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After the birth of my two children, one of which...

After the birth of my two children, one of which was a c-section and breast feeding them both. My body sort of streched a little too much. Put on top the stress of working and house keeping .... you girls know what I mean.... a bit of over indulging food wise.

Well, extra loose skin on the tummy and breast that went drom DD to H whilst breast feeding. We all know what goes up must come down and it did.

Kids have grown now it's time to feel like a young sexy woman again. So, I look forward to have tummy tuck and breast reduction in exactly 22 days.

My surgeon it took me 3 years to find him but I finely found him, the top Boob God in Europe, I trust his judgement and he was straight and didn't want to just stick implants in my already over sized boobs.

Ok my husband is a little sad but he understand and as my kids say Dad never say no to mummy. I think lucky him he is going to get a new pert model but still the same woman, now that can't be all bad.

I admit I have been needing a lot of Dutch courage and it has taking me a long time to trust a find the surgeon for me, still a little worried but looking forward to have the first two weeks of pain over. But Hey by Christmas I shall be a sexy mummy again.

11th May today I had my pre-op appointment. The...

11th May
today I had my pre-op appointment. The Nurse was very nice and managed to reassure me for a while. The biggest advise was don't wait to feel too much pain before you ask for more pain killer.
Oh yes, really as if we would wait. Lol
I promiss I won't play Super Tuff Mum.
I will enjoy every moment of my getting back what motherhood took away from me and I am hopping for a possible good night without early wake up. Well may be I expect too much but I will take the oportunity to sleep. Ahhhhhh you mum's know what I mean.
got my list of enormous bras and knickers and clothes to get.... Large , strechy and comfy
I can now only but wait and I am sure it will come in a flash.

I have to admit I was a bit worried but still so...

I have to admit I was a bit worried but still so excited before the big day. Mum came over to look after the children for a week and I couldn’t wait to see the result, I have already checked out dresses for this July's strawberry lunch. Hopefully the swelling will have gone down by then.

I didn't have a good sleep the night before surgery.... was up since 4.35am
I used the time to do a few love notes for the kids and the husband, sending last work emails for a few days off.

That's it, all done!
Friday 4pm, I barely made it out of theatre that my husband was at the door with flowers and a box of chocolates. His smiling face was a joy to behold. He was a bit worried when nurse came to check bandages and looked stunned when he had a look at my new boobs.
I was too tired to even think about looking.

Saturday morning, visit from Erik Scholten my surgeon big smile on his face saying let’s have a look you are going to be amazed, laughing saying he took 15 year from me....lol.
I never thought I would get to see it that quick. OMG, first look at my boobs.... I was lost for words as for my tummy.... well he was right he certainly gave me back the body of my 20's.

Anyway, I have been back home now for a few days and already reducing pain killers and not feeling too bad. Taking it one day at a time and see how it goes.
Kids are very amused by mum looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

4 days post op. standing or seating can't be done for very long. I can feel my abdominal muscles working very hard. In itself it is quite interesting and amazing to be able to feel a muscle we take for granted in everyday move and appreciate it. It is important to find a place to stay comfortably all day. I am however walking less like the Hunchback of Notre Dame but my back is a bit sore for been in bed for so long.
I will however be a good girls and stay put to make sure it all heal properly that is if my mum gives me a break and stop making me laugh and that really hurts. Bless mothers she can't help herself I guess it's to hide her been so nervous too.

So all is going well so far, I am due to see my surgeon this Friday will keep you updated.

One week post op check up with surgeon went well....

One week post op check up with surgeon went well. appart from antibiotics for the belly button everything else looks very good.
next week we will take stichings out belly botton and in two weeks to see surgeon for next check up.
All is well, kids are happy they can hugg mum "softly" and I can now seat for a few minutes and cuddle up to husband.

2 weeks since op. Well, not feeling bad at all...

2 weeks since op.

Well, not feeling bad at all. I am almost walking straigh although if I seat for too long It feel like the tummy muscle spring back into tight mode. Still taking it easy as muscle are still tender. Looking forward to see my surgeon in a weeks time.
Everyday that goes by I am so happy it is now done and I can't wait to spoil myself or shall I say my husband by getting some nice sexy lingerie. We have agreed that he won't see anything until we are away on holiday. Big reveal of the new building facade Lol.... 9 weeks to go, I should be all heald and unswollen.
Talking about swelling. The nurses really made me laugh when they told me no your tummy is still swollen your tummy will be flatter then that. Oh really! Wouaw.... it looks like I will fit in a size 12 at least. I will have to work on my bum and legs by myself to make me a complete new model. I now have hope that I can get back to a size 8 evantually. See how it goes but this is my target for Christmas and if I am a 10 I'll just as happy.

Visit to the surgeon today. All went well. He took...

Visit to the surgeon today. All went well. He took the brown tape away from the scares and we had a look.... Oh Nice. We were both very pleased. All is going very well. One more week of brown tape and I will be gently able to resume All activities... lol... I liked the "all"... still got to be careful not to over do it as my tummy muscles are still a bit sore if I do too much. But I am sure I can cope with increasing activity.
I won't be running behind the kids at the lake yet but I can manage the school run.
Next visit to surgeon in 6 weeks.

5 weeks + post op doing very well, still taking...

5 weeks + post op
doing very well, still taking it a bit easy but found myself running behind my son without discomfort and not so much pain but still feeling the hard work those core muscles go through.
trousers getting loose and able to put my sizes 10 tops and looking good.
considering lipo to work those final extra mum lumps around the hips....
have appointment with the surgeon on the 29th of July for check up and will talk to him about lipo.
Dr Erik Scholten

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