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1st removal session

I had my first removal session 2 days ago, it was painful but bareable for the short period the treatment lasted. It was initially a little uncomfortable, but it calmed down after a few hours and I've had no problems with it since so far. It's currently a little scabby, a bit like when I had the tattoo done initially. I can see a slight difference already, hopefully this tattoo will be gone in a matter of months!

1st removal session

3rd removal session

It's been 9 days since my 3rd laser treatment, and I'm finally starting to see some significant fading (yippee!!). After this session I had a few litte blisters, which I haven't experienced before. As you can see it is a little scabby on the left corner, I caught the scab accidentally a few days ago and some of it pulled off, I've been keeping an eye on in though and hopefully it will still heal ok!? Fingers crossed!

A year later.......

For starters process is much longer than I anticipated! It's getting there though. I've had 9 treatments so far to get it to his stage! Yeah it hurts.... Like REALLY hurts but once it's over it's not painful so you've gotta grit your teeth and get on with it. I don't know how many treatments I've got to go, I guess it's like asking how long is a piece of string! I only got the 9th session done yesterday so it's pretty raised and looks a bit gross at the moment. My first 5 treatments I wasn't happy with the place and they've caused a slight scar on the tip of the heart (left side) so I loved to a clinic which have been brilliant. My journey continues......

Hi, so glad I stumbled across this site, I don't feel like I'm making a mountain out of a molehill anymore & that's it's normal and ok to feel like this about a tattoo you hate!! I got my newest tattoo on the 12 oct, Just over a week ago!!! It's not my first, I've 4 others and I love them. The newest was something I chose to have that represented something very important to me that I'm sadly moving on from. After much searching I chose an African symbol, a Sankofa and I wanted numbers discreatly working into it so they weren't bold or in your face. I originally wanted it on the inside of my foot just below the ankle bone but I was talked out if this by the tattooist I then stupidly decided on the base of my neck, although ive thought about getting one here before I hadn't given it quite enough thought!! It was placed higher than I asked for so there are very few clothes that hide it :-( the sankofa turned out as the tattooists own take on it as she added her own swirls to it, so it isn't actually a sankofa, just a swirly heart and the significant number 884..... It's smack bang in the middle as bold as anything!! I truly hate it!! I went to another tattoo parlour the day after and they traced it & tried to see if there was any way they could re work it, but it was difficult and just got bigger and bigger! So it's going to have to be a coverup or removal..,. I'm leaning towards removal!! It's my work leaving do this weekend, which is why the number is significant, I was so looking forward to seeing everyone but now I'm so embarrassed by it I don't want to go, I'm thinking of covering it up with some kind of dressing and making an excuse up as to why it's there!! I haven't even been to the gym as its so blatantly visible and I usually go 4 times a week. I Had no idea one small thing could make you feel so bad! It's only just under 2inch x 2 inch and it's not horrific just nothing like what I wanted so to me it's horrific! I've been looking at laser removal, I know it's going to be seriously painful, but if it gets rid of it Im willing to go through the pain. I don't know whether it can be completely removed, I really hope so! Any advise would be very welcome. Thanks

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