240 Cc, over the Muscle, Nagor Impleo HP - United Kingdom, GB

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Hi everyone! My op is on the 27th of October and...

Hi everyone! My op is on the 27th of October and the nerves are kicking in eek!!! I'm now panicking and googling far too much!!! My surgeon has suggested I go over the muscle due to excercise and the small
Implant that I'm having.. But researching is making me worried I'm making the wrong decision!! I am also in two whether to get the softer Extra HP 250cc GFX Nagor implants or stick to the HP 240 Impleo Nagor... Any advice? I am 24, 5 ft 2, 112 lbs. My current size is Tiny I am a 32b in say Victoria secret in the padded bras but probably an A if no padding!


Here are some photos! I have no kids!


The op in on Tuesday and I am in operation melt down, panicking about anything and everything, am I going to survive? Will I wake up during the operation or be paralysed and be able to feel it all? What if it gets infection? Ohhhh my imagination loves to run a tad wild! Also having nightmares after nightmares and constantly just thinking of boobs!!!! Eeek!!!
Bless just as I'm typing this my Nan walks in with a few enchanted healing stones and calming crystals! Knowing how mad I'm sending myself! She's been amazing through this!

Also keep thinking in getting a cold or a sore throat so now dosing myself in cough sweets!

I'm still in two about size 240cc HP or 270cc HP so they've ordered both and il decide on the day... I think my head is now thinking more 240cc as I think I still want to be small! Been trying the rice out but was finding hard to get the rice to sit evenly in the jug so I feel like I was getting it totally wrong!! Ahh

Has anyone got any tips for vitamins or foods that are good for recovery after?

Oh my lord..

Sitting here waiting to go in! My surgeon said 270cc was going to be fine and only 6% bigger than the 240, however when he left the room I panicked and I've changed back to 240cc eeeeeeeeeek can't believe I'm finally going to have booooobs!

Girlies, just woke up!

Eeeek I just woke and I'm so friggin happy!!!! Yey I'm so glad I went for the small 240 they are so nice and natural! In no pain and the nice little anesetic was like I just drank 5 jaeger bombs! I'm so pleased girlies!!!


Struggling to sleep upright and these hospital beds are so hot!!! Keep checking if my new boobs are still doing good :-).. No pain as of yet, had paracetamol & ibuprofen around 3 hours ago, due some more at 6am.. Had a blood thinning injection at 2am which was fine! ???? hopefully all going well! Feel so weird when I stand up... Little bit of a dragging feeling!

Compression bra on, and good to go!

Just about to leave the hospital now, the compression bra feels so much better than having nothing on as it felt like it was gaping! Still no pain! ???? happy days!!

Sorry compression bra photo =)

Stay rested or be out and about?

Ok, so it's day three and I haven't left the house.. Getting a tad bored now but my swelling is soooo uncomfortable, I have swelled up so much down my sides and my tummy is really tender from the lack or shall I say no bowel movement. My sister keeps having a go saying her friends were out and about a day after, making me think that my swelling isn't usual or like I'm making it worse by doing nothing.. Any advice? I feel like a whale right now!! ;(

Swelling ahhhhhh!!!

5 days - still swollen

A bit of improvement swelling is going down, literally still had no pain but I can't really feel anything lol, is it best to wear the compression bra or not girls? Can't wait until they settle in!


Today I have been sooooo itchy I've had to keep taking off the compression bra as it kinda digs in! This normal?

Woo woooo

Happy =]

Before and 6 days after

Photos x

Some more photos x

Day 9 :-)

Swelling completely gone down now wahoo!! However one boob is more bruised!
Had a day out in London today and found I was totally exhausted!!!
Boobs have started to soften now, the feeling is bizzarre I can't stop touching them, they feel like bubbles lol!

Can't wait until my follow up next weds, il finally get to see what the incision looks like! (Slightly scared also!!)

Nearly 2 weeks!

Nearly 2 weeks and I'm doing well!! Still quite a bit of bruising on one side but going away slowly!
Now my swelling is nearly gone I am kicking myself a little - I should of gone for the 270!! But I'm not sure whether that's because I'm getting fat from the lack of exercise so my body looks different! Don't get me wrong I still love my results, just maybe a slight but dissapointed - maybe this will change when I'm able to wear a normal underwire push up bra!
Follow up is on weds to see if all is good.. Until then!


One dropped more than the other?

One of mine has dropped more than the other, started to panic a little but then read so many reviews of people that have said the same thing, I've emailed my surgeon with photos and will see what he says, but I do think it's just one big waiting game.
On a total emotional roller coaster here :-( think I need to remember and be thankful of how I looked before and the difference!


Ok so I'm still not 100% happy, but I just tried on this Victoria secret bra that has no padding, I've had it years but never been able to wear it because I was so flat and now I can eeeek!

Update :-)

Hi everyone!!
Been a while since I've posted, all still going well! Still don't have much feeling in them, but I'm hoping that will come back, exercising now, feels weird jumping around but all good :-) overall really happy, I feel so much more confident! :-)

Quick update!

Quick update as I haven't in ages!!! Now I feel like I've forgotten I've had them done like they've always been apart of me! Still love them and the shape! Best thing I've ever done!!! Here's some photos when I've been able to wear no bra! And new Victoria secret purchases :-) happy new year to everyone! Xxx
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