Little Acorns from Mighty Oaks :-)

Only 9 days to go. Nerves have kicked in big time....

Only 9 days to go. Nerves have kicked in big time. So I have been brave, and taken some 'before' pics, and decided to start writing my review. So apologies if this is just a whole load of thoughts dumped into 1 review!
A quick bit about my history - 29yo, 5'3", UK size 14, had no breasts at all until I was 18. I was a B/C cup for ages, then at 23, I shot up to a G cup. Now hovering between 30H & HH. Reduction arranged for the 15th Jan, when I am heading back down to a B cup!! I've forgotten what that felt like, so I'm quite apprehensive.
Had my pre-op before xmas & I still feel very uninformed about the procedure (obviously have had lots of help from you lovely ladies, but not really from the hospital). I have been told that my surgery will not be performed by the PS I met during my consultation, which is quite scary, although when I went for my pre-op everyone I saw said how lucky I was to have this new surgeon. Still dont really know how the process will work once I get to the hospital. I'm an obsessive planner, so this is not helping the nerves one little bit!
I've started getting my stuff ready for hospital - PJs, dressing gown, slippers, toothbrush, bras - tried on the post-op bras for fun, nearly did myself an injury trying to zip the pink one up! Can't believe that these will ever fit :-/
Also been browsing online shops for things I'd like to wear post-op - have a very expensive mental wish-list going on right now!

Strange things...

Ok, so usually i have quite vivid dreams (people tell me its because I eat too much cheese!), but for the last 4 nights I have been dreaming of my life with smaller breasts.
Day 1 - dreamt that I hadn't told anyone about the surgery & people starting commenting that I must've had surgery - because I had a limp! And when I looked at my foot, my stupid surgeon had stitched my new breast onto my foot!!
My favourite though, was definitely last night - I was on holiday with my family, wearing a teeny weeny bikini, I had a washboard stomach, I was running along the beach (in fact, I was running just about everywhere!) There was some kind of incident involving being locked out of a villa & having to climb the walls in my bikini. I want to be this girl!! I also want her flat stomach & tan too, but I'm not sure I'm gonna get these in surgery!
This is such a cool thing. I think its my brain adjusting to the idea of smaller boobs. Maybe that means I am ready?? I hope so!

24 hours to go :-)

This time tomorrow I'll be at the hospital...eek! Sooo nervous right now. Have my hospital bag packed. Alarm is set for 4.45 in the morning. Went into panic mode last night & made a last minute dash to get more bras because I really have no idea what size I'm going to be needing!! I now have 6 to choose from!! Have a sneaky suspicion some of them will need to be returned!

Just need to get through the day at work & then I'm on the home straight :-)

This is it then!

I'm up, one last shower, throw on some clothes & off I go...see you all on the other side...

The grass is greener...

Well I'm on the other side. Came home yesterday, still in some pain but not unmanageable. Mostly struggling to get comfy in chairs & in bed. Will be glad when my toilet habits are back to normal! Will past a full review when I have the energy to sit at the laptop again, and pics rio come in time! Good luck to those who had/our are having surgery

Day 5 Update

Day 5 already...yikes! Lets recap on whats been happening:
Day of op: Got to the hospital at 7am, in theatre at 9, woke up in recovery at 2.30 needing a wee!! Cue bedpan...! On the ward at 3.15. Felt great. Had a little morphine button (my best friend!!) for pain. All in all though, not as painful as I was imagining. Was able to move my arms quite freely & have been able to ever since. Slept most of this day, other than the 50 billion times I had to pee!!
1 day post: Didn't sleep much between having my obs taken every hour, IV antibiotics every 6 hours, getting up to pee every 2 hours, drains emptied at midnight. Doctors came round at 8am, removed the morphine button :-( and drip, so I was free to move. Told me I needed to get out of bed & start moving around. Was assisted to the bathroom to wash my face & brush my teeth. Sat in a chair for about 2 mins before fainting & woke up in bed, with oxygen mask. Felt rubbish for much of the day. Started getting up again late in the afternoon, and not too wobbly.
Day 2 - Came home. Drains removed (without any pain relief!!) - something I don't really want to repeat. Very exhausted from just getting dressed and walking to the car. Couldn't get comfy at all once I was home. Slept quite a bit
Day 3 - Still unable to get comfy. Sitting up, laying down, somewhere in the middle - nothing worked.
Day 4 - Finally becoming more comfortable. Able to sit in a chair for about an hour at a time. Eating fairly normally.
Day 5 - TODAY!! - woke up in no pain whatsoever. Managed 6 hours straight sleep last night.

