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Ok here goes i am 176lbs 5ft 4. I have lost alot...

Ok here goes i am 176lbs 5ft 4. I have lost alot of weight, had 3large babies, 3sections, hysterectomy and to say the least my abdomen ruined..
I had a gastric band 5years ago and had only trouble with it..it has been empty 6months and isn't irritating my stomach now but where the port is just above belly button there is a protruding mass yuk!!
Went to see dean Boyce last night in Swansea and he said I need port removed to get a nice finish without it poking out..he said he could ask a bariatric surgeon to come in and remove it but will cost me double for 2surgeons.
Eeeek and he couldn't fit me in till next summer 2014 as I need school holidays as work in a school. But I wanted it done this summer. Well I found a surgeon who is bariatric/cosmetic at my local private hospital bridgend!! I got a consultation next Tuesday with him!! Hope he can help me.. I am getting married in Cyprus on 25th July this year and really would of loved tummy done on my return as still have 4weeks off work..
Hope all of you are ok I have been reading for around 3weels now ?

5to2 diet

Hey I started this diet 2weeks ago as I'm trying to get bmi down to 25-28 before wedding/op..
Well it's great you eat normal for 5days then fast for 2..it's also great for heart disease, diabetes,strokes it puts your body into a repair state and your organs start repairing by using up fat stores while fasting!!
I lost 4lb first week and then 1pound and half this week..
Very good way of life and don't feel like a diet.. On fasting days I have lots of energy and have cranked up fitness from once a week to 5a week..


Hi everyone
I am on a downer as I went to see ahmd hassn the bariatric/cosmetic surgeon and he said he will take band out this year and next year i can have tuck done..I dont mind keeping the band in as long as i cant see port protuding. Well the 1st surgeon I saw sent me and my gp a letter stating he had spoken to his colegue bariatric surgeon and its advised I leave it in as 2procedures have many more risks for the abdomen.. He has referd me to his colegue on the nhs so god knows how long that will be..Not going anywhere fast!!
Head banging as dont know what to do and in waiting again..

poland or brussels

hi I am looking at either going to poland to Dr Adams or Brussels with Dr Bert O..
Travelling alone so looking for travel buddies??
will be going around December 16th leaving cardiff or bristol airport

Going abroad

Well I have researched tummy tuck in Europe till I'm blue in the face!!
Still toying between dr Adam and few others..
Got married on yacht in Cyprus 2weeks ago!!will post pics of my belly with a tan lol.
Its still yuk but tan does help..
Some surgeons say fler de lys some normal tummy tuck.. Confussed

Surgery All booked

Hi all I have booked my tummy tuck with lipo and mr and also gastric port removal!!!
So happy as I'm staying home in UK and having surgery in sancta Maria hospital Swansea with dr dean boyce!
One of the best surgeons in Wales..
It's costing 2thousand pound more but I feel a tummy tuck is a major op and after care is paramount.
Hope all of you are doing well..
Surgery is on dec 18th..


Well 6weeks yesterday and I will be on the flat side!
I'm soo excited and trying to get my last stone(14lbs) off I'm doing AB challenge and squat challenge!! I'm on liquid diet this week to kick start me!! Hope u all ok and healing well or getting excited like me lol..

Me at heaviest and me getting wed in July 2013

Just put a before and after of me at heaviest and then me on yacht getting married in Cyprus!!
Different lady hey!!


Our wedding July 2013

Disgusting at heaviest

Mfp (my fitness pal)started today

I'm desp to loose 14lb before tt so just joined mfp and hoping it will help support me!! Anyone else used it with success??

14lb dilemma

Liquid diet didn't work I weighed last Friday and stayed the same!! I will weigh tomos now and hope something budges after cc!
Hope u girlies ae fine

Hey lost 9lb on chemical diet

So I did the first week on chemical preop diet and lost 9lb!! Very pleased and going back on it tomos!! It made me feel very good and lots of energy due to protein..


Ok everyone I completed the chemical diet and in 10days I have lost 11lbs very happy about that and will be doing it again strictly the week before my surgery..
I am hoping to loose another 8-10lbs
Hope your all ok?

Colon cleanser anyone???

Hi I read that colon cleanser is good pre and post op!! For cleaning colon/bowel resulting in removal of waste/toxins and swelling.. Anyone else used them? If so how soon before? And how long after? I have received then tonight but only states on packaging to take one a day before 6pm

One week to go!!!

