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I'm 34 years old, 5'3", 123lbs , and a bra size...

I'm 34 years old, 5'3", 123lbs , and a bra size 30GG (uk size). I'm married with 2 children aged 10 & 5. I'm scheduled for a Breast reduction on the 3rd of September this year. My breasts have been a few different sizes over the years at the ages 15-19 I was a B/C, then after taking the contraceptive pill at 20 my breast size was a D, i had my first child at the age of 23 size E/F then I had my 2nd child at 28 size GG/H. my breasts are now GG cup size which I put down to pregnancy and breast feeding. In the last couple of years they have really begun to affect my health. I have asthma and carrying this weight around on my chest really doesn't help along with the insane heat they produce underneath aswell. I get really sweaty underneath in the summer which in turn means horrid rashes. I'd say I've been unhappy with my breasts for the last 10 years, but more so the last 5.

Don't get me started on clothes shopping it's just a trauma. I have a small body frame with what I call 'comedy boobs' lol. You either get something big to disguise them and look like your wearing a tent or you get something fitted and sometimes your bursting/spilling out and people just oggle you. swimwear arrrggghh!! My husband has been very supportive and is happy for me to get this done, though he says he loves the breasts I have he's seen the struggles I've had over the years.

I have gone the private route (nuffield health) to have my reduction as I really didn't want to have to argue my case through the NHS and have other people decide whether they thought I needed a reduction or not, it's my decision! Although I do appreciate I'm lucky that I can make that choice not everyone can.

I'm really loving this site and don't feel alone in this process anymore. I have a 2nd appointment with my consultant surgeon on the 15th August I'll keep you posted!

It's nearly my turn!

Ok so on the 15th I had my 2nd consultation with my surgeon, it couldn't have come sooner as I was starting to flap about things and making mountains out of molehills.. Basically over thinking ( which is what I do best!!) He answered questions I had regarding nipple size and position, what size sports bra to get after, he suggested 32c which is a size up on my band size to account for any swelling. He asked how my asthma was I said its under control at the moment. I felt calmer after this appointment . I also signed all paperwork so that I don't have to do it ( think about it) on the surgery day.

Today I had my pre op appointment it was very quick (20 mins).Filled in form about medication and allergies, next of kin etc. She took my blood pressure, oxygen levels, temperature all were fine. Peak flow fine for me. She took 3 swabs testing for MRSA (taken from nose, armpit and groin area :/) . If I don't here anything by Monday they are clear ( so no news is good news I guess !) . I had 3 tubes of bloods taken . She reminded me about the no eating after midnight, I was to check in for 7am and my theatre time was 8am... Which I am so pleased about because I won't have time to think about it!!

I have been and got all my bits and bobs,sports bra, pj's etc, just need to pack my bag over the weekend...

... 5 MORE sleeps !!

All Done !!

Well it's all done!! And I'm doing really well :) I was emotionally drained yesterday so couldn't do update, couldn't think straight!

So I was admitted at 7am, shown too my room by the ward clerk and given a gown, attractive paper pants (lol) and dressing gown to put on. A lovely kind nurse then took my blood pressure, temp and oxygen levels and we went over my allergies and was given wrist bands accordingly.

At about 730 the anaesthetist arrived we went through medical history, asked about any previous operations etc. he said as I was slim and had asthma he was not going to put tube down my throat for breathing as he didn't see it as beneficial and was likely to cause more issues afterwards. he told me he wouldn't be using the gas mask either because of my asthma just aneasthetic straight into iv.

Straight after my surgeon arrived to do my markings, surprisingly I was very nervous about this as I've seen so many different variations I didn't know how I was going to react if I hadn't seen his type of markings before. Once he left I had a look and i was very pleased with the symmetry of them and you could clearly see the amount that was going to be removed. it only took him about 15mins, oh and before he drew on me he took 3 photos for my medical file. He said I should be called to theatre between 900 and 930 but it was 945 before the nurse collected me from my room. It felt like the longest wait ever!! My husband walked to the theatre doors with me we had kiss and cuddle, don't know how but I kept it together.

I was passed onto theatre nurse male but really kind!! I was taken into small narrow room and asked to get onto bed, some pads were put on my back, then I lied down. The aneatheatist put IV in my right hand he did a good job hardly felt it, he told me that he'd put some painkiller in IV, then he said he was putting the sleep medicine in and some people find it stings but I can honestly say i didn't feel it. I got a little teary at this point he said the medicine will feel nice when it got to my head , I looked at clock it was 10am this is the last thing I remember

I woke in recovery fighting my way out apparently lol, which disturbed one of my dressings I bleed a bit so it was changed with no further bleeding I don't remember this happening. I do remember saying I was in pain they said they'd put some pain meds in IV pain settled quite quickly. That is the highest pain i had been the whole time. My husband said I was wheeled back into my room about 1.15pm. So actual surgery was 2 1/2 hours not bad!