I'm only taking paracetamol & ibuprofen for pain, and its not unbearable. In fact today, it just feels swollen, not sore. Soooo itchy I just want to take a yard brush & shove it down my bra!! I will resist though! Managed to get a t-shirt on over my head this morning, so things are definitely moving on from day to day. Back to hospital on Friday (day 9) to get dressings changed & wounds checked. From what I can see everything seems to be in order (thank you for you lovely ladies posting pics for me to compare to!!) I started this journey a 30H, and I'm currently wearing a 36D (obviously very swollen), and the surgeon said I'm likely to be a C when I'm healed. have taken pics this morning, but cant upload at the mo, because I am using a different laptop & my SD card doesn't fit in!! So I will have to try on my phone later when it is charged.

Oh, yeah, NONE of the 6 bras fitted. My poor mum had to go on a mercy dash to find something suitable!!!
Will update again soon. Take care you lovely ladies :-)

The result

So heres the first pic, not much to see really & no drastic changes in tge last few days. Bit more bruising perhaps?

Dressings off tomorrow!!

Finally get to see the results tomorrow. Really nervous! Don't like looking at blood & bruises etc so it could be interesting!!
On a more positive note, I am down to 2 doses of paracetamol a day, and every day that passes something gets easier - whether that is making a cup of tea, sitting in a chair, pulling my trousers up, its all getting easier. Had a quick look this morning, and the bruising seems to be easing too, and sensation is coming back :-)
Still have another week off work, and I think going back is going to be very hard - I've got quite used to doing very little!!

Dressings are off...and on again!

Dressings came off this morning. Apparently all the wounds look good - no openings. I've been steri-stripped again, and have gauze pads underneath to prevent rubbing from my bra. Much more comfortable with less tape on. The nurse said it looks like I had a slight reaction to the tape - maybe thats why it was so itchy? Still have some dried blood scabs which they have left on. Still no showering :-( new pics show both with the gauze underneath & the right one without gauze. Leftu looks the same but with more bruising. Really want to get out & about now - ready to be healed!

Forgot to say...

On the above pics the crazy yellow colour is a combination of light bruising & iodine that needs washing off!

Too much too soon?

Yesterday I was so bored I decided I wanted to get out, do my mum took me into town. Didn't go far & I was only out for an hour or so, but boy did it hurt! I was so swollen last night, and this morning I feel like I've been beaten up. I need to take it easy again, boo hoo :-(

Day 12 + pics

This mornings pics uploaded - my only concern area is the centre where the steri strips are bumpy, and the same at the underarm edges - not sure if its not healing straight, or if its the swelling going down - anyone else had this? Bruising is easing slowly - I'm still taking arnica, not sure if its doing anytging but I'm going to continue just in case!

Been out again today & not feeling as swollen this time. Tried driving, but only about half a mile! Not too bad, so I'm hoping I can get back behind the wheel by friday :-)

Anyone else experience sore, stiff, achy shoulders when you go out? I think it must be getting used to a new posture, but man its uncomfortable!

Going to try going out for a little bit each day this week to start getting back to real life


Not being able to shower properly is taking its toll. I have a serious dandruff problem...on my chest!! Dry skin a-plenty! I'm moisturising like crazy & still I'm dry! Roll on friday when I should get the go ahead to jump in the shower!

