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So after months or reading reviews, opinions,...

So after months or reading reviews, opinions, general research I have finally ok'd my clin check and will be recieving my first trays next Wednesday!

The process so far has been honestly perfect. I had to reach out to a new dentist for this treatment and the practice has been so friendly informative and made the process comforting.

He has explained virtually everything I have read in terms of pros, cons, pains etc.

As previously mentioend I have reseasrched a lot into this treatment, as I am only 20 spending £3500 on this doesnt come lightly as you can expect!

I will need 14 trays and after the treatment my dentist has explained and assured me of certain aspects of my teeth that I will still need to sort (ridges, bumps etc)

Throughout my journey I will try to do as many updates as possible :)

1st Tray 1st Day!

Yesterday evening I went to the most exciting appointment yet! I picked up my first 2 sets of trays!

The appointment went really well, he had to do some IPR on my front tooth (which I'd been previously informed of) Slighlty uncomfortable but I was just excited to start so I didn't really care!

He showed me how to put them in and take them out, made sure I was able to do it myself.

Initially I was like ok... this isn't invisible... but this was also with a mirror, dentist, light very close to my mouth. Once I left the dentist I kept checking and looking and they look so impressive.

I've now had the first trays in for 15 hours. I woke up and my teeth felt a bit weird.. pulled them out and brushed my teeth which was slighlty uncomfortable. This morning I have also discovered I have a slight lisp.. Not too obvious but noticiable to people that know I'm going through this treatment!

There's not much to update on, but I'm just so excited to start to see progress (not excited for my attachments in a month+ time)

Also one last note was that my dentist mentioned that they have recently changed the retainers and the edges are smoother, praying for everyone that had theres before because I still think they dont feel smooth!

First 24 Hours with Invisalign

24 hours with Invisalign....

Well to be honest its now been 1 1/2 days and I would not say it's a walk in the park but It's 10x better than expected. I think a lot of reviews on here have prepared me for the worst and I had expected it to be a lot harder and I'm therefore so glad it's been this easy so far!

I have noticed as time is going on that the more I talk the more I'm irrating my tongue etc and as soon as I remember its in my mouth my lisp becomes worse. I feel like its just going to be a case of my lisp slowing dissapearing (cross fingers), aching teeth for the first week, trying to stop running my tongue around the edges.

So far I've had no comments about the brace unless I've mentioned and they've gone "where, show me" and I've had to take it out to prove. My lisp is noticable but again I'm hoping this goes!

Excited to carry on this journey :)

1 Week with Invisalign!

So its been a week since I started my first tray.

To be honest there isn't much more to update on since I posted my last update as its only got better. I still think it's nowhere near as bad as I expected as previously mentioned!

I still have a lisp but it has gone down considerably. My teeth do not ache at all, this went after 3 mornings.

I've still had no comments regarding the brace unless I've mentioned it!

I want to brush my teeth all the time but instead; when I wake up, before dinner, before I go to bed.

It's quite difficult with my job to just go off and brush my teeth so I carry floss with me for after lunch.

So far all good, excited to start my next tray. I have my first social test soon as I'm going to an awards ceremony in London which will involve eating and drinking! Slightly worried!

I will update again for my month review :)

Feeling nervous!


I will shortly (2 weeks+) be having my attachments fitted to my teeth. I haven't posted a picture of my attachments on here because I only received the videos and pictures of the progress of my teeth.

Essentially I will be having quite a few attachments on a lot of my front teeth to turn/push/rotate my teeth. I'm starting to worry about how visible these attachments will be, when smiling you can see my full upper teeth and I will have attachments on virtually all of the visible teeth in upper set.

If anybody has any advice/tips how to deal with these attachments visually please feel free to let me know

Tara :)

2nd Tray

Soo, I'm now onto my 2/14 trays, I was strongly looking forward to it until I woke up the next morning! This was the worse pain id felt so far it was awful. When I took the retainers out and put them back in I felt like I was moving the teeth myself... 3 days in and most of the pain is gone, which id expected from my first set.

I'm also so happy that my lisp is now gone (until I start to talk about my braces then it magically appears)

I mentioned I was going to an event recently which was Friday just gone 15th July (I was also drinking) it was a bit of a nightmare to be honest, constantly taking them out, but I wasn't willing to leave them out my mouth for hours! I'm out tonight for a friends birthday... Let's see how that goes!

I've added two photos I took recently with my second set in... I'm not sure but I feel like this set has a slightly different appearance and they go higher up my teeth than last time? Could be making it up!

This is my last set till the dreaded attachments are on for 6 months ! :(

Attachments are on!


As previously mentioned I would update my review once my attachments have been put on!

I have (I think) 15 attachments as there seems to more than one on some teeth. I was made aware of how many attachments and on which teeth I'd just completely forgot. This is the appointment I was most nervous for because these attachments will now be on my teeth for six months (convincing myself that's not long and going to go really fast). Having the actual attachments put on wasn't that uncomfortable to be honest, it was better than having IPR which I will be having again in 8 weeks!

I come out of the dentist feeling like crap and was really upset with the appearance but I think it's just the same as when I initially got my first set you aren't used to it, they are braces, I knew this was going to happen. I can't say I'm happy with the appearance because I'm not at all, I don't like them and I'd rather just have the trays. But I also think they are nowhere near as bad as normal braces are in my opinion and I'm glad I chose this option.

