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After years of chronic back pain and discomfort I...

After years of chronic back pain and discomfort I finally had a breast reduction. I am 3 weeks post op and am so glad I had the procedure done. Already my back is feeling so much better. My experience has been great and I am healing well. My husband is very supportive and encouraging. My cloths fit so much better, I can't believe I am only a 38C. I used to be a 38J. I really feel blessed. My PS is one of the best. She used an anchor incision pattern, with no external stitches. I did have drains for two days. But that was not bad and helped to not have internal bleeding and helped have less swelling. I still have zings and hypersensivite skin, but I am feeling better. Just sore. Most of my bruising is gone and looks good. My PS reapplied the steri strips after 1 week. They are still in place and she said they will fall away little by little. No stitches to remove. After the steri strips come off she wants me to keep the scars moisturized and massaged. I am so blessed to be able to have this reduction. It feels like I have a new lease on life. Today I went and bought a few Hanes Comfort Fit jogging bras. Pretty colors and under $10.00 each. Imagine that!!

Hubby coming Home

So happy. My PS said everything is healing super nice. And my husband is coming home from the Persian Gulf this Sunday! He has been gone except for 2 visits since Aug. of 2012. Since then I have lost 43 lbs. and had my breast reduction. He has been so supportive and I can't wait for him to see my new size. :)

3 weeks post op pics

3 weeks

43 lbs ago

A little freaked out.....4 weeks post op

Ok, I'm 4 weeks post op and just took off the remaining loose steri strips. Just a little freaked out. If looks so weird, I notice every little difference in my shape. I just keep hoping my one breast will drop and shift more to the center. My PS told me to use Aquaphor ointment. It felt so strange to touch over the incisions! I don't have any stitches on the outside but I can feel some that are peeking through. Ugggg....almost nauseating to think of how it feels. I have some dried blood, hoping with showers that will soon lift away. Anyway I am feeling very vulnerable now. Like I really don't want to move much....putting any stress on the T.

Incisions Weeping? 4 weeks post op

Today I noticed some yellow marks on my abd pads. How much is normal at 4 weeks? It's at the T and some under the nipple incision. Hoping I don't have an infection. How do you know what's normal and what's not?? Basically the incision lines look ok/ I don't see any big gapping areas.

Nervous, Anxious, but excited all at once

My husband arrives this afternoon after being out of the country for many months. Facetime he's been great and supportive, but what will he think in person? Still so far to go before I feel like the girls look right.

When do you feel normal again?

I'm almost 6 weeks post op now but still so much hard swelling under my arms. That keeps me from being comfortable. Also super sensitive like sunburn at times. I'm still sleeping on my back. Can anyone tell me when you felt like normal?? I know I'm feeling anxious about it. I have not gone official on bra shopping yet, my shape is uneven still, hopefully from swelling..... BUT still wonderful to have smaller breasts!!

New look 6 weeks post op

looking forward to summer when I can wear my tops without bulging out Yea! I can't believe it has been 6 weeks now. My breasts are starting to soften a little and healing lines look good. Will post pics of that when company is not in family room viewing LOL

New You???

I just got an email from HerRoom (bra site) It states, "New Year, New You, New Bra!"
Well I just had to laugh because it sure fits for me!! Ha, but not the way they assumed because it remembered my previous size that I had looked for. The old 36J!!! Well it is a new year, and a new me and for sure and for certain a New bra! I feel so fortunate to have been able to have this BR. Last year 2012 I never imagined that it would come true! And I am so blessed by a wonderful supportive husband. And without him staying in the Marine Corps for 20 years we would not of had Tricare Insurance. My co-pay was $0.00!! I had to pay a $12.00 copay for my first consult office visit, and nothing after. I;m lso counting my blessings to have found this wonderful support group. I wish you all a wonderful year full of good health and love.

So blessed

Six weeks post op

So far so good with my incisions , no weeping or wound separation...
Still a bit boxy and more out to the side on my right breast. I am hoping that will change and even out in time. I have been using bio oil and love the soothing feeling.

