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Would appreciate any sort of advice from fellow...

Would appreciate any sort of advice from fellow users of TCA 50% peels. I did one last night with extreme burning effects. My whole forehead frosted with what looked like plastic paint. I could not neuralize it nor would water cool it or rid it of the horrendous frosting. The burn lasted a good hour and my eyes and nose ran throughout the whole time. I have had 50% peels before and it was bareable but I guessed something was amiss here. I followed it accordingly and thought that I had bought the product from a reputable company in the States. Perhaps not? It eventually settled and I managed to get lanolin on the area. This morning I woke up to swelling on my eyes and forehead. It is red but the skin is not broken nor blistered however it still has a tinge of the frosting. My skin tone has changed and I have noticed some dark spots that I didnt have. I know the swelling will go down and the skin will heal itself naturally and of course I do feel like a dumb dumb for having put my skin through this. I guess I am just wondering if anyone else out there has experienced this or could offer me some advice. Thanks for reading, this is a fantastic website!

Just to update how progress is going as somehow...

Just to update how progress is going as somehow writing here is theraputic as lots of people have been through similar experiences. It is now day 4 and some itching and peeling has started. The last couple of days has been about the swelling which narrowed my eyes and made me basically look like a Klingon. I know the swelling is natures way of protecting the area. Underneath the peel the skin appears to be pink which is not my natural colouring! I know I am going to have to be patient with this one and perhaps a new hairstyle is on the cards for now. I am keeping my skin greased up with the most unscented, natural moisturiser and I am cleansing it with colloidal silver which has great healing properties. I am afraid to put anything harsh on my skin until I at least see some improvements. My skin is still feeling tender and there is still some swelling under my eyes however I think the after care now is the most important as I cannot change what I have done. I have no idea as to how long it will take to right itself. Having read through a number of testimonials and reviews we and our skin really does work differently for each and everyone of us. Some people describe being able to cope with a 50% TCA and others can barely manage a 12%. So lessons learnt the hard way here. If doing an at home kit start on the lowest percentage you can find. This stuff is so aggressive and really when you do read other reviews it is hard to know how your skin will react. Be wiser than I have been. Be careful.
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Think I will contact the seller.

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