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I finally received my first set of invisalign...

I finally received my first set of invisalign trays yesterday and got them fitted at my dentist. I made the original query at my dentist way back in January but unfortunately didn't have the funds to proceed at that time with the treatment. However, I eventually saved up the full treatment cost and went back in June to get my impressions etc done. I then received an email some weeks later from my dentist which showed the proposed treatment plan and where I would have attachments etc. In total I needed 12 attachments - on teeth 3,4 & 5 on either side both upper and lower. The attachments took no time at all to fit and to be honest are hardly visible at all, which is a bonus!

My upper teeth are very crowded at the front as my 'Second' teeth both protrude and cross my two front teeth which I think has got slightly worse since I have grown. I have always been concious of this in photos etc etc and this is the main reason why I wanted to go ahead with the treatment.

My lower teeth are generally crowded and crooked at the front which again I needed straightening.

I then got the call yesterday that the trays were ready and could have them fitted the same day. I went along to the dentist and I didn't know what to expect, in all honesty, I was nervous! He started off with attachments which took 5 mins to stick them on. He then attempted to fit my first trays, which felt very strange and almost like my teeth were going to fall out. In the end we got them on though, but that was the easy part....getting them off is a different story! I had a couple of practices in the chair with the nurse (she had actually had invisalign treatment) who explained the best way to get them in and out and talked through eating, brushing and keeping them clean etc.

When I got home I was dreading taking them out to eat, and rightly literally took me 10-15 mins at prodding, poking and pulling at the trays to get them out. It made my gums and lips bleed in the process! I have found it easier since to put the trays in and out -I have just taken them out now to eat and it took 10 seconds! When I do take them out my teeth feel completely different, they ache slightly as well - obviously due to the pressure on them.

Since I first put the trays in I have only suffered mild pain/discomfort, last night I took a couple of ibuprofen and couldn't feel a thing! As soon as I put them in again it does feel tight and there is a dull ache but it is nothing major and it shows they are working!

In total, I need 33 trays on the upper and 17 on the lower. So overall I will be just over a year before I see the end product.

I will give an update on the treatment and upload photos soon of how my teeth are now and any progress along the way!!

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