Seven weeks post op

Yea..I'm seven weeks post op today. I can hardly believe it! I can see the light at th end of the tunnel too. I know I have a ways to go till I see the final shape and all but at least now I don't feel any zingers and I'm not nearly as uncomfortable. Still some swelling of course but not as hard on the sides like before. My grandchildren have been getting lots of rocking and hugs, my boobs are not as sensitive as before...though I am still protective of them. I'm hoping to get back to water aerobics this week too. Hope all is going well with you girls recovering and still waiting for surgery. Your encouragement and advice throughout this journey has been invaluable. Hugs

Hugs don't hurt!! YEA!!

I've been spending a lot more time with the grandkids at my house and overnights too! Just wanted to share a photo of my oldest. He is very affectionate and wanted to pose with Grandma for iphoto booth LOL!


ok, think it will load now

Boxy Boxy Boxy!!!!

Ok, I tried on bras yesterday and am very discouraged. I went to Marshalls and they had pretty underwires in soft pink colors and all,, well I know I can't wear an underwire yet but I just wanted to see the new me in one. Well Nothing fit! Not a C or a D. I am too boxy with too much on the bottom outer sides. Ugggg. My breast do not have a nice curve to match any underwire. I hope I will not have to wear a jogging bra the rest of my life. I am grateful to be smaller and still feel very blessed, no lower back pain plus all the other pros of having smaller breasts. But truth told I got a little disappointed.


I know everyone says the shape will change but I wish I could find pics of someone before with boxy shapes like mine and then after pics with a nice normal.curved shape.. Able to fit in an underwire.

Kohl's sale

Hi ladies. Just wanted to tell you there is a nice sale on Bali bras at K ohl's. They have discontinued bras from last years models on sale for $14.00 each! Well all models from last year are on clearance but the ones that fit and were forgiving my still progressing shape were the Bali comfort revolution. They are so pretty and come in lots of different colors. This years models are $36.00, so last years models are a steal. I'm excited, they are pretty and have a nice design in the fabric. I bet other dept stores have discontinued sales too. Hugs to all my boobie sisters

My new bra

So different from my past bra shopping ..feeling good. And can't believe I wear a medium!

Bra less

Never would have thought I could be bra less in a tee and not be flopping almost to my waist!

It just hit me!!

In my post with tatyana I realized for the first time, that I am not top heavy!! It still does not sound real. Oh my goodness. Maybe if I say it over and over it will sink in. PJ sets that will fit both the top and bottom! Yea! I know I am rambling on but it's just so strange to think. I am so happy being smaller. This Tuesday I will be 10 weeks. That is hard to believe too. I wish you all happy boobies :)

My First real workout!

Yea! Water aerobics was a success! I was able to do all the movements without any pain or discomfort this morning!! :) It felt so great. All the women are so supportive and gave me a lot of compliments. When I started water aerobics last year I stuffed myself into a size 18 DDD swimsuit from LLBean. Well now with gradual weight loss and my breast reduction I wear the same suit in a size 12 REGULAR CUP!!! Regardless to say I am pumped and ready to pull out my DVD tonight and do a bit of free weights. I've been getting back on track with eating better too. All of you women have been such support to me that the first thing I thought of when I got home this morning after my workout was to "visit" with you all!! Love you girls! Blessings, hugs and well wishes to you all. :)

Possible revision

At my last Appt with my Ps she said she would like to do a revision. First concern she had was that where my incisions end at the cleavage I have points and it has created an unnatural angle. She said she can fix that. Then my right breast she agrees is much fuller on the bottom than the left. She will correct that too. She said the recovery will not be as bad. But she will wait till I am 6 months post op because a lot can change by then. It was disappointing to me when I read my report. I saw that she took 627 from the left and 607 from the right. The right was the bigger one to start with. She knew that and in my pre op appts. She said she would take more from the larger side. Ugggg... She took less from the bigger side, so I'm not really jumping for joy about it. But if she can fix it I will be happy to go under again.

On a Brighter Note

here are some pics of my night gown and the way it hangs on me now. Last year, 40 lbs. heavier and with big boobs this nighty was too small and stretched tight. I'm having fun trying on old cloths and seeing the difference. I bought a new swim suit and wore it today to water aerobics. It was a nice change from black. I'm going to Florida and spending 5 days there with my hubby this Valentines Day. I'm posting a before pic of me there last summer. I had lost weight but still looked big because of my old 36J boobs!

