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Had lipo last week! The procedure wasn't too...

Had lipo last week! The procedure wasn't too painful and I initially felt on a real high. In the process of recovery. It was more scary then I thought and results aren't instant. I'm very bruised and swollen. Wanted to really add photos to show recovery day by day for others to see. Will keep updating.

Day 5

Still swollen and very bruised. Noticed some rippling and bumps under skin. A bit worried bit hoping it will go down. Wearing compression wrap and looking forward to changing to an all in one garment as this is uncomfortable and quite bulky under clothes. Will add today's pic

Day 7

Struggling mentally and physically. I think I thought I'd see better results by now. Side profile is much better but face on it seems wider, bumpy and flabby. I'm sure it's early days still but I seem to need reassurance. Seeing nurse on Friday so hoping to get that then ????. I stupidly thought I would have a perfect flat tummy already! I need to get put of this compression wrap and into a spanx suit. I feel like very bulky with it on. Will try and post a pic later.

Day 9

Feeling much better today. Saw nurse, still swollen and retaining fluid but looking flatter. Apparently it takes a minimum of 3 months to settle down. Got new crotchless compression garment to wear! Lol! Does feel better though and smoother on my tummy. New pics attached

Day 13

Been wearing new garment for 5 days and it's now not as tight! It's quite hard to disguise under clothes especially dresses!

Managed a run yesterday, first exercise in 2 weeks. Felt fine but a little tender near belly button. Went to the gym today, again tender in middle of abdomen. Take more pics, first ones in a few days. Not noticed that much difference to be honest. I know it's flatter but it feels like I'm wider everywhere else now. Like I've been run over! Maybe I need to lose a few pounds to really feel and see the benefits. I'm hoping things tighten up as time goes on. Will add pics now from day 13.

Day 21

Haven't taken pics for a week or so as feeling rubbish. Tummy still lumpy and bumpy. Paid for both upper and lower abdomen lasered but feel upper is still quite flabby. Can pinch quite a bit of flab still where not much at the bottom. Will bring it up at my next appointment. Will add pics soon when I feel more positive.

Day 30

Finally plucked up the courage to take some more pics. Definitely happy with lower abdo but think top is still very fatty. Lumps are better. Had garment off for about 45 mins yesterday and I have to say it felt weird. I'm so used to wearing it! Tummy still feels bruised internally. Holidays soon so tried on a bikini. Don't seem to have the apron I had! Let me know what u think?

It's been a while! 10 months on.

It's been a while but I've just had a revision on my upper abdo. I was never really happy and as time went on my tummy started to sag around my belly button and it just wasn't the results I'd hoped.
I had my revision yesterday and I had 0.5 litres pumped from my upper abdo. You can see from the pics that I could still grab a lot of fat, far more than I expected so I complained and got a free revision.
Day 1 after revision

The procedure was fine, quite uncomfortable at times but not too bad. I am a little sore today but taking lots of painkillers.

I have had a little look and it's very swollen still so looks bigger! I know it's fluid and swelling though.

Will keep updating!
Alan Kingdon

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