Well it's only 1week to go and I have an abscess in tooth and I have been given antibiotics tonight!!
Lots of mixed emotions
Hope u all ok

Pre op

Hi all
I had my preop today all seemed good..
I had bloods done,weight,height,water sample,mrsa swabs and chat to pre nurse..looks like a lovely hospital and I can't believe its only 4days to go!!!
Tooth ache still there and nearly finished antibiotics do will need extraction after tt no doubt.. Hope your all good x

Sitting down tummy

Sitting down side

1 more SLEEP!!!

Well ladies it's one more sleep and I have put 7pillows ready for my bed and a stool to get in and out. Started packing my bag, shaved my jewel, washed my fluffy throws..all supplies in bedside drawer..
whoop whoop I hope I becone flat

I've madeit

Well just come back to my room!!
Was down there 5 hours in total
Just oral pain killers so that's good I'm strong bird..
My hips killing from lipo


seen surgeon he said there was a mess on abdominal muscles they were stretched to maximum!! They were open/separated about 6inchs. He sewed them back together nice and tight.The scar tissue from 3sections and hysterectomy tissue was like nothing he'd seen before! He's removed my gastric port and the total amount of skin removed was 7lbs he said he removed a hell of ALOT of skin..I gave him a run for his money Girlies!! Pain is not as bad as I expected!!

My darling daughter

Hubby and kids went home at 9pm my daughter Mckenzie was sobbing her heart out so I sprayed my perfume on her scarf so she could sleep with it and the smell would remind her of me..Mum been here allday and been marvellous she's been like a 1.1 nurse!Just seen surgeon again and I he showed me my tummy I LOVE my belly hun And that was in a sitting position.i said will you take a pic on my phone? He said well in all the years I have been a plastic surgeon I have never had a patient ask me to take a pic only 3hours after op!!

Sitting up

I took pics of sitting last night and then this pic is sitting tonight

Sitting on bed

Bit better lay out

Pain pain pain pain

I have had doctors round me emergency ECG, bloods and oxygen..a load of morphine. The pain was in my chest under ribcage and was like nothing I have ever experienced before!! I was screaming as it hurt just to breathe!!
But turned out to be Severe trapped WIND...well girls/boys if you go through that then I sympathise with you I really do!! It was a million times worse than tt pain..just had peppermint water so fingers crossed bunnies.. Any handy tips appreciated as no doubt it will happen again!!

No drains!!

Well luckily my drains were removed today as wasn't draining. My surgeon said It is rare for your body to expel water but it does happen to some patients..He also just said my preparations for this body trauma have helped my body immensely!! I am drinking 3-5litres of water been taking arnica,folic acid,iron and calcium! So to any of you questioning yourselves about tt please don't it's changed me already and only early days..sending positive vibes to you all and thank you

Pic just taken

Sitting up again

Pics too large don't know why

Collapsed lung

Anaesthetist just came to see me and said after reviewing my X-ray results I have a large area of trapped air and a slightly collapsed left lung.. Got breathing exercises to do..

first night home!!

I'm in bed trying to sit up but my pillow s are collapsing they too soft putting lots of pressure on my core to keep upright my bum and heels of feet are sore! Any suggestions hunnies? Iv only slept 2 hours
my mum bringing up firmer pillow s Saturday.

comfortable now

I am in my big bed and I have 6 pillows behind me and 3 under calfs im all cwtched up and feeling good!
I have an ensuite bathroom so dont need to use stairs. I have made a record of all meds/times/water intake so no confusion or dreaded mistakes. The pain is no where near the pain I thought it would be! Probably helps that I have had 3 sections and the hysterectomy. Its easier than hysterectomy much easier!

swelling but could be worse im sure!

Well I think swelling starting! Im drinking 4 litres of water and drinking pineapple tea grapefruit tea and peppermint tea. Still taking arnica and resting very well! Im not eating anything with sodium. Just special k, fruit and yogurts!

todays tummy

something to make you laugh!

When I was walking down to the theatre with my gown and stockings on I thought ohh no I have left my knickers on!! I thought to myself well the surgeon is going to have a shock when he lifts giwn and I have got my underwear on. I also thought well I won't be seeing them again lol..
I got back to my room and on my bedside cabinet was these!!

bms allday

Well my stool softners are working with a vengeance and I have used the bathroom at least 11 times but glad though.