ABD pads my PS had me use in the first weeks

For those of you who have asked questions about the ABD pads, this is what the Curad brand looks like if you want to get these. ABD is just the medical term. Don't ask what it stands for . I didn't need them for any discharge, but she said to wear them over the center and T incisions to protect them. They do not cause friction and help with healing scars. They also provided a cushion for when my nipples were super sensitive.

Just for fun

Ok, call me silly, but I wanted to remember how different it was for me being top, I put on my old bra and stuffed with socks till it was about how I used to be. It took 12 of my husbands calf high socks to do the trick!! Then I posed for pics. I can tell you it felt so awful to look down and not see my feet, and what a difference. I know I'm a goof, but it was good for a good laugh. :) Some days I feel like I'm a little too big still. Well it put me back in place that's for sure!!! Blessings to all of my beautiful sisters out there!!

12 Weeks Today!!

Hi all you beautiful women!! I am 12 weeks post op today! Yeah! Seems like yesterday I was getting my very first posts from you. I went to my PS yesterday and again discussed the revision. She was happy to see that my shape is rounding out ( I didn't really see the change.) But that's good because now she say it's OK to do the revision. Said she will submit a revision request, it will take 3-4 weeks to come back. Pray that it gets approved. Some of you were wondering if it is done in the clinic or not. She said if it were just the points at the cleavage it would be in office. A simple procedure. But taking off the excess on the right breast will require going under. But I'm OK with that. I know what to expect and the recovery will not be anything like the first BR. So if any of you want to pray that I get approved I would appreciate that. I did not ask her about lipo. I think when I am at my ideal weight that will not be an issue. I have back and tummy fat to lose to. So everything else looks good at this point. My scars are pretty light. I think they will be barely noticeable as time goes on. I love you girls and want to thank each and everyone of you for your support and friendship. This would have been a lonely journey for me without all of you! xxxooo

I forgot

I forgot to mention yesterday I was actually able to find an underwire that fit. It was at Walmart (of all places) ONly $9.98 Because it's lace it has some forgiveness in the sides. So I'm going to wear it when I fly out to meet my hubby. It's a little thing, but means a lot to me....finally feeling like I can wear something sexy.

Looking forward to gardening without pain

These pics have nothing to do with boobs, but I wanted to show you my gardens. I am actually looking forward to spending time in them this summer. I know it will be easier without huge boobies. No sweating underwire rashes. Cooler days and freedom of movement.....without the nagging middle back pain. In the middle of snow I thought this might be a good post. Right now it's 10 degrees out and my gardens are covered in a foot of snow. We've had 11 school cancellations due to snow or ice or temperature. So I really love to look at my pics and dream of warmer ( and more colorful) days. :)

Florida here I come!

OK girls, I fly out tomorrow early to see my hubby. I finished packing and made food for my 17 yr. old as he will be here to hold down the fort. Chili, pizza, salsa and chips were all he asked for. I have fruits and vegs. to round that out. (Thoses will probably be left for me) If I can get online I'll try and keep in touch. But if you don't hear from me it's probably because I'm soaking up the sun on the beach with my hubby. I'll miss you all and will have to catch up when I get back. You are my dear friends, big hugs and happy healing to you all!!!

Hi to all of my BR friends!

Hi girls. I've missed you all. I've been back from Florida and have not had time to catch up. I hope you are all doing well and healing perfectly. Today I went back to water aerobics and then did 6 laps after the class. I feel so different from this morning when I felt down. I've gained 8 lbs. since my surgery and just have not been able to get into the swing of things. But after doing the class plus laps I'm feeling up! I even ate a healthy lunch today. It's a start back on the right path. It's been a struggle for me most of my life to lose weight. In the past year I have lost 40 lbs. and don't want to go back. I really want my body to match my new compact boobs. Speaking of that, I can hardly believe I will be 14 weeks post op tomorrow. Things are settling and my breasts are getting softer. I should hear in a couple of weeks if my revision gets approved. I am anxious to find out. My PS said sometimes it takes a few requests to finally get approved. I can hardly wait, till then I want to focus on getting into better shape so I can make the best of the revision opportunity. Hugs to all of you!! Here's a few pics of my visit with my hubby.

Forgot one :)

16 weeks tomorrow!

