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Wow. If only I'd known I could heal so quickly I'd...

Wow. If only I'd known I could heal so quickly I'd have done it sooner. After having two children quite quickly in my 20's I ruined my breasts early on. I was only 20 when I had my first and I am now coming up 45 so I really can't remember what my breasts looked like before children. We had a great time bringing the boys up plenty of out door life - horses, jet ski's camping holidays. Just no time or money to step back and look at myself. Now they have left home my husband and I are going on a few holidays just the two of us. European holidays with lots of topless girls. Well you look don't you. I remember now my boobs are not supposed to be down here. We had a chat and decided it was our time so I booked in to see Mr Mohan from the Harley Medical Group in Edgebaston Birmingham UK. Everyone there has been fantastic. Put all my worries about what I was thinking into perspective for me.

I went in just asking naively for breast implants. Yes I could just have implants if i'd wanted but they would have had to be very big to fill the void of saggy breast. So an uplift and implant was suggested. Mr Mohan said he would try and do a lollypop incision as there was not too much tissue to take away. They showed me lots of pictures and I tried on sample implants for a guide of how I would look. Mr Mohan said I had enough breast tissue myself to be a c/d uplifted so would only need another 260cc Allergan implant to fill me and make a lovely d/dd. As I said I am coming up 45 and weigh 165 pounds so I can carry a d/dd no problem without them looking too much. I was booked in for surgery for the next week.(5th October).

The girls at the hospital were so fantastic. They kept me talking until Mr Mohan came to my room to draw me up before surgery and said I would be really pleased with his work. So that made me feel really relaxed. After the lovely drugs coursed through me I woke in recovery to be told there was a needle missing so I had to be wheeled to x-ray to see if it was in me. Luckily it was not. I suppose they are so fine there is no chance of finding it on the floor if it had fell. So I was wheeled up to my room. (Not that I remember much now I was so hot and tired I just wanted everyone to go away so I could sleep) I always get sick after a general anaesthetic which I had told them so they gave me a tablet and all was fine. So a light dinner a bit of tv watching and a few more drugs and that was me tucked up and asleep for the night. Pretty pain free. The drains where a nuisance to sleep with as was sleeping on my back (which I am 7 days on still having to do :( ) So waking in my hospital bed the next morning was a bit wobbly but really feeling quite good. I was discharged that morning and sent home to rest. Which I have done.

I went for my first check up yesterday and to have the dressings and tight bandage changed. What a relief they were sooooo tight. New dressings are back on but I don't have to have the tight strips across the top now which were so uncomfortable. The nurse said I will be really pleased that my vertical scar is almost invisible now so should really be good in a few months and years to come. I am resting at home with my husband and my son came home yesterday for a visit and to keep me company for a few days. I probably have left out something vital so if I remember I will amend. Thats all for now.

Ok I went for my dressing change again today. My...

Ok I went for my dressing change again today. My surgery was 2 weeks today. I have had some weeping from my incisions so i guessed i would need to be re bandaged. I am now only covered with a loose pad over my nipples so can see the vertical scar which i think is healing really quickly. There was some itching with the whole of the area covered so I am pleased to come down to small pads. I am to go back on wednesday and hopefully these can come off then. So I have been in our house resting, my husband is still doing most of the house work (quite well too). So I thought I was better than I actually am. After the clinic we went to the super market. I had very sharp pains between my breasts and had to have the keys and wait in the car. I think this was maybe the release of weight after the bandages came off and my body has to get used to this new feeling. But it was incredibly painful. Apart from that I am feeling really well. I have put some new photos on too. Hope you can see that the incisions are healing well. I will put more pics on on wednesday when hopefully the last pads can come off.

I had the rest of the pads off on wednesday and I...

I had the rest of the pads off on wednesday and I can finally have a proper shower. I am not having the water directly onto my front yet as you can see there are still scabs that need to heal and not get soft. It is so nice to be free of bandages. I know it was only three weeks but I didn't like having plastic and bandages attached to me. Feeling really good no pain at all. Sleeping on my back is still really hard broken sleep but it will be worth it for good boobs.

Its been a few weeks since I said Hi. I am SOOOOO...

Its been a few weeks since I said Hi. I am SOOOOO bored. I used to play quite a bit of golf and I am missing my friends and the walking. I know its only 6 weeks since my surgery but I really feel well now and want to get back to playing. I have promised myself that I will wait until March for the good weather and to give my body time to heal but I'm not sure I can do it.
I am putting some new photos on for you to see how my scars are healing and how my breasts are falling into place already. Very pleased.
I am totally back to all my housework now and riding my indoor bike just not too much upper body work
Dr Mohan

I don't have any friend who had previously had anything like this done. So I had to do lots of internet searching to read about Surgeons and their work.

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