Pain has been very manageable I would even say its more of a stingy discomfort. Pain relief has been co-codamol and paracetamol every 4 hours. I had an ok night, I slept on and off.

Surgeon came to visit me this morning said everything went well he took 520g ish from each breast over a kilo all in all.

Drains were removed this morning. Not very pleasant but over quickly.

I'm at home now which is lovely. Go to outpatients next Tuesday to have dressings removed and see my new boobies for the 1st time!! I'll keep you posted :)

3 days ....

Well I'm 3 days post op today. Felt a little tired and emotional today. Had a little cry this morning, don't know why I'm not sad or anything, I just think it was a release of all pent up emotion from last few days. Stopped taking the co codamol today just taking paracetamol, I just feel achy. My shoulders and back feel a bit tense too and a numb bottom from having to sleep upright . Just been trying to imagine and be positive about what they'll look like on Tuesday when the bandages come off :)

1 week 1 day post op and doing good!!

I'm 1 week and 1 day post op today I can't believe it, it's gone so quick! I stopped taking paracetamol on Sunday morning (5 days post), I'm doing good no pain! I do get the odd fluttery feelings inside but I guess that's just everything getting back to normal nerve endings etc. I'm also a little tender at the sides where the drains came out but it's very manageable.

I was at the nuffield yesterday to have the gauze dressings removed, I was a little nervous, but it was absolutely nothing to worry about. I am now left with just the steri strips, which will be left on for another week. The nurse checked me all over and said everything looked as it should at this stage, which was good to hear! My surgeon was unavailable to see me as he was at a conference (his PA called on mon to tell me this) , so I will see him tomorrow, so he can check me over too.

When I sat up and got of the couch at the hospital inside my head I thought my goodness I feel so light it was an amazing and very new feeling. The gauze dressing had me strapped up so tight and it pulled on you, so this was the first time i felt the true lightness. I didn't get to have a good look at the new girls at the hospital, so as soon as I got home I went to have a good look. So far I am so so very pleased and happy ( i cant stop smiling!!) I know they will change a lot over the coming weeks and months. I'm looking forward to the 'drop and fluff'' I've heard so much about from ladies on hear :)

My husband had a good look ;) and he thinks they're amazing so far, but he said they look so sore, I told him the funny thing is what he's looking at ie the scars don't hurt! If I do have any ouch areas they're deep inside, but that's a good sign as everything is healing etc.

As in my first post I said about my asthma and at times it can be quite bad, well I had no problems during or after surgery. I feel great, 1 week on I feel I can take such deep breaths now, my lungs are definitely grateful that they don't have to weight lift with every breath. I feel free, liberated. I can tell that is going to be a truly life changing experience for the better!! :)

10 Days Post Op and steri strips removed!

10 days post op now... I saw my surgeon yesterday, he's very pleased with how everything looks, I had to laugh to myself as I felt like I was being viewed like a piece of artwork lol!. He removed all of the steri strips which was a surprise to me as I thought it would be next week when they'd be removed. I also had one stitch to be removed in each nipple, i didn't feel a thing. I do however have feeling in my left nipple which is positive, but nothing in my right nipple yet but it is very early days! I had 1 little leaky area under my left nipple so I've got a little strip over it which I'm to keep on for a week. My scars to me look very neat and I've not much bruising, I feel very lucky so far. As long as I have no issues I'm won't be back to see the surgeon again for 6-8 weeks.

2 weeks post op

Sorry my 2 week update is late, the pictures were taken at 2 weeks though! , I just didn't write my update! Nothing major has happened I went to the clinic about part of my nipple I felt was coming away, I was told it was fine all normal just needed more compression so I was given some compression tape to apply then check the situation in a weeks time.

3 weeks post op

Well I'm 3 weeks and 1 day today and doing well. I have removed the tape from nipple and underneath but feel it still needs compression for a bit longer, I'll check it again in a week. From day 17 I started to moisturise and I can really see and feel the difference only 4 days later. Underneath my breasts are starting to soften, they were really firm 4 days ago. I'm not sure if I'm aloud to say the products I'm using on here if you want to know please pm me :). I'll update again at week 4

4 Weeks Post Op

Well here I am at just over 4 weeks post op can't believe it!! The last week has been rather un-eventful, my new boobies have continued to soften, they feel like they belong to my body now!! At about 3 and a half weeks I felt a couple of pops and was told it was the dissolvable stitches, (this contiued over a couple of days) my right breast has dropped very slightly now, it is starting to look very natural, and every time a stitch goes I feel such a relief and much more comfortable. Unless anything major happens I probably won't update again till the 2 month mark :)
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