BA 325cc Under Muscle/dual Plane 3 Kids 40 Yrs Old 175cm Tall, Weight 138 Lbs Mentor Mod Plus - United Kingdom

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I've been on this site nearly every day since...

I've been on this site nearly every day since February, it's now August and I'm due to have my BA in 3 days time! I've been really excited and just want to get on on with the surgery, but now it's so close I'm more apprehensive….I guess it's because it's only a few days away and close to becoming reality. I thought it's about time I did a pre op post on here with photos to record my journey else I'll never do it. Thanks to everyone on here who has unknowingly helped me so much over the last few months to understand whats involved and what to expect/be aware of. I'm happy I did loads of research (hopefully enough!) and consulted with 3 great plastic surgeons recommended to me by friends who have first hand experience. My PS is obvs fully qualified - MB ChB, FRCS, MD, FRCS(Plast) and has been doing BA's for years. I'm just hoping my boobs and my body will react and recover really well to whats about to happen to it! I asked them loads of questions, firstly did I need a lift? Fortunately, although my boobs are quite saggy they all said I would be ok to just have implants. My ps also has a pivot table so he will sit me up during the op to check how the implants look before gluing the incision. I'm having mod plus, Mentor textured (fine 'imprint' texture as I was worried about ALCL - according to my ps most cases of ALCL have been with very rough salt loss texturing)
After breast feeding my 3 kids my boobs feel so empty, look lifeless & deflated. There's nothing I can do to make them bigger apart from implants and I'm really looking forward to having fullness back in them again. I keep wondering if I should have high profile but i'm worried about the projection as I'm quite slim so I'm sticking with mod +. I don't know if it's the right decision but it's the one I've made. I currently wear a C cup but I'm only a B cup, I just like the shape a C cup gives me even though the bra is half empty! I've attached some photos. Initially I only wants 250cc but my ps said it wouldn't give me the look I want so I had to go at least 300cc. I'm now booked in for 325…just hoping everything will be ok and they look great!

Today's the day

Omg...Well here I am in the hospital, it was an early start but now I'm back in bed Just waiting to go down, will post from the other's hoping for full great boobs & not too much pain!!

I've done it!

It's done! Today is Day 1and I'm still in hospital, staff have been great looking after me. I'm on antibiotics to prevent infection and just paracetamol today. When I came round yesterday it was very painful so they gave me tramadol and the pain went straightaway. I didn't have the op til 3pm so had hours of waiting but didn't mind with the tv and a book, it was quite relaxing really! I couldn't eat or drink though. I was sick last night after eating too many grapes but this morning I feel much better and have eaten prunes (desperate not to get constipated) toast and porridge. Moving around to go the loo is a bit uncomfortable, I'm a bit scared of it hurting so really taking my time. Had a peak at new boobies under the gown and they look big on the side so hoping that's swelling which will go down. They look full so I've tried the shirt on I arrived in and it fits so I'm happy so far but I've got weeks of recovery to go yet....

Day 3

Well day 3 and so far the pain hasn't been too bad at all. I'm taking 1 x antibiotic and 1 x tramadol in the morning and night time which manages any discomfort well. The worse time is getting out of bed in the morning, I'm sleeping propped up on many pillows at about a 130 degree angle. I couldn't imagine lying flat at the moment as I don't think I would ever get up again!
I'm trying not too put any pressure on my boobs, I even flush the toilet using my foot lol. When there is pain it comes from under the boobs near the incisions, I've got internal stitches and glue on the outside with no dressing or strips. I bathed yesterday and dried the incisions gently with a hairdryer on the cool setting. I changed bra on day 1 from an eyelet elasticated bra to a seamless zip up bra and it is far more comfortable. My mum has been brilliant, its really helped that I haven't had to do anything and the kids are away so I'm just sitting back enjoying the olympics!
I've attached a couple of photos and so far I'm really pleased, they're a million times better!

More before photos

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