33 Year Old Mum of 3. From the UK, I Would Like my Boobs Back, Xx - Sussex, UK

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Hi, I'm 33 mum of three, ages 3,6,13, I breast...

Hi, I'm 33 mum of three, ages 3,6,13, I breast feed all,
I'm getting my boobs back at long last,
I'm now all booked in for 7th April 2014 for the operation

I looked into getting my breast augmentation in 2004, after having my first child
I was a size 34c/d cup and went down to a 34a-b after pregnancy & breast feeding
but didn't have the money to go through with it,
I also wanted to have more children so didn't think this was the right time too.

I'll add more pictures soon as these were taken in bad lighting

My Surgeon suggested a 300-325cc to get back to what I was and I'm happy with that as that's what I want too of course

3 weeks and 5 days to go, I can't wait

I'm counting down now.....
Looking forward but nervous too,
I booked my surgery at the start of the school holidays so it would give me some time to recover, I also have my mother in law helps with the children as she works in a school so will be off work during this time. Thank goodness

My implants will be high profile silicone mentor ones

Cost of surgery is £3,900 (uk pounds)

I'll be getting discount as a family member works at the hospital
So then it will cost £3,520 yay!

More before pictures :(

In better lighting, the husband took these ones!

Omg! I told my nan I'm having a boob job

I told my 90 year old nan and I was so worried to what she would say and shocked to hear she is fine with it, and if she could have it done herself she would as hers have shrunk getting older,
So pleased to her that, I'm very relieved

1 week and 6 days to go.....

Getting nervous now! Pay day soon so best get some support bras, any advice where to buy from in the UK?
Or tips to help with recovery ??

Just days to go now....;)

I need to get prepared, where do I start ??

Today is the day (.)(.)

Didn't sleep too well last night. Zzz
I'm so hungry wish I can get something, need to be at the hospital for 745am
So off I go :)

Treatment day pictures

Wow hospital room was nice, it was like a hotel room
I was so tired and nervous, my husband was with me the whole time, thank goodness
I was all checked in by the nurse,
Got into my gown and white stockings
My surgeon and then the anesthetist came to see me and went through everything and that I would be taken down to theatre at 10am


Back from surgery pictures

I was so sleepy zzz

Surgeon went with slightly bigger implants

I was expecting 300/325 cc to get me to a D cup but my surgeon did say he might have to go slightly bigger to give me a better outcome
And he did I have 350cc round high profile silicone over the muscle

There looking cone shape, sore and swollen too
I had drains to clear blood and fluids which were taken out the following morning

Day 6 Dressings coming off, I get to see my new pair

Wow this dressings is sticky, what a job to get it off, releasing one boob at a time..... Happy with the outcome
I know they will fluff and drop in time
There is a few blisters from the dressing which I expected
Scars are looking good with only just a little brusing

Day 8

HI drove today for the first time, it was ok but I wouldn't want to do longer distance , I can do most things now just a lot slower and carefully. My boobs are still very hard and softer around the sides, I don't have any sensation on one of my nipples,
I'm finding these sports bras uncomfortable I keep buying more to find one that's comfortable,
Check up with surgeon tomorrow afternoon

How much do implants weigh ?

How much do implants weigh, any idea?

Updated pictures

All is going well, I saw the surgeon and all is healing well, first week was the hardest week of recovery
Day 17 now, I was told that I have to wear a sports bra then a comfort bra for the first 3 months
But is it hard to find a comfortable one or what?

Picture update

More pictures

Pictures on day 15

More pictures


My scar pictures ...at day 10 , one is more sore then the other it doesn't help that these sports bras are uncomfortable and rides up to my scars and the band digs in, I have to change my bras twice a day because of this.
My stitches were dissolvable

Before and after at day 15

Before and after at day 15
Name not provided

My surgeon was recommend to me, he is local to my area and works for the NHS hospital as well as private

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