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I would like to tell you of my experience so far.I...

I would like to tell you of my experience so far.I am 54,I hated the baggy loose skin on the upper eyelids, and planned to have them removed for over 10 years. I finally had the courage to go ahead with the operation, since now I had permanent bags on the botton as well, I wanted to have them removed as well.
I had lower, upper and, canthoplasty (tightening the outer muscle with a stitch) done on 11 march, 3 weeks tomorrow.I had a general anaesthetic, (surgeons preference).
I arrived at the hospital at 2pm. I had the op at 6pm and had an overnight stay. I was home by 3pm the following day.
I still have some yellow bruising on the left eye. I still have slightly swollen cheeks (which is quite nice!) I am pleased with the lowers, as the bags have gone completely. I am not sure about the upper lids as they still look the same with addition of incision lines. The incision lines are red and scaly. There is a small pea sized lump under the skin on the outer edges of both eyes, I assume from the canthoplasty. There is also a small deep indentation on the outer of my right eye, which I assume is from the stitches.I find it hard to clean this area.
I had quite a large amount of noticeable bruising for over a week, even though I took arnica and bromelain and slept upright, which I found very uncomfortable, (Im a side or front sleeper normally)and didnt get much sleep, which defeats the object of trying to heal quickly. One good tip is to get one of those squichies (not sure of correct name, like a small pillow with polystyrene beads inside), it helpt to keep the head in a better position and is support for your neck. I didn't have much pain as such, so never took any pain killers, apart from the outer corners which are still tender when I touch or move my eyes up and down, even cleaning gently is tender to touch. the top and bottom eyelids are both still numb and stiff. I found this made me cringe when I had to clean them initially, as I couldnt feel them at all, and the wounds looked gross. The right eye wound bled down my face a few times for the first 2 days, nothing major but looked like something out of a horror film.
As of today, Im pleased with lowers, but according to what Ive read on here, it can take a few months to get the end results. Not sure that I am pleased that I went through this yet. Maybe after the top lids settle down and I get to see the final results I will be pleased, but so far Im not happy with the uppers at all.
I am quite disappointed with the lack of information that I received from the cosmetic surgery advicers, and from the surgeon. I was not aware of the long healing process or given much advice about how to care for the eye wound afterwards. I was led to believe I would be fine to return to work 10-14 days later, luckily I had taken 17 days off, but still had to use dermablend to cover up.
I was given a sheet from the hospital with a list of dos and donts, and to clean wounds with salted water, but no instructions on how to prepeare the salt water I used 1 ltr cooled boiled water and a tbsp salt?) or how best to wipe the wound or dab it or whatever or what to use. I used cotton buds, which is not good apparently as the fibres can get into the wound.Gauze is best but hard to aim at the wounds as too thick.
I got the stitches taken out after 5 days, I had heard it was a painful procedure so I took a painkiller beforehand,and was scared, but to be honest apart from the two on the corners, which had overgranulated a bit, and were difficult to remove, it didnt hurt at all. People have commented, but not in a positive way, mostly, are your eyes ok they look a bit funny!
Since i didnt want anyone to know about it, its been a bit stressful.
I have photos if anyone wants to see the healing process I went through so far and the before photos.
I also have semi permanent eyeliner on lowers, which I had done years ago, and were a bit of a disaster,( one liner was thicker than the other) so I probably look very squinty eyed!
I will update as soon as, or if the eyes improve in looks, and the numbness and stiffness goes away.
Its not some quick fix as you might think, but quite a major and often traumatic healing process.Oh and had to walk into the operating theatre and climb on the operating table,is this some new thing? how scary was that!

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