The feel of the attachments is odd, like you have hard bits of food on your teeth... not sure how to describe it. Just weird...

Again although I'm not satisfied with the appearance the actual attachments so far haven't caused me much bother. I woke up the next day expecting extreme pain. It was like taking my first set out after a few days not much bother at all just a little bit achy. Taking the actual tray out is not easy at all and I'm looking at getting the detacher thing I've seen people spoke about. Just over a day in and I'm getting used to the appearance already and the only pain I have is my top lip is a bit sore where the attachments have rubbed.

I'm shortly going on holiday and don't have another appointment for 8 weeks which is when I get some more sets and IPR. I'll do another update once I've had the attachments on a month :)

Any questions welcome :)

Tara x

First month with attachments!


My last update I'd just had my attachments put on and was quite positive regarding them. I still feel quite positive towards my braces and the attachments. After the first week/two weeks I fully got my head round how to remove them and it’s a walk in the park now. Although when removing them in public I still struggle, it’s just awkward! (I remove my braces by pulling the back down each side towards the middle and then pulling off at the front, I think you get used to where your braces ‘like’ to be removed from, not on the awkward attachments)
So I start my 5/14 tray tomorrow and again I'm excited to see progress and movement. I personally can’t seem to see that much movement, my friends notice it more than me and comment about my front teeth quite often. I notice that my teeth have moved by how easy it is to floss, before putting floss through my teeth was painful and often got stuck due to overcrowding... now it's the easiest part in the cleaning process.
I also brought the brite stuff for my braces after reading a few people comment on them. I would now 100% recommend it to anybody that has Invisalign. The only negative to my last set is that I went on a night out last weekend and kept them in, opps! I chose a bad drink choice which has left my braces lime green! Not the prettiest sight!
Before I had the attachments nobody noticed my braces at all.. I now like to explain I have braces rather than people just staring at weird white things on my teeth!

I'm off on holiday on Monday so that's going to be interesting!

Hope everybody is doing well; again open to questions and comments :)

Additional picture

Quick question


Quick question, when changing over your retainer to your next set does anybody else feel weird... My description of weird is I feel slightly tipsy or light headed? A bit like a migraine sensation it’s not a pain I just feel uncomfortable and not normal? It's always on the 1st day I change my tray. I experienced it before but thought I may just not have been feeling well? If not does anybody have any idea why I feel this way haha, I've taken some tablets to take away the dizzy/lightheaded feeling!

Stain removal tips?

On holiday I managed to stain my braces with alcohlol (opps)

I have this set for another 2 weeks and would rather not have them stained for that amount of time! Has anybody had a similar issue and got any tips on how to remove or deep clean?

Thanks in advance :)

7/14 Halfway Point!

Not much to update on since my last update apart from my progress!

I'm now a week off 8/14 my progress is very slow but I can still notice a different from the start. Mainly with the spacing with my teeth I can just feel they aren't as crammed together anymore. I also had some more IPR on my last appointment to make some more room. I still feel quite comfortable with my attachments and the overall look but would rather not have the attachments, in my case it’s been the only downside!

I've uploaded some pictures below.

10/14 And Exciting News!

So I'm now onto 10/14... wow times goes quickly... feel like I only started yesterday!

I stopped become so obsessed with my Invisalign progress until I looked in the mirror this morning and was so surprised at much my teeth have actually changed!

Still very pleased and happy with the process :)

So I went to pick up my next 3 trays last night and he greeted me with the lovely news that the rest of the process I will only have to wear the trays for 10 days each rather than 2 weeks which knocks nearly a month off so I should now be done in January!!! I'm very happy about this!

Also... does anybody know the rough cost of the end retainers... forgot to ask!

A few pictures :)

12/14 Nearly done!

Very nearly done!

As previously mentioned I only need the trays for 10 days each now so once I have my next appointment 28th December I'll have 20 days left! Its gone so quickly and I've forgotten about them!

Some pictures below!

I'm Done!!!

So after a very quick 6 months I'm finished! I went for one of my last appointments last night to get my attachments taken off.. (Weird experience) Running my tongue along my teeth after was so weird! Having those weird little attachments on my teeth had become normal!

Once I had the attachments taken off they took the moulds of my teeth for my retainers and teeth whitening. I'm not going to post my after pictures until they are whitened so that you can get a full finished impression of them :) I will also go into a little bit more detail on how i feel about invisalign and my experience.

I would love to say I'm 100% satisfied but I'm not…Unfortunately. I feel as though the my clin check looks slightly different for my finished result in regards to the tooth I hated the most... but I'm also not sure if I will ever be fully satisfied.

Anyway... I'm done and I'll be back in a week for more detail :)

Quick picture!

I'm currently having my teeth whitened but thought I'd quickly show a picture of my end result (with the retainers in is where my issue is with it not being 100%)

Finishing pics and overall view!


Final post from me - firstly thank you all for your support through out the process lovely community on here and its appreciated!

I will be happy to answer questions on here for however long :)

So I'm 100% done everything is finished!!

Am I happy? yes!
Anything I could fault? 1 thing which i think there is a slight gap in my tooth still :( (not sure if I'm a perfectonist)
Would I reccomend? yes 100% its worth it but very expensive!
Is the pain worth it? yes you get used to it before long and it just become normal, before you know it you are done!

If there are any more questions please let me know :)
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