My Trip with Retin-A (Help Me Pls) - Coventry, United Kingdom

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Hi everyone, ^_^ I am 23 :) I was suffering...

Hi everyone, ^_^
I am 23 :)
I was suffering from Acne almost 9 years
I used so many products but everything is same with my acne
The dermatologist adviced me this time to use Retin-A with type of Antibiotic tablets.
normally, I put Sun Protection 35% when I go out

It's my third week with this course
my skin now is red with the same spots and the white acne increase !

What I need to say is that I am on Psychological Medications long time , and they might increase the acne as the doctor said >_<
but I still aspire in a soft beautiful skin without the ugly acne -__-

I Hope you help me if I am on the right way to cure, by Retin-A
Are the increasing of redness and the White Heads normally during the treatment !!????

This is the last treatment as the doctor said ;( ,
otherwise, there will be Rooccotane corse which is so dangerous as I am married .

I am grateful for any one shares me advices ..

Best wishes all ^_^

Another week or more , so totally a Month of my...

Another week or more ,
so totally a Month of my treatment
but my skin is as worse as before :( .. burned / redness / few whiteheads / and LOTS of spots which travel all round in the face >_<

Seriously, I am so depressed of my situation :(
The Lithiom (which treats the Depression) increases the acne , and Acne concern me too much when I look to my face


Thank youi Megan :) Unfortunately, there is no...

Thank youi Megan :)

Unfortunately, there is no good update I could say =(
+ I am still in the corse untill March

BUT The pharmacist told me that they could NOT prescribe more !!!!! due to manufactural causes :S ..
the two huge pharmacies in UK said the same to me :( but what surprise me is that my dermatologist doesn't know about that ! she said to me continue in it and no information sent to the doctors about what happened in Retin-A . Anyway, she prescribed another similar gel to use it now and she told me to ask the pharmacy again if Retin-A could be available .

Are there friends here in UK using Retin-A ?

Kind Regard
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