I haven't updated in awhile. Nothing too new in my shape. But except for the continued sideboobage I am happy. I'm still waiting to hear from my insurance company if my revision is approved. In the mean time I am working out again, and lots of gardening preparations are helping me burn calories too. I even painted a room in my house. One new thing is I am starting to add laps to my schedule. Gmlaster has given me much advice on getting started and I owe a world of gratitude to her. My first time I did 6 laps after my aerobic class. The next time 7, then 10. Now this morning after class I did 22 laps in 34 minutes. I'm starting to feel like an "official" swimmer. It feels great and when I logged in my workout on LIVESTRONG is said I burned 716 calories this morning! YEAH!! I'm going to burn this sideboobage off if I keep this up. :) Hopefully I will be able to post a nice pic of me in my swimsuit 25 lbs. from now. And hopefully in only a few months. I'm so happy to be back getting into the routine of working out, and with small boobs I actually "feel" like an athlete. Haha! It's so nice to look down while doing the backstroke and see a small chest slipping through the water! I love all you girls who have given me such encouragement when I've needed it. I'm so happy that I have found this site. You are all dear to me!!! xxxx

17weeks today

Hi girls, I have not updated for a while. I'm seventeen weeks post op today. I don,t mean to sound ungrateful but I sure wish my boob shape would settle into a nice round shape. As time goes on I am beginning to be a little discouraged. I really hoped that they would not stay slopping down and outward. I am still waiting to hear from the PS about the revision. I am almost afraid to see, because I fear it was not approved! The revision was to make the right smaller and correct thetip of the scars at the cleavage. My PS didn't,t reAlly see a problem with the general shape....but that just frustrates me! I know I am having a not so grateful day, but I am grateful that I am not hugely endowed.
The pool was closed due to snow yesterday, I am going to Aqua Zumba tonight though. That will probably chase some of the blues away. I hope all of you are healing well and I promise my next post I'll be more upbeat.

The missing submit

Ok, I called today to find out if I was approved for the revision. And there is no record of my insurance company receiving any request! So what the heck??? My PS was supposed to submit that after my visit on Feb. 10th. That's over 5 weeks ago. They had said it should take 3 to 4 weeks. I called my PS and the surgery coordinator was out today, so I will have to find out tomorrow if she ever submitted a request for the revision. I can't let myself get too down about this today. I'm dealing with some sadness anyway. Just things with my daughters life. Well, I should probably swim laps tonight or something. Work in my garden and plant some more pansies. You girls are a very real balm on a day like today. Thank you each and every one of you for your encouragement and kindness.


I will think of the hope that spring brings. Of blessings to come :)

Looking back!! :))

Ok, I just went to my closet and decided to wear a button down blouse that was always gapping at the bust before. Well here's the pics. Needless to say I need to find a new one! Feeling happy and focusing on the good things that have happened to me in the past year. Including the 40 lbs. weight loss and BR. If you are a girl contemplating having a breast reduction you should go for it. You will not regret it and you won't believe how much of a blessing it will be. In all areas of your life :)

My scale finally budged!

Yeah, I dropped two pounds! For weeks I have been trying to lose. Finally! I've been eating right (at least for the last 5 days) and working out. I'm still 4 lbs. more than my morning of surgery, but on my way now. I can feel it :))
I was 172, gained to 178. Now I"m 176. My goal is to be 150. So I'm 26 from goal. Thanks for all you girls encouraging me.

Revision update

Today the PS office called me and they are re-submitting for approval. She set the date for May 30th, as Tricare wants to have a projected date. She told me it should only take a week to find out. So what do you girls think? At first the date she gave me was early April. But I asked for a later date thinking it will give me time to lose some more weight first. Then we will know better what to change shape wise. But I hate going into summer with recovery and all. I was looking forward to swimming this summer, and would have some trips to Fl. The surgery cordinator said it would be about the same time for recovery and swimming. Does that sound right to you girls who have had a revision lately?? Well whichever I am just hoepful that I will be approved and will just have to suck it up whenever the recovery period happens.


Well my date for the revision is changed to May 9th. IF I am approved. The PS surgery coordinator said she needs to send in another request with the changed date. She informed me that Tricare doesn't usually approve revisions!!! So, have I gotten my hopes up just to be really disappointed and more critical that ever of my bulging bottom heavy breast?? I hope not. I have begun to envision this miraculous change to more rounded AND even breasts. Now is when I really need to remember my faith that God will work this all out.

