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Hi all and good luck to those who venture in to TT...

Hi all and good luck to those who venture in to TT land! I am a mother of 4 children and have had several gynea ops in the past which have lead to unsightly over hang and ugly scars. I have toyed with the idea for over five years, at first thinking it was selfish of me to put my family through surgery again when I didn't need it for medical reasons.

So after a lot of soul searching I reached the point of why not? I felt unhappy with that area and it wasn't brought upon by excessive eating, lack of excercise etc. So I went to see a surgeon. He was great asking the reasons for me wanting surgery and taking photos to explain what he could do. He also made me feel better about seeking it out by saying the op was designed for women just like me and I would get excellent results. So op was booked and here I am three weeks post op.

I have had a severe TT with upper and lower abs tightened also lipo around rib cage, both sides of my torso and inner top thigh. All I can say it's not for the faint hearted! I had a tough first week and not so great second. Be prepared for heavy bruising mine went down the back of my legs to my knee level, also around the sides and my back were badly bruised. One week post-op they removed my dressings to find my belly button infected. I was on antibiotics for a week but it didn't clear. Went back to my Doctor and had another week. It still hasnt cleared so im off back monday.

I think this has contributed to my general unwell feeling and exhaustion. It's pretty difficult at first to laugh, cough, sneeze etc as your abs are really painful, though now mine are getting easier. You can't stand straight for me it was three weeks! You will need to pack yourself with lots of pillows at night to aid comfort and sleep and don't let your legs lie flat. My advice is rest as much as possible, potter around the home and don't push yourself too early or your healing will be delayed. Any help offered take it. Even if it's a friend coming to sit with you to pass a couple of hours.

There is light at the end of the tunnel! I am beginning to pick up now and can see an end to the pain. I can stand straight now and once this infection is cracked im on my way.

There is still a lot of swelling so my true new shape is hard to decipher but I can see some of the changes which look great. Emotionally it's a strange road to travel and like some of you have already said mostly on your own apart from partners. I did tell 4 close friends and some family memebers but don't feel I want to broadcast the fact. My brother asked what I was having and his response was 'just go to the gym, its nothing 100 press ups a day wouldn't solve'. I think a lot of people in ignorance would think or say things like that and quite frankly it's none of their business. Have peace with your decsion and good luck xx I will keep you updated on my recovery.

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