2 weeks already :-)

Today has been quite a good day. My boobs are very tender though - not at the incisions, but at the top & around the nipple, so I've put extra padding in my bra - just the fabric against my skin feels like knives!
Been out again today, just to the supermarket, and felt quite normal. Also been to the dentist for a filling, which has taken my mind off things! My face is more painful than my breasts, especially now the numbness is wearing off!
Managed to lay on my side for a few minutes this morning. Couldn't sleep like that yet, but its a start!
Just yried to upload todays photos & lost my review, so will do it in 2 halves!

Day 14 photos

Last night I noticed the steri strips in the middle were lifting & there was a black crusty but under there, so I carefully removed it & stuck the strip back down, but I couldn't help myself this morning - I unpeeled it a bit to see the incision. Not sure about how they look - I know they need a good clean!

Check out my new dressings!

Steri strips came off today & not replaced. Wound are healing well. Have a small red area under the left breast to keep an eye on, but not serious. Gauze buffers have been replaced by gigantic waterproof dressings - so guess where I'm headed shortly? Thats right - the shower!! Also pics of borh nipples - the only incisions I can actually see, and so far I am really happy! Another check.up next week. Back to work on monday :-/


I've been a bit of a chicken & was too scared to shower, so I just had a bath (my first braless one!!), and was very careful not to get too wet.

While I was carefully washing my new girls I saw a small reddish, raised patch just where my left nipple has been attached. Major panic set in because I thought the incision was coming open & the whole thing was going to fall off (bit of a drama queen moment!!), and then I noticed the most fascinating thing (see pic):
Pre-reduction, I had a brown freckly-mole at the top of my left breast.
Post-reduction, this freckly-mole thing is sewn onto my new nipple!!!

Oh, and I changed the name of my review - seems a bit more appropriate! ;-)

Back to work tomorrow...

Getting prepared to return to work. It seems so long since I was there last! Although if I'm honest I don't feel ready to return. I'm worried about overdoing it, or the wounds opening, or infection, or people commenting. And of course I'll have to get up super early! I've rather enjoyed getting up when I feel like it!
My sister came over today & helped me take off my bandages, so I got to see my actual incisions for the first time! Not sure what I was expecting or how I feel about them. I have a small bumpy end on my right side, which may turn out to be a dog ear, and the left side is still very scabby. All feeling very bruised, which is adding to my anxiety about returning :-(
I've ordered myself 2 new bras - a genie bra & a post-surgery bra. I just don't think the sports bra I have is supportive enough, and it digs in at just the wrong places, but the hospital said any sports bra would be fine. Now I'm not so sure.
Oh, I sound like such a moaner today! It must be my down day! Not helped by the fact I have my 2nd period in 2 1/2 weeks...damn you anaesthetic!

Panic & Worry

So I was all ready to go to work today - got up early, had a bath, washed my hair etc
Thought long & hard over whether to change the gauze this morning - it was comfortable, its a faff to change, but I thought it was probably best to look at the incisions now that they're not taped. Took my bra off & started taking off the gauze & OMG came across a blood stained, sticky patch just at the bottom of the vertical incision on the left side. Had no idea what to do, went to get a torch to have a proper look (it was still dark outside & lights on the ceiling don't help for that area!) and there was an open patch/hole :-O
Thats the first time I've ever had an form of discharge since surgery, so I was obviously very shocked & worried. Especially as I could see the hole.
Ended up having quite a stressful morning. Went to my local surgery & saw the nurse, who said it was quite small, and is not along the incision line, so its probably a stitch thats come through & opened up. Possibly an infection, so I've got some antibiotics, and she's taken a swab to be tested just to be safe in case its an infection picked up during surgery/in hospital.
So...going back to work tomorrow instead!!
Feeling a bit down about this little hiccup. Its actually quite sore - it stings & it feels 'wet' - this is probably in my imagination, as the whole area around there is still completely numb!! I'm constantly worried about the gungy stuff seeping through all these dressings. I thought I was doing so well, everyone keeps saying how great the scars all look, and (until now) how they have dried up nicely.
I must sound like such a hypochondriac, and I suppose I am to some extent. I'm such a wuss when it comes to gore, that this is a huge thing in my head!! Some of you will read it & say ''get over yourself, we've all had that"!! So I'm sorry for going a bit OTT!!

