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Have wanted to have this done for years and years,...

Have wanted to have this done for years and years, been with my partner 5 years and have always been too embarrased to show him down there. I just totally freeze up. Wanting advice on where's the best place to have the surgery in the UK, preferably around London area? Scared of having a botched surgery. Advice on wedge or trim would be good also.

linda fiumara

Hi, I'm thinking of going with linda fiumara, has anyone else been with her/ got any reviews?

Quick healing advice

I have my consulation today, and am writing a list of everything I can buy that is going to help the healing time as I need to be healed as quicky as possible due to a holiday I am going on not long after the surgery.
I have been advised that tucks and Dermoplast Spray help the healing time- can anyone else recommend other products to help?
Going to really up my intake of healthy healing foods during this time too.
Any advice will be much appreciated, thank you!!

Before photos

Never allowed anyone to see down there before so this is a bit weird, but I noticed there aren't many before photos on here and would love to help someone going through the same thing as its taken me years to get the confidence to have this operation.
Also thought it would be good to save before photos somewhere so I can see the different after the op as I'm defintely not keeping these on my phone!

Before pics

It's done!!

It's done!!!
Iv been out of surgery for a few hours now and I'm still a little groggy and not looking forward to this overnight stay, but words cannot explain how ecstatically happy I am!! Iv kept the whole thing a secret and no one knows I'm having this done so thought I'd share on here as I'm dying to let my excitement out.
Was under a general anaesthetic and I had the trim method. Wasn't allowed to eat at all today and surgery wasn't until five ish, was shaking like a leaf and had to fight back the tears as I was being put under as I felt so alone and was so nervous, but everyone was really lovely and I'm beyond happy now.
Have had a look down there, and took a few pictures- it's looking really gruesome, can't feel any pain or anything yet, debating on whether to upload the pictures as I don't want to make anyone panic. Reading reviews from other girls im defintely not looking forward to the pain kicking in as I have three trains and a very long bus replacement ride to look forward too tomo, am so scared of ripping the stitches and I so hope the pain isn't too bad, would hate to do anything to jeopardise the healing. So excited for the swelling to go down so I can see the final result. For anyone who has the same issue and it's affecting their life please please consider this as a option, life is too short to spend it not loving yourself and the feeling of it being done is incredible. Will keep you all updated on progress and if anyone wants to see the after pictures let me know and il upload.

After photos as requested

Please be aware these are a little gruesome as some were taken straight after surgery, am really swollen and bruised but I couldn't feel any pain and the discomfort has been really mild today.

After photos as requested

Please be aware these are a little gruesome as some were taken straight after surgery, am really swollen and bruised but I couldn't feel any pain and the discomfort has been really mild today.

Day one

Just had to catch three tubes/ trains and a bus home and it's feeling and looking pretty sore. Looks like I may of pulled some stitches out which im freaking a little about..
Just washed it in the antibacterial wash I was provided with and some saline solution that I already have. Think I'm going to put a cold compress on, make some lunch and chill out for the rest of the day...

Day 2

Still looking pretty swollen, especially around the clit area, focusing on keeping it clean and dry and eating healthily.
Went to sleep really early last night and slept for most of today. Hoping it all helps the healing.

Day 3 - ICE PACK!

Two pictures, first one from this morning, second one taken around 2pm showing the difference a ice pack makes!
Have not smoked before or since the operation which has been the hardest part, drank lots of water, eaten healthily and rested, but the ice pack is what has made the quickest and most noticeable difference so far.
Can really see the swelling go down, but I'm now realising that il need a cliteral hood and labia majora reduction to achieve my perfect bikini bottom wearing dream, but im still so happy with the results even if my bits do look like a shrivelled prune that's been left out in the sun...

Day 4- just noticed a stitch through my clit!!

Day four and it's looking a lot better, swellings going down loads but iv realised why my clit has swollen and bruised so much- it's because a stich has been stapled through my clit, stapling it to my labia on one side (the side that is the most swollen amd brusied!! Am freaking a little, no wonder it has been so sore swollen and bruised, praying that when the stitch dissolves my clit doesn't stay attached to my labia?

1 week today!

A lot of bleeding and pain yesterday, and am still bleeding today, bit worried as I need to make a long trip into town to go shopping and really don't want to make it worse.
Haven't really had much bleeding at all until now, so a little panicked as too why I'm now bleeding after a week? Think I tore a stitch in the shower the other day which might be making the bleeding worse? Any suggestions on what's happening or how I can help the bleeding/ healing will be much appreciated.

Almost three weeks!

Really happy with the healing although I noticed about three days ago where I had caught a stitch there was a slight opening at the bottom of one of my labia where the labia had kind of come apart. And Iv had a look today and it's still the same! Will this stay like it? It's not bleeding but you can see the split and altho im keeping it clean I am worried about infection! Can't really see it in the photo but it opens and closes! Also the stitches are still there is this usual for almost three weeks post op?
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