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My treatment was supposed to be 12-18 months Has...

My treatment was supposed to be 12-18 months Has been nearer 4 years.

Back in 2012 I got lingual braces. Has been a mess up from start to finish, beginning with the Ortho seeming incapable of getting teeth impressions done properly!

So after got them on, first problem arose when a bracket on one of the low teeth came off in first week. Went to see ortho straight away (he only does appointments on Wednesdays in my area so was about a week) however he didn't have the proper tools with him and so he took the bracket off and stuck some sort of wire on for a temporary measure. Unfortunately this pulled the tooth back completely out of place and even after the bracket was eventually put back on a month later, it never went back to its original position and was always tucked behind the other front tooth next to it. Other than that everything was going really well on the bottom arch, until the third and last wire. It ended up being too short on the right side and popped out of the last bracket. This caused the other teeth on that side to pull inwards without that tooth and narrowed my arch - the ortho has never attempted to fix this and now the top back teeth do not meet and I can barely chew on the right side.

Eventually, after the top braces were took off (see more about top arch below) the ortho tried to sort my bottom teeth out a bit more as some spaces had appeared. However, I don't know what he did but the teeth on the right side of my mouth all sunk/lowered and so they are a lower level than those on the back (the front six are all OK - its the ones further back I'm talking about). He had said he was going to take my bottom brackets off and once fixed retainer was on was going to leave them for bite to settle and then use aligners to improve them. However, I was still concerned about the front tooth mentioned above and so he did the aligners to adjust that tooth but didn't bother sorting out the misaligned back teeth! This is almost four years after originally got braces on (two years since the last wire change on my bottom lingual) and I was just too tired to raise the issue yet again.

In respect of my top arch, again they looked ok with the linguals and my only issue was the midline was off by almost a tooth width and I still had a bit of an overbite. After the third wire change he actually left them for a year and did nothing with them, despite at every appointment saying there were just refinements to do. So at about the 2 years point he eventually ordered a new wire and they did look really good after that. I was just expecting him to maybe use some elastics to adjust my midline. However, he said there was some problem with my right second front tooth (sorry don't know what its called) even though to me it looked the best it ever had and said would need to remove the linguals and put on normal front brackets. I agreed to this as was assuming it would get better result and he said it would only take a couple of months (it actually took nearly another year). On day of brace change, he only put the front brackets on the front six teeth and left the linguals on the back - not what I was expecting! - and he left the linguals on the bottom teeth. The result was that the back teeth left with the linguals reverted back to pre-brace positions, and so they met with the bottom teeth even worse than before and I developed an overbite larger than I started with (which seems to be getting worse even now the braces are off and I have a retainer). He tried to bring my midline back to centre a bit with cross elastics b4 the braces were removed but this just made the overbite on the right side of my mouth worse and he made no attempt to fix it (it also pulled my bottom teeth out of place, as the elastic from the top teeth was attached to the bottom teeth,which he later tried to fix but failed). I though the teeth looked not too bad from the front but as soon as he took the brackets off I realised they just don't look great at all (which is why I had wanted lingual in the first place so that I would know what they looked like b4 brackets were removed) and the overbite was more noticeable. Another issue that arose was, that as soon as the braces came off they started to move. I had to wait about 1.5 weeks for the retainer to arrive and it didn't fit! So went back and he made new impressions. Another 1.5 weeks later got the next retainer and again it didn't fit very well, particularly on the left side. I went in an showed him and he said it was OK. So I thought it was all OK and that was how it was meant to be.

However, after getting my bottom retainers which fit perfectly, I realise the top one just isn't fitted correctly at all and I'm sure it has meant the teeth on the left side of my top arch have pulled in and narrowed and the midline has worsened again. The teeth on the right side always feel like they are wanting to push out into a larger overbite.

Its a few months now since I finished the treatment on the bottom teeth (over a year since the top ones were finished) and I have the three month review in September. I've tried to get used to my teeth but just feel they look worse than originally and my face looks odd due to the overbite and goofiness when I smile.

Should I complain? I'm scared to raise the issues with him yet again in case he tries to suggest some other treatment as every time he touches them something else gets made worse.

I've been to seen a few different dentists over the last few years (they keep going on maternity leave so have never had the same dentist during the whole of my treatment) and they are pretty quiet about the result of my ortho treatment - almost surprised I've had any - saying things like "they look OK but then I don't know what they looked like originally" and when I was there last month, just after finishing treatment on bottom arch, I was informed I still had a Class ii division bite! even though my ortho told me it was in the normal range! and that I had some bone loss.

Soooo annoyed I let him take the lingual braces off. He's undone all the good that they had done and made them worse.

Photos update

I've added some photos to show b4 and after

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