29 Yr Old Mum of One, Having 400hP Mentor Implants under Muscle - London, GB

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Hi, so thought after a month of reading lots of...

Hi, so thought after a month of reading lots of helpful reviews, that I should share my own journey. I am currently on the train on my way to London ready for my op at the Highgate hospital tomorrow morning. I am currently a 32 b, I used to be a C cup before having my daughter two years ago, which even still they were never a full C cup. I have always been unhappy with the volume of breast tissue in my breast and would need all the help I could get I.e chicken fillets, padded gel bras etc, so once I had my daughter and completely lost the little tissue I had, I knew the time had come to actually go ahead with surgery. I am booked to have 400 HP mentor implants, which I have panicked that they will look huge! But have decided to trust my surgeon and let his expertise lead the way. I have always had some concerns with having breast implants, I've always feared they would look 'fake' or too big which I hate! As I really like a tear drop shape, but when you become as unhappy as I have recently, you realise something is better than nothing at least!
So I went for a consultation with Dr Solomos at Harley Medical group, who I've heard great things about, although when I met him I was taken back by how blunt he was and quick he was to get me in and out it seemed. So I came away panicked that he may not actually know what look I wanted to achieve, so I booked another consultation with him, which was what I needed as he reassured that he did know best! And although he possibly came off a bit arrogant I really needed it, as I overthink think things way to much. Any ways I will post again tomorrow once the girls are in! Ciao for now ????

Feeling nervous . . .

More before pics

All done! Love them already!

Another one

Day two post op

I have found today to be a sore struggle, as yesterday I over did it I think. The trouble is the painkillers are so good, it makes you think your more capable than you really are, so have woken up today in lots of pain! But have taken it easy, my mum helped wash my hair and get me dressed, other than that I have been on the sofa or in bed. Unlike yesterday I was in the supermarket doing a good shop and had taken my daughter to nursery etc. So very opposite today!

Very swollen, sensitive nipples aswell!

3 weeks po

5weeks post op

Still very high! Hope they drop and fluff much more

9 weeks, settling down now!

9 weeks after, looking more natural!

7 months post op

So pleased with my results
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