Boo boo

Heres a pic of my little boo boo. Just changed the dressing & had a good look st whats actually there. It is only small, and oozing less than earlier. I took the strip off & cleaned it well with antiseptic. Feeling a bit better :-)

First day back at work

Managed to get to work today...Yay! Getting ready was a bit tough. I was very tense, so my shoulders were aching before I'd even got dressed!! Laid on the bed for a few minutes to relax them again. Managed the drive well - its about 20 miles away, and it wasnt too painful. I'm struggling a bit changing gear because my arms dont seem long enough!! I can't move any closer because the pedals will be too close. Hopefully that will get better in the next few days. Maybe I've been a bit cautious in not stretching too far.
Had a great reception at work. Everyone said how great it was to have me back, and I had a few comments ranging from 'you look really well' to 'you're looking a bit tired'!! Bit of an awkward moment when someone asked what I'd had done (so it cant be that obvious!!). Managed to brush it off & move on!!!
Managed to stay until 3.30, so thats 7 hours. really pleased with that. Stopped at the chemist on the way home to get some new tape as it looks like I've had a bit of a reaction to the stuff I've been using for the last couple of days.
Checked my little hole when I got home. A bit of discharge on the gauze, but less than yesterday. Its looking more yellowy than yesterday. Not sure whether this is a good thing or not. Going back to see the nurse on Thursday for another check up, so she can tell me whether it looks ok or not. The skin around that area is looking sore & red (possibly from the tape). In fact most of the skin is feeling very sensitive. The constant taping & untaping is really irritating my poor new boobies!! I cant put any cream on it though or the tape wont stick at all!!
My shoulders are feeling very tight today. Obviously I have been sitting a lot and been a bit protective & tense, hope that will go away overnight.
Other than that I am completely exhausted!! An early night is definitely in order :-)


The shocking (and depressing) realisation that this is not ending any time soon (the pain, aching, swelling, bruising, bleeding, weeping, itching) and there is literally no way out, has hit me.
After such a great day yesterday I am on such a downer. I just want to be comfortable, not worry about people touching me/hugging me, not bracing myself for every bump in the road. I knew that the recovery was long, but I just thought I would be more comfortable than this :-(
I hate rollercoasters, and I am on a massive emotional one!
Oh the joys of Breast Reduction!!

Another check up

So I went for another check up yesterday. Right side healing really well. Given the go ahead to apply some unperfumed cream to this side. Poor little lefty is not keeping up!! The little hole hasnt healed much since Monday, so they have applied a special dressing to hopefully help it heal quicker.
Was told I no longer need to put gauze over the incisions anymore, I can just wear my bra. Not sure I am ready for this, so I am just using one strip along the bottom incision. More for peace of mind than anything else.
Antibiotics are causing havoc to my insides. Feeling sick all the time, have a horrible taste in my mouth. I've tried taking them before food, after food & in the middle of my meal, but it makes no difference. Only another 2 days to go so I think I will just struggle on through it.
Going for another 2 check ups next week. Extra one just to check on the hole.
Feeling less depressed today. Managed 8 hours at work yesterday (even though I am so sore & swollen by the time I get home) and even managed to go out for dinner :-) Planning on taking it easy over the weekend & resting lots. I will have to upload more pics - a lot has changed in a week!

