Chicken Pox Scars Revision. Excision of Two White and Pitted Scars - United Kingdom, GB

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I had adult chicken pox and was left with white,...

I had adult chicken pox and was left with white, pitted and circular scars, two of which were highly noticeable on my forehead. Make up does not cover the whiteness of the scars effectively, so I wanted a permanent solution. I had laser treatment on these, but it was clear that this would make little or no different. A surgeon said the only option was to replace them with a flat linear scar.
I thought long and hard about the procedure and came to the conclusion that flat linear scars would be preferable to white pitted scars, considering that I already have some linear scars from football and other sports.
I went through with the operation and have attached photos of the timeline. I am on my 5th day now and just had the stitches removed.

Photos updated

Sorry for the delay, I've been so happy with the procedure that I didn't bother updating, but then I remembered how important it was to see other's photos.
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