23 Yr Old with One Bf Child. 32A Wanting 400cc Overs. Birmingham, GB

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Hi everyone, thank you for reading/ following my...

Hi everyone, thank you for reading/ following my review and progress. I have always been a 32A/B which I came to terms with and began to love. After breastfeeding the tsunami of milk (as the surgeon described it) came, as it left it took everything with it as it went leaving me with an empty A cup. I will post a picture of how big they were when I was breastfeeding. I was left with stretch marks also because of this.
I have had my consultation and I said I was hoping to be a C or D and he suggested a D with 425cc and 450cc to even them out (as breastfeeding more on one then the other changed the sizes). BUT I am going to go with 400cc instead hopefully.
I'm 23years old 5ft7/8 and usually 120-126lbs. Oh and bra size 32A although I measure 30 inches under my breasts.
If anyone would like to offer me any advice or tips I would be very grateful and I will keep posting as I progress. xxx

Finally here!

So today is the day and I'm in my private room waiting and feel very nervous but excited. Just going to stop over thinking everything and try not to get stressed. Can't wait for it to be over and done so I can start recovering. Worried about sizing still and think they may have ordered my sizers in bigger options rather then smaller :(


Still waiting to go into theater. Love my surgeon however disappointed with the hospital group as they opted for bigger implants on my behalf even though I emailed to go smaller then planned. I seem to have sorted this but haven't had it confirmed yet that they have the new discussed implant sizes.... fingers crossed otherwise I may have had a wasted journey! Anyway positive thoughts and fingers crossed. Xxx

I have boobs ?

Well I now have boobs. Hooked up to a drip with painkillers so not in pain. Just very stiff because my body doesn't want to relax! And abit scared to move.... from the little peak I have had I am very pleased. Everything went fine minus my vein collapsing when putting the needle in so that was painful but he did my other hand jnstead and that wasn't too bad. Apparently im a little out of it as I text my mum saying im scared to love when I meant move lol. I am very tired and although im not in pain I feel like you do after over doing it at the gym. Thank you mr alleruzzo soo far xxxxx

another peak

And the swelling begins!

Oh wow my stomach has started to feel tender and swell. Probably 1cm all my lower stomach and especially between my boobs and at the sides under my arms. Still not in pain though so thats good. I feel like a perky teenager and my skin feels incredibly soft and smooth! Noticed some blood on one of my dressings from my incision. Hoping this is normal and wont bleed again! Anyway will keep posting pics as others who have posted pics have helped me soo much so its only fair I do the same :) xxx


Think I must have started grinding my teeth in the night :( one of my vaneers is killing :(

2days post op

So on day two and still no pain. Managed to have a shallow bath and have a little wash and changed my bra. Still in love with my boobies but stomach and sides are very swollen still. Feels like ive had my implants for ages now not 2 days lol. Will keep adding pictures xxx

day 3 post op

All is well so far. Starting to feel abit itchy from the stretching I presume. One of my incisions is not hurting as such but I can feel some sort of sensation there. Here are some pics anyway xxx

day 4 post op

5 days post op

Weird fat near my armpits as seen in pics.
Still no pain but very restricted which is annoying but aced my accounts exam today :D so my brains not been affected

6 days post op

Still very happy and enjoying my new boobies! 2 days til I have my check up and hopefully new dressing or no dressing and healing has already taken place and I can shower as normal... what are the chances lol here are some more pics xxx

so ive found this weird blood/bruise

So I was allowed to have my first shower today and noticed a weird bruise that looks like abit like a strawberry birth mark. I also had a small one on my shoulder after surgery.
Can anyone tell me what this is or had something similar??? Its really dark and doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon :(

9 days post op

Mr Angelo Allerruzzo

Mr angelo alleruzzo was fantastic but the hospital group have been disappointing ordering me different implant sizes without my knowledge. Not happy with that aspect of it. However the staff at dolan park hospital and my surgeon were great. Thank you to those people.

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