelling so that's encouraging.

I will definitely post my before and after pics v soon! Thanks for all your thoughts and well wishes!

WOW - one week since surgery - how quickly did...

WOW - one week since surgery - how quickly did that go!?! Pain is still manageable and am only taking panadol in the morning (just to help with the stiffness after sleeping) and panadien forte at night (to help make me comfortable for bed).

On a positive note, my husband commented twice the other night how as well as round my middle, I'm looking thinner in my face and two girlfriends called in for a cuppa today and they both commented that I looked like I'd lost weight all over and my legs looked skinnier. Got on the scales and including everything that my PS cut off and sucked out, I'm down nearly 6kgs/12lbs in 2 weeks!!! (Lost the first 2kgs in the week before my surgery due to my nervousness/excitement!)

I think that's got to do with the fact that I seem to get full very quickly too. I don't eat after 7pm and am only having porridge for breaky, fruit and juice for lunch and toast with cheese for tea plus lots of water. Not the best diet, I know but it's all I seem to be able to handle at the moment.

I'm now only 3kgs off my target weight for summer and I have 3 months to loose it and I feel this is an achievable goal :)

Still v happy :) :) :)

Ok ladies, finally got around to it - here's some...

Ok ladies, finally got around to it - here's some pics of my before and after Tummy Tuck! Will post some breast pics another time - photos didn't come out too well. Very happy, but bare in mind it's late at night so I'm very swollen :) Also, my belly button is higher than my surgeon would have liked but she had a bit of complication with that side of it. Apparently it was a bit of a mess in there from having my tubes tied last year (key-hole belly button surgery) but I'm not complaining - I've got a flatter tummy!!

Also, PS had to do a bit of a vertical (as you can...

Also, PS had to do a bit of a vertical (as you can see) but I know that'll fade and I'd trade that before tummy for the scars any day :) Scarring looking pretty black too - I've got some kind of clear tape/bandage on it since the day of surgery so it's just all the dried blood. Got a follow up appointment on Wednesday where I'm assuming I'll get it changed and then I'll be able to see the actual scar instead of all the dried blood!!

I am 16 days post op today so thought I'd update...

I am 16 days post op today so thought I'd update my review. I had my follow up appointment with my PS on Wednesday (12 days post op) - it went so well! Got all the tape and dressings off of my incisions and the scar is amazing - very thin and quite flat. I've been cleared for driving (although not long distances) but still have to take it very easy with housework and with my little ones. I still can't pick them up but that's not a bad thing. I tend to get sore real easily if I over do things.

I hardly have any pain at all now, just feel a bit sore if I do too much and am a bit stiff and tender when I wake up in the mornings. I am still sleeping in a recliner and my PS has recommended I do this for another 2 weeks.

I love my new belly though - it is so flat! Although like most of us, it seems to bloat up by the evening, but I think I'm lucky, my swellings not as bad as I thought it would be. My PS has told me to expect swelling for a good 4 months but that's ok - I know the end result will be worth it :) She told me I have a little swelling on the sides of my boobs but that will settle down and she thinks they will drop nicely - I love them, she has done such an amazing job that I can't believe the difference already between now and my before photos.

Will post some more pics soon. Hope everyone's doing ok :)

New Pics - 20 days Post Op - lovin' it :)

New Pics - 20 days Post Op - lovin' it :)

Bit delayed, but here is my four week (and 1 day)...

Bit delayed, but here is my four week (and 1 day) post op pic - can't believe it's me!! Sssoo happy I did this!

Hi Ladies, haven't really updated properly for a...

Hi Ladies, haven't really updated properly for a while so I thought it was about time :)

I had my 2nd check up with my PS yesterday (7 and a half weeks PO). She is really pleased with everything. The swelling is rapidly going down, the scar is healing well and my breasts have dropped and are softening up nicely.

My PS has recommended keeping up with the bio-oil everyday and the silicone sheeting which I'm happy to do (although the scar itself doesn't bother me - I'm just glad I've got a flat tum and a waist again).

I'm not allowed to take the binder off yet, have to keep wearing that for another 4 weeks and then I can start to take it off for a few hours and then slowly get rid of it for good. I have a love-hate relationship with my binder though, I hate it, it annoys me, especially sleeping in it, but I don't feel safe without it! Hopefully in another month I will feel more comfortable taking it off. At the moment, the only times I'm not wearing it is in the shower or during sex.

I'm allowed to start exercising properly in another 4 weeks too, although I can start skipping in about 2 weeks (as long as I wear a supportive sports bra). Skipping isn't really something I'm keen on but it's better than nothing :) but will get back into Zumba and ab work as soon as these 4 weeks are up.

One thing I've found that has really helped with my swelling and bloating and my general well-being is I've started a low-carb/low-sugar eating plan - I've really seen a difference in the amount of swelling in the evening - definitely not as much as before and in myself, I feel heaps better. I talked to my PS about this, and she' given me the ok to continue with this way of eating and with the Aussie summer only a couple of months away, I've definitely got some motivation!!

I will post an 8 week PO pic when I get there :)

Hope all you ladies are doing well, it makes this experience so much easier knowing that I'm not going it alone xx

Breast implants - Two years on

Two years on and so happy with my breast implants. The scarring is so faint you can hardly see it. I'm focusing in a calorie controlled diet now to get where I want to be weight/shape wise so will post a pic when I've lost a bit more weight but for now finally plucked up the courage to post a pic of my boob job now that everything is completely healed/settled and scars are faded. The implants are 325cc textured silicone, over the muscle. I had them inserted through the underside breast crease.

Breast implants

Was meant to add this photo to the previous update - this is just what they look like in my clothes.
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