Day 4 post op

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I've been reading reviews in this forum since I...

I've been reading reviews in this forum since I booked my operation in January and it's been a massive help in preparing me for the journey I'm about the embark on, my operation date is May 14th woooo!

I'm 23 years old and live in the UK and am currently a size 32E. I've had large breasts since I was about 14, no went from an A-D in the space of about 6 weeks. I've wanted a breast reduction for as long as I've had big boobs, they hindered my life so much when they arrived and I stopped participating in a lot of sport. I'm a size 8/10 and feel that they are completely mahoosive for my frame - I disguise them really well with minimiser/non-padded bras and avoid wearing bras that are my actual size. All my bras are about a 32D/DD - horrific I know but I do anything to create the illusion that they are smaller.

For me, it's probably not just the fact they are large, it's the fact they are so saggy, probably like that of a middle aged woman who has had children. Unfortunately, I've never been blessed with perky boobs and therefore I have known no different, it was only until I was older and seen other girls boobs and thought to myself, 'oh dear, mines do not look like that.' People started noticing and I've been self-conscious about them since I was young. The back pain is already chronic and I'm only in my early 20s! I've been wanting this since about the age of 16 but my mum would not agree to it or fund it and finally, last year I think she got the message when I had a crying-meltdown and explained exactly how they made me feel. My mum agreed to the operation but only when I finish Uni, which is in 4 weeks time...boob reduction 5 weeks (I was not hanging about!) My main goal for surgery is to give my boobs a proper shape, like the shape of a boob and not a flat, rectangular thing that sits on top of my abdomen! Size wise, I'm looking to go to a 32C/D, no larger and no smaller! My surgeon says its quite hard to determine sizes with breasts that are so sagged as you're not really a bra size at this stages you're sort of just fitting them in to a bra that will contain them. He said he goes for what looks natural for each person but said that due to my frame size, he wouldn't go any smaller than a C (I have big hips so below a C would probably emphasise them!) my other goal is just to be happy once I have them, I feel that I've been held back in doing things on holidays with my friends and being self-conscious with my boyfriend and I really can't wait to enjoy no back pain and being able to wear backless tops, bandeau bikinis and strapless dresses.

I am SO excited for my operation :) I'm meeting with my surgeon for the 2nd time on Wednesday for my pre-op it just wish it was my operation! I need to get my final questions together but I'm already feeling pretty confident as I've been bombarding him with questions via email since January!

I'll hopefully get a bit of a better idea of the type of bras I should be getting for after my operation, I've had a look online but we're pretty restricted in the UK. I wanted to have 3 or 4 but the surgical ones I've seen are about £35-£40 each, I might just buy one of the good ones and go for three cheaper ones. Has anyone else had any luck in the UK finding good supportive bras for after the surgery? I'd ideally like something front fastening!

Also, I'm going to start a pre-op diet as of tomorrow and try and get my fitness levels back up so I'm in a good position for recovery. Can anyone recommend an eating plan that is ideal? I was thinking lots of protein, veggies, fruit etc.

All of your healing pictures are amazing and they are so so motivating, thanks so much for all the help hat I've got from this forum before and I hope my post will inspire you to post or encourage this operation if you're already thinking about it.

Good luck to all the ladies who are going under in the following few days and happy healing to those of you have already did it xx

Hello All It is 4 weeks today until my...

Hello All

It is 4 weeks today until my operation and I am 7 days in to my healthy eating regime and thought I could shed some light to the ladies out there who are thinking about taking the route I am.

I'm eating only fruit, vegetables and protein (chicken, eggs and a little bit of cheese) until my operation in order for my body to be in full mode for recovery. I was advised by my surgeon (who specialises in scar&burns) that once he has performed the breast reduction, recovery is going to be dependent on how healthy my body is so I thought I'd lend it a helping hand and have cut out all refined sugars, processed carbs and fats.

Day 1 to 4 was fine and I have adjusted really well, thought I was going to be craving chocolate instantly! However, day 5 I was so busy and ate fruit, veg and protein but didnt eat enough of it. I had 2 eggs in the morning with a piece of chicken, a kiwi at lunch time, probiotic yoghurt in the afternoon and fish and brocolli for dinner. This is not enough food! This would be ideal if you're focussing on loosing a lot of weight however, this is not what your body needs to recover. How do I know this? Because on day 6 I had a stomach bug and day 7 I now have a cold! Alongside this, I've been to the gym everyday this week and I've obviously not given my body enough fuel and its got run down.

Therefore, ladies who are embarking on a healthy eating regime, try and not view this exercise as weight loss (which is what I have began to do towards the end of the week). You will lose weight whist eating like this, but do not focus on eating less. Eat as many fruit, vegatables, eggs, yoghurts, fish and meat throughout the day - these are good for you but as soon as I started eating less of them, I've gotten ill! Also, no vitamins or supplements (herbal remedies) as these can affect your blood, I'd recommend eating brazil nuts too as they are rich in fat but good fat (amino acids) which are good for recovery!

I shall update you next week with my progress and will put pics up just before my operation!!


Hello ladies Really loving seeing some of you...

Hello ladies

Really loving seeing some of you getting your operations, it's so strange because I was reading your reviews recently and you were on the countdown like me and now your recovering, can't wait until its my turn!

I've got 3 weeks to go and am still so excited but also getting so nervous. My main fear is the general anaesthetic, I'm absolutely terrified for that part. I don't like the idea of not being in control and not knowing what's happening, I reckon if they did it under local anaesthetic I'd opt for it!