Delighted with my new sleepwear

Today I bought new sleepwear for my trip to Florida. I'm so happy with my new sizes. I can wear a medium top!! Even with needing a revision I am delighted with all the blessings of having smaller boobs!! Here's a pic of me almost 2 years ago, and now. 36/38C and 40 lbs. lighter.

Hurray!! Hurray!!

My revision has been approved!!! Thank God, now I can focus on getting in the best shape before it. I don't have much time, but it will do. I am set for May 9th! I am so happy! Thank you girls for all the best wishes, prayers and positive thoughts! You are dear to me and this time I am excited that I will have all of you "with me" when I go in. HUGS HUGS!!!!
P.S. I'm on my way to Florida in the morning so may not "see" you all till I get back. Haha, so you better let me hear from you before late tonight LOL!! Yes, I have lots to do, but will be checking to see if I hear from any of you dear girls :) YEAH!!

two weeks till revision

Hi to all you girls. I haven't been updating in a while. Things have been hard the past few weeks. We've had a crisis and I've been going through a lot trying to help our daughter. It's been a pretty scary time, but with God's strength and love we are getting through. When our children hurt we hurt so much with them. For now things are better, and I'm able to see hope. For the first two weeks after I got back from Florida I have been taking care of my two little grandsons. They are 2 and 4 years old and give me a run for my money. This week they are back with their mommy with help from me. So anyway, I've barely had the energy to write much about me. But in two weeks I will be having my revision. This time I am nervous. Funny, the first time I was not at all. I think it's because I am afraid that I will be needed and won't be able to help my daughter if there is another crisis. I also know that I won't be able to pick the kids up or deal with car seats, and being the care giver for at least a few weeks. Finally my daughter is working at a good job and that is helping a lot with getting through her depression. But she does not have a backup for when I can't babysit. Monday thru Friday I have the kids for at least 3 hours a day. So I don't know what she will do. Part of me wants to cancel the surgery, but then maybe there will not be any perfect time in the future for my surgery either. As I'm writing this I am reminding myself that I need to trust that God will provide.
My husband is flying in the morning of my surgery May 9th., but he will probably not be in time to see me off. So my sister and mom are going to take me to the hospital and we will arrange for someone to pick my husband up at the airport. Then he will come and be there when I wake. It will be good that he is going to be here for 3 days. When my husband is home I do feel much more relaxed and not as anxious about problems. So I guess I better get myself in gear. I am wondering if I need to do all the preps like the first time. I am also wondering if I will have drains. I hope not, I don't think the surgery being not nearly as extensive as the first will require them. I should see about a button down top and good post surgical bra again.(of maybe my jogging bra will be fine) My PS is not seeing me again till the morning of my surgery. I'm not really happy about that, the PS thinks the appointment where she looked at me and decided I needed a revision was good enough. But there are things I'm going to make sure we discuss before I go into the OR. I want to make sure she sees the need to take off enough from the right side to equal the left. I don't want want to go through this again only to see that she took off much too little. Do I sound like I have lost a little confidence in my PS? Well I think I have. I was so relaxed and confident in her the first time, and was very disappointed. Finding out that she actually took less off the largest breast, and more off the smaller breast was shocking! I don't even think she remembered telling me she would take more off the right because it was larger. So no wonder the right is still a cup size larger that the left. I have often laughed to myself and thought I might go in and have all my markings done by myself. I am a perfectionist and want to really measure this out!!! Haha... I realize I am rambling on. So sorry! I hope all of you girls are doing well. I have not kept up with anything in the past few weeks. I have felt physically and emotionally depleted and now I'm writing senseless. But I do care about all of you RealSelf friends of mine. And I have missed you and would appreciate any hugs out there. LOVE and HUGS xxx ooo xxx ooo

Time is nearing!