I git ny first post appointment with hospital today to have dressings changed so I will be able to see my new belly button and incision for the first time!
I didnt habe any sleeo last night my 3 year old is poorly and cried most of the night!

3year old Henley

EUPHORIC despite being unwell

Henley got virus!!!
I Went out at 10am today got in at 6pm. Think I'm going to die Sitting on bed shaking like mad..saw my new belly button today at hospital and it's cute!????and incision is fantastic and they are super pleased with my healing so far!! Very swollen as expected.lee my hubby bought me size14 UK ( 10 US)size dress today for Xmas day and tried it on it too big so will have to change for a size 12 UK (10 US) chuffed..Spewing now and nearly split my abdominal muscles still shaking I done sooo much today!!
Iv been so good and listened to my surgeon with his aftercare and don't want to mess up now. Changed my binder to compression garment and it's less itchy and all in one.

standing up tonight


new fitting dress with swelling

Dressed up for Christmas

Feel small lol

Photos messing up

1st week done and happy happy!!

I can't believe its 1week since tt!
Had a lovely day out in lovely restaurant for Christmas lunch. Kids were spoilt. I'm still suffering with wind and trapped all night and still haven't slep more than 3hours for 1week!! My best friend of 28years visited this evening and I had my dress on and she didn't say a bloody word didn't mention my body!! Hurt me a little..as my body is such a difference in such little time. I was sooo shocked tonight I put on new pjs from mum size 12(8us) and they looked lush and I didn't even think they would fit. My fake boobs looked great too without bra and they are nearly 9years old.weighed today and lost 8lb on a week!! Still very swollen but so so happy!
SOS for bragging but I'm wanting to share my experience with everyone


pjs size12uk 8US

how can pjs make a girl so proud

new belly button oval

size 10 uk 6US dresses woop woop!!

I bought nlots if bew dresses yesterday size 10uk 6us
I never thought in my wikdest of dreams would I be that dress size a week post op!
just because I have fake boobies I coukdnt wear a bra as they wouldn't have futted into my new size lol.
My mate visited today and I sorted out all my wardrobe and gave her all my size 14s and 16s! My wardrobe empty apart from the new outfits I bought yesterday!
good excuse girlies for a new wardrobe! Im very swollen but slept 6 hour last night YIPPEE and started sleeping on my side but ended up on my back!
hope you all ok and healing well or just being happy.

well well SWELL HELL

Very bad today eaten crap allday and ain't stopped again but my poor body is paying for it.
I am feeling soo sick from all tge crap I have indulged today! Better day tomos thats for sure!

swell below bb any help will do xmas in Orlando 2014

Wow swelling bad!, I look prego below my bb I drink 4 litres of water a day, eat clean, no salt and rest for most of the day with little walks throughout! I did have to adjust my garment today to tighter hooks so that would suggest smaller hey! Dont make sense does it?
Will post pics of today. Hope you all ok
on a positive note dads paying for a 7 star villa for us next Christmas in Orlando so thats cheered me up something to look forward too! I will post pics of our villa for you to have a peek at and share my good news


Property descriptionThis villa is situated in the exclusive Calabay Parc Tower Lake. Gated resort with own lake, pier and fishing.This home has it all 3 Master Ensuites with Super Kings, 2 Twin bedrooms, 60 inch cable TV, Blu Ray Player , Upgraded cable package with UK Soccer, Fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances, 32ft south facing pool, massive pool deck and a spa that seats 10 with lake view, 2 shaded patio areas one on first floor has a flat screen TV, 42 inch TV in all rooms. Wi-Fi in all rooms so you can surf in bed! Games Room with second sitting area and large screen TV. 4000 square foot over 3 floors. Absolutely Stunning. This home has it all....

birthmark on tummy before and after surgery

You can see how much ps removed and then pulled down. Skin looks a different texture too

happy new year

Happy new year real sister's! !
im in uk so my new year will be in under 7 hours.
hope all wishes for 2014 come to life.