Day 25

Day 25, First day without my gauze buffers! Feeling slightly exposed!! Pics attached pre-dressing change. Dressing changed this morning because there was fluid seeping through to the outer dressing. My lovely sister came to help me, and in the process of taking the old dressing off, managed to take off a whole bunch of scabs. Hopefully that will be ok. The hole looks to be healing, mostly sealed over, except a small hole the size of a pin head at the top where all the fluid is coming from. Antibiotics finish today, so hopefully any infection is now gone.

Still very sensitive. My skin feels kind of 'electric' - hopefully some of you can relate to that. Just having my bra touching my skin is causing a tingly feeling all over, and lord help me if I get a cold draught!!

My nipples are starting to look and feel more real. Especially the left one which has been dark & flat so far, but is now a bit pinker & reacting normally. Still not much sensation though. Bruising has gone down & I have noticed definite softening.

Ouchy Ouchy Ouch !

Today has not been a boob-friendly day :-( Firstly because of the dumb weather we've had my usual route to work is flooded, so I had to go the long way. Thats doubled my travel time each way, and involves driving on the uber-rural, country, farm-track type roads that are twisty, turny & very very bumpy. Got to work & was already super swollen. Had my bra on the loosest hook all day & its been too tight :-( Then I smooshed my boob on a filing cabinet...yikes! Worked a full day today because I have to leave really early tomorrow, so I left work feeling like I'd been kicked in the chest. Back on the bumpy, twisty roads, I was trying to cradle my poor boobs but one arm just wasn't enough & I needed one hand on the wheel. By the time I got home my bra was digging in & so tight it felt like it had ripped open the incisions. Thankfully that hasn't happened. They were a bit purple, but thats probably just from the tight bra. So glad to have my Genie Bra on right now :-)

I've ordered some proper post surgery bras today with nice wide bands & soft cups. Hopefully they wont take too long to arrive. And if I'm lucky they'll be the right size too!!

Tips for quick healing??

Had my latest check up yesterday. The hole is still there, and the nurse I saw was very knowledgable about the healing process, and her strategy for tackling the situation. She wants to keep the hole open to allow the inside to heal first. Great, I understand that. So she has filled the hole with a string of gauze-y type stuff, which is designed to expand & absorb any fluid thats in there. Super Stuff! She covered this with a clear film dressing, which should be left on for 4 days until I have to go back.

Yeah...thats where I lost her. A waterproof, clear film will surely not hold in any seepage coming out of the hole? I was assured it would be fine, and this is exactly what it was designed for. 4 hours it lasted. 4 hours!! So I had to make an emergency dressing before bed last night. This morning when I woke up, the fluid is coming through that dressing. So in the process of filling the hole & absorbing the fluid, she has actually made it weep more than ever before. I give up!!

My post surgery bras arrived today. Hope this is not a sign of things to come. Cup size is perfect, but the cups are so conical that theres a baggy bit at the front, which looks like I have a massive nipple!! Getting very bored of ordering online & having to return every single thing.

I know this sounds like a very moany update, but I'm actually feeling pretty good about my healing. Every day more scabs are falling off. The incisions are not as sore. I'm not as itchy. I'm not as swollen. I'm doing full days at work. Driving has become more comfortable (big bumps are still an issue though). I just wish these couple of things would be sorted.

Happy Valentines Day !!

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovely Realself ladies. Quick funny moment of the day: Received a packet of Love Hearts today from a colleague, and on opening the pack it seems that I got the most appropriate love heart for a singleton on Valentines day - see pic!!!

Been back to see the nurse today. She took the dressing off from earlier in the week - ewww! The string of gauze that had been packed in the hole came out & looked like a worm!! She was disappointed that there was a hole because apparently when I went last week there was no hole, so that must've opened up last weekend. She has packed it again with a much bigger piece of dressing this time & covered it with a regular dressing. This one can stay on for a week until I go back again.