Hi girls! I just wanted to touch base with all of you. The time is really coming up fast for my revision. This Friday I will be going in, but I won't know the time till the day before. My hubby will fly in that morning, at least he will be here to stay the weekend. I can't wait to be able to be babied for a change. I'm looking forward to some down time actually! :) Well, anyway this time I will have the support of you girls to keep me company too. My PS said the surgery would only be an hour or so. Not the 4 like last time. I'm not sure how long I will be out of the pool, I'm hoping only a few weeks, but I know I wonder how soon I can get back to a fitness routine. My parents have been here this week and I've gained 4 lbs. Just in time for surgery .....UGGG. I really had wished to keep the weight off and actually be less than last time. I've been so stressed with my daughter and things, I really have not been at the pool either. So many times I was too exhausted, sleep deprived or taking the grandkids while my daughter worked. Things have settled a bit with my daughter, I'm not having to live in crisis mode, but she still needs to get backup for her kids when I have the surgery. I can't keep the kids for awhile after the surgery so the chips will fall where they fall. I need to take care of me for awhile. Thanks for your prayers and support. I will keep you posted with my surgery. Love and hugs to my BR sisters XXX XXX

Checking in at 5:30am

Well, this is it! I go in tomorrow at 5:30am, surgery 7:30-10:00. All's in place i guess. I hope to be home by noon. I probably won't be on here now till I get back. So rush, rush, rush! :) love and hugs ot all of you.

see you tomorrow

Going to sleep now if I can. A BIG day tomorrow. Thanks for all your well wishes.


One last before pic

I'm going to bed but wanted to post this last pic so I have something to compare later. Goodnight!

I'm home

I'm in bed now and everything went well. Except I just wrote a lot and it disappeared. ! Darn! Oh we' I was saying surgery was about 2 1/2 hours. I'm so happy she took off from both side boobage!!, it was not in the detailed request and the scheduler said she wouldn't be able to do anything not in the request. But when my PS came in to do the markings she said while we are here may as well do that too! Can you imagine that? Thank you Lord for such a kindness and blessing. I can't wait it se the results. I want to peek. But will have to wait. I'm really excited . Even with the burning and swelling right now I can tell there is less on the sides under my arms!!! I'm going to take advantage of the Percocet and get some peaceful sleep now. Hubby is downstairs doing something,I feel protected right now. :). Peace and quiet too. Love you all
Xxx ooo


Ok, I'm really itchy so I figure I can just say hi again. Aside from that it is so nice just to rest and not be babysitting the grand kids door a while. I'm loving my down time. So.....I peeked at my incisions and I'm really happy. My PS did a great job and looks like she really took care of the side boobs too. I just flipped up my bra and gauze and saw that my incision is more curving upward on the sides. She redid the cleavage too. I am thinking it,s a lot like Lone27 's revision which I really dreamed of. She had such fantastic results. Now I can't wait to see how different I look. So want to hear something funny? My husband is here trying to help but he has the worst bedside manner LOL! I,m comparing to when my sister the OT was helping me with my BR in November. My sister was overly protective of me, always guiding me when I walked down the stairs, reminding me not to over stretch or lift or strain etc. so here is my husband. I was still dizzy from the surgery but decided to walk into the kitchen and sit there while my husband got me something to eat. He asked what I wanted with some scrambled eggs so I opened the fridge and looked in. Next thing he goes to get the eggs and tells me "move". Then later I,m going carefully up the steps when he says "hurry up....I gotta poop!" I really laughed at him trying to hurry me along, and threatened to tell my sister on him. About an hour later I needed a drink and he brought me a full tumbler of water,and placed in my hand as I was laying here. Then he said "well? What are you waiting for?" I told him I would either have to pour it down my neck or have him get me a straw. :) He also tried to raise me up be putting his arm under my back which would have been ok, but he let go when I was half way up. Such a knucklehead. Needless to say I've been putting a strain on my chest muscles. I think he,s getting the picture though, and he did good bringing me dinner and a tray of fresh fruit. He is snoring beside me now. Poor man, guess I should cover him up lol. I guess I will try to sleep, take a Benadryl too. Goodnight friends xxx

Here goes with the pics

I can't really get a good pic with this Hugh iPad, but here are a bunch. I'm very happy to not have boxy ness and more round. I don't think they are perfect but may never be. I am worried that I will have dog ears forever. Maybe things will settle. I am happy, just a little disappointed. Ok... So as for how it feels...lots do burning and tenderness under the arms, just like when the grains were in the first time. I don't even feel the cleavage incisions unless I press on the area. I was allowed to get my shower after 48 hours and that felt great to be able to shampoo and all too. Now I'm wearing the surgical dressing pad instead of gauze, and my jogging bra. I actually feel more support and comfort in it instead of the zip up bra given to me to wear going home. So here I am resting on my front porch rocker. The birds are singing and all is peaceful this Mother's Day. Ahhh. We are going to my sister's for dinner tonight. So no cooking here. Last night with my parents and husband here. They fly out tomorrow am. Then I'm going into hiding! I'm trying to not take the Percocet today, I don't like the side effects. Hopefully naproxen will be enough to take the edge off.
I hope all you girls out there are doing well. Hugs xxx