2weeks done

Ok so it's 2weeks post op for me and I'm feeling almost back to normal apart from sleeping on tummy! It is one if the best ops I have ever done and would recommend to anyone who would love fantastic results!!
Going to my 2nd post op appointment tomos and hoping removal of streri strips to see my scar!!
Thanks girlies for support and inspiration

Very positive doc appointment

Well I drove to hospital today for my second post op and everything was great!! Steri strips were taken off and incision lovely. They said they haven't seen such a good scar after just 2weeks!!will post pics in morn as tired as went sale shopping and was out for 10hours with no food as too busy buying new lingerie and dresses!!had my first shower tonight in 15days wow it was good!! Do you know I had a 5 hour massive operation with 6inch muscle repair and 4-5inch thick scar tissue removal from 3sections and hysterectomy procedures and lipo of flanks and abdomen and I didn't get one bruise girlies!! That's good in it?
Well I will post my pics of bod and new gear tomos!!

lingerie pics size10-12 uk

Still swelling on hips and below bellybutton

new set of lingerie number 2

Swelling again

Popped out! What a feeling!!

I Took kenz my daughter to her swimming lessons today and As we got out of car I said kenz take a pic of mummy lol..I wore a new pair of jeans and no rolls of fat girlies!! I was passing windows and doing double take to glance at reflection again!! I also popped to shop across the road in my pjs and one of my BFF walked straight passed me as she didn't recognise me!! I said I can't believe you didn't recognise me and she said wow you SKINNY b**ch...

Another pic in kitchen on return home

Measurement update

Well I measured this morning
And I have lost
6inchs off waist
5inchs off hips
4inchs off breast cup
5inchs off under breast
20inch total loss!!
Very pleased girlies

Just been to the shops in new dress!

I apologise in advance but I can't stop sending pics as I want to share my elation with everyone and hubby just says nice!!

Envy! Envy! Envy!

Gosh jealousy is an awful thing!
It's such a pity my BFF can't share my most happiest time of my life! She's just left my home and hasn't even asked 1question about me! I sent her 7pics of my new bod and she ignored everyone and made no comment at all. So I messaged her saying don't worry I won't BORE you no more so I won't be sending you any more pics of my new body!!!!!!
Thanks to you all for sharing my pics and complete happiness at this time in my life xxxxc

More pics girlies!!!

I took off garment and took a few pics!
Some laying down and one standing! Very swollen under bb and a lump in right side!!
I did sleep in that side last night so I will try my back tonight!!


It's me again lump on right side!!

I have swelling/lumps on right side which is bigger than the left its under bb towards my sides but about the size of my hand!!
Just took garment off for a shower and took some pics!


I took my son and his mates to an indoor water park and then went shopping while waiting for them and I had to carry 2shopping bags and In the end I was dragging them I was in so much pain!! I was ballooning by the min..I then took the boys for food and I must have drove for around two hours!! Will post pics now I'm HUGE and in agony!!!!!!!!

Positive comment lol

Something to make you laugh we walked into lc2 water park and ioan my sons mate said there's you Emma!! It was a huge board with a fit girl with a toned flat tummy advertising the gym lol
That was obviously before swelling

New Emma lol

Sooooo down

Well I have been on such a high till now the swelling girls is a nightmare!! I trully believe I look bigger than before! I have also put on 4lbs this week.. Sorry for the downer but it's making me so sad im crying!!
Gosh I feel so bloody fat and huge

Real low

Well I hate being negative as I am a very positive person but can't help my feelings at mo.. Put on 8lbs now I weighed this morning so I'm heavier than before surgery, started my diet and 1st day went ok I'm just sooo tired and in such a bad mood! Going back to work tomos do that don't help either! Gosh I haven't felt like this in years!! Hope u are all doing good.

Not well

I haven't been myself all week eating crap feeling lethargic and blaming my weight gain due to my silly eating!
I got out of shower tonight on a lot of pain incision red with a hole seeping puss and smelly my doctor checked and got a wound infection gutted..

Feeling better

Going to see my surgeon today it will be first post op appointment with him due to him being on vacation! I have seen his post op nurse and she is lovely. Wonder what he will say?
Good news after iodine dressings my hole is closing YIPEE!!
My boss asked me to work full time from today as my job shares off due to hubby having heart failure! I said I can't do this week as I need some rest so i may do next week!
I will add some pics also
Hope you all ok hunnies

4weeks seen surgeon today

So I Seen dean my surgeon tonight he was very pleased with my results they said my little hole was my body throwing out a stitch no infection! Phew was glad of that he took pics of me for his profile and website, glad I wore my new Lacey diamanté lingerie ???? he showed me my pics just before I went into theatre OMFG!!!!! I was def in denial as I can't remember seeing that gross body in my mirror..I told him about my two hard lumps below bb and he said fat pockets under skin!!! Gutted as the right side is huge and looks odd as hell..I thought they were swelling as they hurt like mad...any one else had this????