Other pics from today - scabs are slowly falling off. Major dry skin issue today. Its flaking off everywhere. It seems as though it started under my arms, and has spread towards my nipple. I just hope when it gets there my nipple isnt going to fall off! Also wondering where the peeling will end - will it carry on downwards until it gets to my toes, a bit like a snake shedding its skin??

Also great news - I've found a bra that fits!!! Its a bit more sturdy than my original one. Very supportive, nice wide underband. Very thick straps, but I'm not too bothered as long as its comfy. And the seams are nowhere near my incisions...Yay!!!!

Letting Go...Emotional!

Today is a hard day. I've decided to get rid of all my old bras. Well, except one. I'm keeping that as a kind of trophy!! It was the last bra I took off before my op. I'm going to box it up, and look back maybe in a years time, and think 'Holy Mackerel - was that me??'!! All the other ones are now on ebay!! It felt very strange - like the end of an era, closing the door to the past.

I also decided to try on some clothes that I haven't worn for ages. See pics!! The purple dress with the beaded shoulders still has the tags in. I felt so pretty in it! And the other 2 - I can't imagine how I ever fitted my chesticles in there before!! I suppose I didn't - they were just hanging out the top! When I wore them before my bra was always showing, but even with my big post-op bra on, you cant see anything!! And the shirt - I never though I would see the day!!! Also put one of my old bras on for a laugh, just over the top of my post op one - I think I could fit a small child in there!! Not sure if the picture shows quite how baggy it is.

I even weighed myself - very dangerous!! I've lost a total of 9lbs since the 1st Jan - thats 2lbs surgically removed & 7lbs that I actually worked at!! Can't wait until i can exercise properly again. My goal is to lose my spare tyre, and get into a size 12 trouser again.

No painkillers at all yet today - I'm going to see how long I can go for. Oh, and I slept ON MY SIDE!!!! Probably only for half an hour, but man it felt good!!! Tried to roll onto my front, but that was really painful, and then I got stuck & couldnt roll back again!! Won't be trying that again for a while!

Erm...what about me??!!

When I left hospital all those weeks ago, I was told I would need to go back to see the consultant after 6 weeks, and I'd get an appointment in the post. I will be 5 weeks tomorrow, and I've still not heard anything, so I rang the hospital to see if they had forgotten to send me the letter. It seems they have forgotten me altogether!! The response was 'no, an appointment hasn't been made'. Oh, well excuse me for ruining your plans, but I would bloomin well like an appointment. The earliest they can fit me in is the 11th March, which will be 8 weeks since surgery. Talk about feeling loved eh??!!

No real change in healing. Pretty much all of my scabs have come off except around my nipples now. My skin is drier than the sahara desert, and I have skin flaking off all along my incisions (its so glamorous, isnt it!). Today when I took my bra off after work I noticed I have an area on the underneath scar on the left side, towards to middle of my chest where the scar has gone really red, and on the skin around it there are lots of little raised red bumps. A bit like a heat rash. Not really sure what to do about it, so I just cleaned it, and put some antiseptic cream on it. Considering taking an antihistamine to reduce the rash.

6 weeks in the IBTC

Wow, I've made it to 6 weeks!! It seems like only yesterday, and at the same time it seems to have taken so long! New pics uploaded from today. Been back for another dressing change, still have a hole, but I think there is a slight improvement on last week (last week there had been no improvement at all).
Also tried on the pink zip up bra I bought pre-surgery & I still can't fit in it!! Much better than it was though!
Had a strange compliment yesterday. Considering what I've had done, and the drastic change, I thought it was very surprising when someone said 'you've got really big boobs'!!! Didn't know how to respond other than Thank You!!!
Will be very glad when I can get into some exercise. I'm feeling a bit sluggish at the mo.
Mother nature is in town this week. I've heard others talk of swelling & increased pain but I'm happy to report this has not happened to me :-)
Managed to sell 5 of my bras on ebay. Hope they have gone to a loving new owner. The others are destined for the charity shop :-)
It will be weigh in day many more pounds gone??? Fingers crossed!