Taking it easy

Hi girls! We'll I am trying to take it easy so my healing goes feels low since my hubby and my parents left this morning. It's always a let down.
Yesterday I felt a bit dizzy,now today it's worse. I actually am a little concerned because I had to go lay down when I felt the room spinning a bit. I don't have a fever, no unusual redness or pain. So don't know what's going on. So I'm resting and watching tv hoping this will pass. Guess that's one way to get me to not feel guilty about laying around! Do any of you remember feeling this way after surgery? I don't remember it. Maybe I'm just coming down with something.


Lots of bruising today. Incisions look bad but not too painful. I expected the bruising, and I'm sure swelling too. It's funny to be feeling strange zingers like before. All in all I'm doing good today. Bored with resting so I'm having coffee at my friends house later. Hugs all xxxx

Flowers for HappySuzy

I've been thinking of you Suzy and wanted to send you flowers. So these are for you my friend.

Good Morning

I will post pics of my revision after my follow up appt. tomorrow. It's really odd how my breasts are a little more achey than 2 days ago. I have the feelings in both breasts like when you are engorged with milk. The discomfort is all through, especially on the sides....even on top where no incisions were made. I think by having volume taken from the bottom it has made gravity pull throughout. ?? Does that make sense? I overslept and got caught up on time so I'm staying in this morning. Going to go to evening service at church instead. Well here are some morning pics.....a little diversion from boobs :)) Good morning friends. Hope you have a wonderful and restoring day. xxx

Follow up after revision 11

Here are my pics. It's 11days now since my revision. My PS was very happy with my healing. I still have swelling which she said is to be expected. Mostly on the upper right breast, that is the side that had the most volume adjustment. I'm really happy with the look she achieved this time. The cleavage is so much better, and I love the way she removed the boxy ness. Also I think both breasts are pretty close in size. My husband approves too. :) of course he never complained about my gigantic boobs either. He just wanted what would make me have less pain and whatever would be best for me. I do love him, think I'll keep him! This BR and even having to have a second round with the revision is so worth it!! It's like a dream come true. My PS said in a few months she will take photos and then give me a copy of the before and after pics. I don't have any that I took, so that will be great to have. I think I will be shocked to see them again. I was a 36 J then. Now I'm probably a 36 C. A Hugh difference. And I feel so much better. I can't wait for the green light to do Aqua Zumba again. The only drawback to all this recovery stuff is the inactivity! Not being able to exercise I have been turning to food when stressed. I'm sure to gain if I don't watch it. I'm thinking of get out and walking. The weather is turning nice and I need to do something. Well I hope all of you are doing great....have a wonderful Tuesday girls! :). Hugs

Some before and afters

Just noticed in the pics that my right breast isn't all bunched up now. Already filling out nicely I think

Scar Protection and Sun Care

Hi girls, I haven't updated in awhile...mostly because there's nothing too new. I did take the remainder of my tape off and everything is looking good. Now I'm to use moisturizer and I love the Bio Oil so I'll start that again. Something I have been forgetting about and see a lot of talk about is the sun exposure to your breasts. Tummy tucks apply too. When I first starting looking at this site I ran across many warnings about sun exposure. Apparently the exposure to sun on your scars can make your scars turn dark permanently! Hyperpigmentation. Even with clothing you should wear sunscreen with moisturizer on your incisions. Well for me that is something I'm sure to do. I am fair skinned and so far my incisions are very very faint from the last BR, and now with the new incisions I'm going to be very careful with all the summer exposures. So I just wanted to share this info, and you can do key search on this site to confirm if you are not sure. Sun/Scars Hugs and healing xxx
Lexington Plastic Surgeon

My Dr.'s name is DR. LESLIE WONG, MD FACS mixed up the name last night typing. She was wonderful. Easy to talk with, explains everything. Great skill, no external stitches, neatly taped. She puts drains in for a few days and that is a good thing even though as a patient you may not want them. I told her I was thrilled to be smaller and that I loved her!! LOL

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