Invisalign Review - 56 Year Old - United Kingdom, GB

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Hi, my first day of invisalign today. Hope to...

Hi, my first day of invisalign today. Hope to update this as a blog as I go along to help me and hopefully others. Have hated my smile all my life. Big overjet. Didn't have braces as a teenager and have always been SO self-conscious about my teeth. Costing me a fortune (I will have veneers on front six upper teeth after invisalign also) - so hope it is worth it. So far each part of the procedure has been fine. Mouldings taken - fine. Got the first set of invisalign in OK, no problem. Removed them lunch time and put them back in without pain or trouble (had to eat lunch really quickly though to get the teeth brushing time in too). Am missing tea and coffee - big time. Can't wait til dinner tonight. It seems like a long old journey ahead - but I am taking inspiration from others on here, if they can do it so can I. Not sure how long it is expected to take (I forgot to ask!) - but I think I will have 16 trays (maybe that is only the start, though - I don't know - I hope not). No pain at present, just a dull ache - much of which is from a tooth which often aches anyway. Main problem is just that it feels strange to have all this plastic in my mouth, but I understand I will get used to it...... will blog further and let you know. Going back for attachments in a couple of weeks.

Day 3 - Amount of movement - Advice please?!

Just a quick update. Getting the Invisalign in and out is easy - but am concerned about when I have the attachments on..... will cross that bridge when come to it. Pain comes and goes, but I know it is still early days. Best to keep busy. It is lovely when I wake up in the morning though; I suppose I am so relaxed I can't feel a thing, but a general ache comes back later on. Eating has become really disciplined (but I haven't lost weight yet!)
Looking at my picture my upper two front teeth seem to project so much more than others I have seen on here, I am quite concerned whether because they are so bad this will work for me. Does anyone have any experience of teeth like mine and whether the movement happened OK. (I can't quite work out where they are going to move to because my mouth is quite small; but I have had my wisdom teeth out years ago).
Thanks for the replies so far - what a godsend this site is.

clicking jaw

Hi everyone.

Well into the second week and awaiting you attachments on Monday. All going really well; not much soreness and getting used the eating and drinking and cleaning palaver.....

However, years and years ago, I used to have a clicky jaw. Often in the morning it would seem out of place and I would have to click it back into place. It was horrid. This disappeared years ago and I had forgotten all about it. Today my jaw has started to seize up a bit and to click and just feel horrid. No real pain, just a dull ache. But it feels like it is getting stiffer and stiffer. Anyone else had this; I am quite worried about it.

attachments added: All good

Hi, had a really good day today. Any fears I had about having the attachments added were false. The whole process took about 15 minutes. I think I have about 15 (two teeth have a couple on). It wasn't painful at all. The aligners are a bit harder to get in and out, but not impossible and I imagine they will only get easier. It took me about 30 seconds. With the aligners in I notice the bumps as I feel around my mouth, but it is not really a nuisance. I didn't really like eating much because as I have read elsewhere, I felt I had food stuck on my teeth. I checked in the mirror and I didn't and so I imagine this is again something I will get used to. It is only the embarrassment of people seeing me with food on my teeth I worry about, so I am sure I will find a way of managing to know whether there is any attached or not. So all in all, all my worries were unnecessary!

I have 14 trays, which I change every 10 days and I am on the second tray already. It feels a little tight at the moment, but not painful in anyway shape or form. The edges of my new aligners are slightly rough, but I will file them down tomorrow. So ALL GOOD SO FAR!

Tray 3

Started getting a bit of pain towards the end of Tray 2, right up the very top back of my mouth and my gum is painful there. I worried that it may not be the invisalign but something else. But it seems to be manageable with OTC painkillers, so I will keep an eye on it. Put Tray 3 in last night, took painkillers and went to bed. They are tight, but it was all OK. Have just removed them for some brunch, and with a bit of manoeuvring they came off OK. Can't wait to start seeing some improvement. Looking at the actual invisalign, I can't really see much difference between Trays 6 and the original Tray 1 .

Tray 14

Hi haven't been on here for a while - I wanted to make until some progress made . Below are pictures of front and two side shots at start of treatment and the same thing at tray 14. I am delighted. I had invisalign light, so am meant to be finished, but am going back to the orthodontist on Monday, I imagine for a few refinements. To be honest, however, I am delighted with the result as it is. I never wanted perfect teeth - just "normalish " teeth and I think that has been achieved. I am also having some veneers on the upper teeth in due course.
Once I got used to the invisalign (about half way through the second tray), everything has been complete plain sailing. When the invisalign does go..... I will miss it. Will update after seeing the orthodontist on Monday
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