7 week itch

Jut returned from my weekly dressing change. Bit different this week - I went armed with a mirror so I could see what was going on. O.M.G. I was not expecting to see that!!! The last time I saw the 'little' hole was back at week 4 when I posted the pic on here. It was either week 5 or 6 that the nurse said there was a 'small cavity' - probably about 2mm. Even in my eyes thats tiny! I've been wondering why she has been packing the hole - I just could not see how she is getting a 1cm wide piece of dressing in a 2mm hole - but hey, shes the professional!! Found the answer today:
Its not a 2mm 'small cavity'. The hole measures 1cm x 6mm. Its absolutely chuffing enormous!! From now on lets replace the term 'small cavity' with 'crater'!!

She has found a stitch in there though & ended up removing 3. She hopes this is the reason it has not healed, and that will now happen. I too am hoping it starts getting a bit smaller. Even though it was a bit gory seeing a hole like that I will admit it is very clean, not gunky or gooey, so I'm more inclined to think it will heal soon...keep your fingers crossed!

Had a call this week from the hospital - they cancelled my appointment next Tuesday, and rescheduled me for the 30TH APRIL....erm, come again?? After a very stressful & irate phone call, managed to speak to the PS's secretary, who has booked me in for Wednesday instead.

Will update photos from this week shortly - am going to attempt a before-during-after montage!

Have been feeling much more like myself this last week. Have been wearing lower cut tops & going out in a confident manner. Managed to hug someone without fear too :-) I've been much more active too. I jogged up the stairs at home (can't say ran - it really wasnt that fast!), I've started doing some gentle exercise - I shouldnt really do that until I go back to see the PS, but I feel so great that I dont want to sit around doing nothing anymore. Its not like I'm training for a marathon - just a few stretches & dancing.

I am virtually scab free, and I have taken the bold step of lightly exfoliating my nipples to remove the dead skin & dried blood (eww!) Now feel much better!

I've found an absolutely lovely swimming costume I want to buy & I have a new fascination with trying on bikinis!! I really want to wear one - come on hole, heal up so I can swim again :-)

Healing AT LAST! :-)

Updates from week 8:
The area around the cavity has been incredibly itchy all week - I assumed this was because it was healing. Although it has been slightly embarrassing having to lightly scratch my boob every 2 minutes!

Hospital appt on weds: Was taken into a room & asked to remove my top & bra, and put on the gown (never really seen the point of this, as it will be removed after about 30 seconds!). Just about managed to get the gown on before she returned. She removed the dressing that was on there & washed it out. I took the opportunity to grab my mirror & have a peek! Looked a bit pinker than last Friday. Not noticeably smaller though. So the nurse left me covered with a massive tissue & the gown, and said the doctor would be in shortly.

Last Friday, I was telling my sister what the hole looked like, and she said I should have taken a picture, and I promised I would if there was an opportunity while at the hospital. So there I am lying on the bed covered with a tissue & gown. I reach down, grab my bag, locate my phone, get the camera on, whip the gown & tissue down & start snapping away!! Brings a whole new meaning to the word 'selfie'!! Then I quickly put my phone away, threw my bag on the floor & re-covered myself, just as the doctor knocked & entered!! Phew! Will upload the photo from my phone in a moment.

Had a very close look at the hole thanks to the zoom on my phone, and thought I saw another stitch, so today when i went for my usual dressing change I mentioned it to the nurse, who had a look & sure enough there was another one in there. She grabbed what I can only describe as THE biggest pair of scissors I've ever seen & went in to retrieve it. It came out really easily (no tugging required!) but it was enormous! The nurse dropped an f-bomb it was so long!

So I am feeling pretty good knowing that this hole is finally starting to heal after 5 weeks of being open. Think i might treat myself to a bit of retail therapy this weekend - perhaps try on those swimsuits!! :-)

photos week 8

Photos for the above update, including the 'boob cavity selfie'!
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