Scar revealed

Well here it is my scar all views appreciated!
I'm happy withe the fine thinness of the line but there is puckering on sides my right is the worse!
But it will be covered so that doesn't really bother me.
My dressing is where the little hole is from spitting stitch..

Lost 5lb this week

I lost 5lb this week I wasn't dieting as such just watching what I was eating and not eating late at night.
I have been shopping today and bought £125 of weight watchers food as the supermarket had offers on all of it lol.
So me and hubby have started that today which is great as you can eat mostly everything as long as you count the propoints!
Well realistically I would like to loose 11lbs and be happy at 162lbs so not too much hey!

Bikini trial

Tried some bikini bottoms on last night to see if they would hide scar and mission accomplished Girlies!! Some too big lol

More bottoms

5weeks post op

Ok so it's 5weeks post op and I'm fine my bodies healed well and doing everything apart from bathing in a bath as my surgeon says its a no no at the moment...
The think I do have though is I still believe I'm huge!! I know it sounds mental but I look in mirror and see a big belly when I know it's no where near what it was!! I also look at pics at don't see them in my head If that makes any sense!! I don't think it's just me going through this mental torture and it's more than likely part if the process!! It's not making me down or sad it's just something I'm experiencing at this time in the recovery!
Hope u all fighting fit EMZ x

Feeling good 5weeks post op pics

This is me this morning after pigging out last night I thought I would be huge today but hey I liked what I saw when I. Removed my cg for a shower!!!

6weeks post op time flies!!

Hey time flies when you have fun hey!! I can't believe it's been 6weeks already! Today I wore just stretchy spanx knickers today in work and boy it felt strange!! I took a few pics in work they are not the best but will post. I am back to normal now just have to wait for green light for fitness from surgeon.
Hope you all good
Emma x

Thank god he wasn't my surgeon


I know weight as always been a major issue in my life! Iv done every diet every life changing healthy eating plan. Even spent thousands on a gastric band when really should of had brain surgery not stomach surgery! I am eating rubbish at the weekends and really punishing myself as when I start I can't stop I put on 9lbs Friday in a day.. I hate myself for doing this and then eat more till I feel sick! I went out yesterday and felt so fat an even had rolls of fat hanging over clothes!
I know what I need to do and that is healthy eating and exercise and stop puting myself in mode of dieting but just can't help this crap time at the moment! I'm well educated but just can't get my mind fixed for it..
Nightmare girls as I'm so sad

7weeks post op right side lump!!

Hi can't believe its 7weeks tomos time is going so quick!!
My lumps iv had since beginning are getting bigger well the right one anyway!! Iv emailed surgeon tonight as it's causing pain and discomfort and looks ugly!!
Apart from that all good and back to normal..
I will post some pics now of scar and lumps

Skinny jeans too big!!!!

Put on my skinny jeans 14uk 10us and the waist is huge which I'm not complaining about lol..
Will have to buy a pair one or two sizes smaller!!yippee

I'm on a high!!! I'm back..

Hey girlies I'm back to my buzzing self!! Iv been doing weight watchers and lost 6lbs since Monday and I measured this morning and lost another inch from waist,hips and bust woop woop..
Iv decided that ww is a lifestyle change and very versatile with treats,takeaways an option if you want them.. As soon as I put myself on a diet I fail.. New way forward for me just can't wait to get the green light to workout now from surgeon!!
The only way is up (apart from scales) girlies lol
Emma x

8 weeks post op!! Happy happy

Well it's 8weeks post op today and I'm on top of the world I'm loving my body loving it!! Today I have felt amazing and have gone all day with out cg..I feel tiny and really enjoying ww it had made me so creative and have eaten so well.
I see my surgeon tomos so got a list of questions regarding bathing,exercise,intermittent lump and garment.
Well I hope you all good and I will post some pics of this morning..

Surgeon pleased

Iv been discharged don't need to see my surgeon anymore! I gave him a big hug and said thank you.. He's sooo chuffed with outcome that he took more photos and asked if he can use them on his plastic surgery website..lump is my muscle which he did repair as it had a tear in it but because of the mess my muscles were in I will have that what ever happens but that's Ok I suppose!hey better than before..
Surgeon recommends kelo-cote for scar.. He did say that bio oil has the same properties as cream e45 so he said use your choice wisely!!