I'm 2 weeks in to my healthy eating and it's going well. I feel amazing within myself, really fit and healthy - my skin is clear, hair is super shiny and nails are growing fast, I must be doing something right!

I need to get a shopping list compiled. So far I have front fastening bras, front fastening pyjamas, a v-shape pillow and stool softener (yuk). Does anyone have any other recommendations?

Happy healing and looking forward to more pictures this week, they all look amazing.


Hello lovely ladies, I'm 10 days away from having...

hello lovely ladies, I'm 10 days away from having my surgery and I am so so so excited and nervous!

I've been doing an extremely healthy eating diet for the past month and I already feel amazing for it so hopefully my body will be ready to recover. the only thing boobs have shrunk!! I've been at the gym loads and I don't know why I feel sad they've shrunk, I've tried to lose weight from them for years and its never worked and hear I am before a breast reduction and my biobs are shrinking haha. not significantly, I was a 32E but I'd say my 32DD bras are fitting me comfortably.

I've had a really stressful week and I know this isn't a personal venting forum but I just feel that it's bringing me down the week before my operation. I found out 2 weeks ago that my university fees were not going to be funded for me and my boyfriend had to pay it which was really difficult for me to let happen, I like doing things for myself and getting ahead in life through my own doing. I feel it's a massive weight on my shoulders but my boyfriend says I can pay him back when I have the money, no matter how long it takes.

I think this weight on my shoulders has a LOT to do with my boobs, everything is getting on top of me so quickly at the moment and starting to think its just the nerves and mostly the expectations that I have for my new boobs. I think I have to be realistic and not ambitious, my boobs are going to be smaller but I'm not going to walk out of surgery looking like Kate Upton - if only...

It's quite a stressful thing and I don't want negativity to take over my thoughts. My mum is so nervous about my surgery and it makes me worse, I'm so scared something goes wrong.

Thanks so much for all your posts and comments with advice for my fear of anaesthetic and vomitting, I'm just going to tell the hospital as soon as I get there!

My surgery isn't until the 14th but I'm leaving on the 10th as I have to get my bloods taken on Friday and medical assessment on the Monday!

My supplies have been bought and for those of you looking for a pre-op shopping list, here goes...:

Stool softener, Benadryl or hay fever tablets for when the extreme itching starts, arnica, paracetamol/cocodamol, dry shampoo, button up pyjamas or shirt, zip up hoodie, slip on slippers, gauze and steri strips. I'm not using any vitamin e oil as my surgeon has told me it can worsen scars, oral vitamin e is fine but I'm going to use steri strips for 6-8 weeks and then consult my surgeon and see what he recommends.

My pre-op diet is:

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, 2 Sesame seed Ryvita.

Lunch: chicken salad/spinach and mushroom omlette/fish&veg.

Snack: a large bowl of pineapple, blueberries, an apple.

Dinner: either a piece of chicken or fish (depending on what I are for lunch) with broccoli, spinach and green beans with passata (chopped tomatoes.)

Snack: protein pancakes. Mash a banana in a whole until smooth, add an egg and beat, fry in light spray and top with blueberries.

Protein is the key to recovery!!

Happy healing and thanks for all your advice!

Hello All, I had my surgery today at 8am and all...

Hello All, I had my surgery today at 8am and all has went really well! I feel really good, my pre-op diet and fitness regime over the past 6 weeks seems to of worked! I out came out of my op and felt a little dizzy but I slept all afternoon.

Also, I chose not to have morphine today, they give you 10mg in theatre but I chose to only have 4mg, I had a painkiller intravenously at 12:30pm after my surgery and haven't had any since! Hence why I think my body is feeling okay! I'm uncomfortable, not in pain and its 7:30pm. I've been up to pee three times and feel okay on my feet on my own now!

Can't wait to show you photos, they're currently swollen, hard and sitting underneath my chin haha. Can't wait to see them once the bandages are off!


Day 4...

Sorry for my lack of contact, I have gotten so lazy since my surgery!

So I won't go through all the ins and outs of hospital as there is a LOT on here about everyone's experiences. Long short of it, I arrived at hospital at 7am and by 8am I was in theatre, out at 11:30am and back in my room for 12:15pm.

My surgeon has used the lollipop technique, which cuts around the nipple and down - there is no horizontal incision made along the breast crease.

Getting my drains out were fine - they were in for 24 hours and empty, I had built it up in my head so was extremely nervous - no need, was not that bad!

I did a pre-op diet for 5 weeks prior to surgery and took arnica and can only hold my diet and exercise regime responsible for the fact I was out my bed 2 hours after my op! I went to the toilet, walked about a little and generally felt okay?! I didn't feel like I'd just had an op - was very bizarre!

I also made the bold decision to opt out of morphine, my anaesthetist was extremely hesitant to agree to this and tried to persuade me to take some. Best decision I made was not taking it - the pain is not that bad, I have felt a lot worse and therefore I don't think morphine is required. it's industrial strength and it held my friends recovery back by 2-3 days for the same operation - she was so out of it from the drugs she couldn't get to the toilet and was not in her own mind!

I'm on day 4 and am itchy where my bandages are (bandages are on for 2 weeks - no showering) and I have 1 day of antibiotics left. My underarms are so itchy! I feel swollen and puffy but not sore, not had a painkiller since day 2 post op! had my clothes on today and walking about as much as I can but also sleeping loads to allow my body to heal!

Operation healthy eating, gym and no morphine has been a huge success - my recovery has been smooth so far in terms of pain and general well-being! here's hoping the next few weeks are as event-less!


Day 4 post op

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