Jeans shopping

Went skinny jeans shopping this morning and I'm elated size 12 uk 8us! Also found a skin tight dress for one if my nights out!!
Hey and no muffin top woop woop!!
I stayed the same on the scales this week even after a good weight watchers program but girls I have realised that when you have this procedure done it's the shape and inches that count as I'm proof!! Still 172lbs but tiny dress size!
Happy happy happy happy
Lots of baileys this evening with my valentines meal xx


More pics

I'm crazy taking pics at the moment lol
Today I went out with no cg or spanx just knickers and that was soo weird! My hips are sticking out so they hurt now as bone so close to skin lol. I wore hipster combats and my knickers were showing eeek!!!!!
I also found a pic of last summer in a pink boob tube and I tried the boot tube on and OMG oil don't believe it., last summer I was sucking my tummy in and thought that tube looked slimming hence why I hadn't deleted it as all others were gone!
Hope your all good x

Exercise for first time!!!!

I bought a new exercise bike and hubby pit it up today and I put on clubland on plasma in bedroom and peddled my arse off lol.. Trance tracks were blasting I was sweating and in my oils (literally) doing fitness with out apron felt totally amazing!!!! I did 30mins which I was happy with and my aim is to do 30mins everyday hey I can do that!
Tool some pics when I got off bike and loved what I seen.!
No more garment or binder it's been 2days with just knickers lol and feel s weird..
Hope u all ok x

Pressed too early

On your bike lol

Hi girlies I'm bike as I write this in got up and straight on it lol..some pics of actually sitting on bike.
I love being an inspiration to you all x

Spa day in bikini

Went for a girlie spa day today and boy it was LUSH
And I had my bikini on!!!!!!!!!
Fabulous I felt great
Hey I even set alarm for early so that I could bike it before I went!!
Few pics xx

Tight fitting clothes this weekend

I went to see phantom of the opera last night and wore tight dress with no underwear!!!
Then went to a party today and wore tight jeans and crop top!!
Woop woop

Sun is out HOT HOT HOT

Well the sun is hot and so am I lol..
My boob tube is too big so had to rolled it up.. Took my son to rugby and all the other mothers were in wellies and hoodies a me WELL I had a skirt on that wouldn't go on me before tt!
And iv got a new full length mirror and I love it girls..put on couple of pounds this week as I think I'm having a growth spurt as can't stop eating lol..but been on my bike 15timesin 2weeks
Hope u all good xx

3months girlies

So it's 3months today that I had tummy tuck and I can't believe how quick it's gone! No change at all just busy biking every morning and following ww through the week and having what I fancy on a Friday and Saturday!
I will post some pics of this morning for you to see x

4months girlies

Well it's been 4months now since my tt and it has gone very quick!
Nothing has really changed since 2months in all fairness! My tummy is still tender and feels weird when it's been touched like a numb but still can feel it if I make sense!
I am up and down with weight at present in 9lbs heavier than post op but I can lose it in 2weeks and gain it when busy social times I.e easter lol.
When I lose I also lose a dress size even if it is just 7-9lbs. But I'm happy and not threat ing over it as I feel I got it under control.
Would love to have legs, arms, bum and boobs done lol lol lol.
I took some pics today of me in a tight cami dress with leggins size 12 UK!
Hope u all good

More pics

Some more

80s nite out in painted on dress lol

Nite out in very tight dress lol. No underwear what so ever!!!
I felt good girls. Lost 10lbs in 6 days on chemical diet and was feeling FINE a few pics for u


6months now!!!!

Well it's here six months already. Feeling super today as lost 6lbs since Monday and sun is shining! Just on way out for a day in the sun at cocktail bars! My tummy still weird feeling my scar is great don't use anything on it never have! I did put 14lbs on and was so down so I am motivated to get it off half way there! Iv realised there's nothing that tastes as good as being slim nothing!! I'm doing ab challenge and 3 five mile walks a week..hope your all good I will post pics soon
Em x


Pics of 6 months girlies

Few pics from weekend away

Girly weekend away pics update x

Few more lol

Lol lots more


Love the dress hunnies as you can see lol

1year on

well it's gone so quick! Best thing ever my tummy tuck!
Just returned from Orlando and what a fab Christmas over there! I lost 28lbs before I went but gained 5lb eating America style lol.
Would love more work done but hey who knows!!
Hope your all good
Emma xx
Dr Dean Boyce

My surgeon is Dr Dean Boyce Swansea Wales not above surgeon

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